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Qua Da La Vol. 2

Free Music | Darkpsy, Psycore | July 20, 2015 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Qua Da La Vol. 2
01 - Enichkin - Polyrea (165 BPM)
02 - Midzinco - Flower Of Noise (160 BPM)
03 - Maleficium - Dark Frequency (175 BPM)
04 - Cinder Vomit - The Rotating Space Kitchen (196 BPM)
05 - Okage - Dark Filter (185 BPM)
06 - Twisted Kala - Wow (182 BPM)
07 - Mergel - Don't Take Reality (180 BPM)
08 - Metahuman - Rendezvous With Rama (190 BPM)
09 - Fatal Discord - Toxic Drop (177 BPM)

Qua Da La Vol. 2 is a fresh collection of tunes compiled by Maleficium from Japan for Anomalistic Records. Expect peak-level psychedelic experiences channeled into extraordinary sound patterns by this all-star team of technoshamanistic veterans. Mastering by Priapizzm​ with artwork by Arte Enteogeno​.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 13,489.

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.


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  • Trail Blayza says:

    Track 1: YUCK!
    Track 2: YUCK!
    Track 3: YUCK!
    Track 4: WTF
    Track 5: yuckie
    Track 6: fine but shes done so much better. this sounds childish
    Track 7: now thats a track. whats wrong with the mastering now (sounds flat)
    Track 8: cool
    track 9: ear trauma in the start. then sort of levels out.

    it yucks where darkpsy is heading if u listen to this album haha.
    do better!

  • Goa Grill says:

    Very average VA, with pretty weak efforts across the board.
    Half the tracks sound extremely phoned-in, as is often the case with free releases in general.

    The Cinder Vomit & Okage tracks just sound WRONG, as if the kickbass was written in a small bathroom.
    Also, a lot of the tracks feature full-on style cheesy bass variations reminiscent of Liberace.

    The only really decent track is Mergel’s, but as has been pointed out, the so-called “mastering” does it no favors.

    On that note, it is really sad that this kind of pseudo-mastering has become so widespread & accepted.
    The whole point of mastering is supposed to be, beyond a fresh pair of trained ears,
    to afford the mixdowns proper high-end treatment on real gear (HARDWARE), with better monitors in an acoustically treated room.
    NOT, to slap on couple of instances of cracked Waves plugins & finish off with Ozone on a pair of behringer cans in your kitchen!!!

    Overall the best thing about this release has got to be the Cover Art, & that isn’t really saying a lot, now is it?

  • EP says:

    First half of the enichkin track is quite good though. I like the confusing snares but it should have been slower and with a less typical second half.

  • mirrorme says:

    love it

  • Shaligram says:

    Listen to this when you eating bananas ;-)

  • cindervomit says:

    haha haters gonna hate :D

    great work dasuke and crew!

  • Basilisk says:

    Don’t feed the trolls :)

  • El track 8 es el único que me pareció interesante, hubo partes del Track 9 que también me gustaron, pero fue un ruido constante. Los otros flojos, concuerdo con el primer comentario, no me parece hater o troll.

  • Dendriform says:

    I rather enjoyed this VA. Nice work all.

  • cindervomit says:

    thank you all very much for the support. we have lots coming out this year, stay tuned!!


    thank you basilisk for the host!

  • electro says:

    Track 1-3: monotonous
    Track 4: boring
    Track 5: WTF
    Track 6: interesting
    Track 7: fine
    Track 8: cool
    Track 9: bad beginning but cool rest of the way

    not worth the download

  • OUTLAW says:

    this VA is awesome.. thanks a lot. keep it coming :)

  • Ekimskrid says:

    This is an amazing Va. Nice versatile selection of tracks from a independently unique artists. Based on the previous couple comments I would say these two individuals are looking for a High-tech comp.. which you are not going to get in this compilation. Over half the tracks are tracks I would play. Midzinco, Maleficium, CinderVOMIT, Okage are all really great and if you are looking for music which goes away from the mainstream sound this is definitely one for collection. Just Grab it! You’ll be happy you did. Great Job Dasuke!! Amazing comp. Great work on mastering Priapizzm. I give this album an 8/10

  • Goa Grill says:

    To each their own.

    I, personally, have no love for hitech/fullon, quite the contrary in fact.
    & while i wouldn’t presume to speak for the other 2 (suspiciously similar) comments,
    given that this release is tagged as darkpsy, psycore & NOT hitech, i kinda doubt they were expecting a hitech release.. (“it yucks where darkpsy is heading”)

    Now, having said that, i also think it’s quite ludicrous to affirm it’s “not worth the download”, considering it’s a free release & you actually like a couple of tracks.
    If you have no issue with the sound quality, then by all means, download the FLACs (why they still offer mp3 & wav in our day & age is beyond me) & enjoy!

    Again, the main issue I have with this release is the “mastering”, which for listening at home on a hi-fi might be fine,
    but if used to DJ on a halfway decent system will undoubtedly produce mediocre (if not flat-out unacceptable) results.

    The bottom line being: the DANCEFLOOR suffers!

    If you only play this kind of quality it may be less noticeable, but try mixing it with properly mastered releases (even 4CN) & the discrepancy will be painfully obvious.

    As for the snarky “haters” & “trolls” comments, i find it truly disconcerting that this is the attitude assumed by those in self-proclaimed positions of “authority” towards simple healthy constructive criticism. You would surely benefit from a more adult & professional posture.
    Opinions may very well be like assholes, but, any mature, dignified, self-respecting Artist must know that honest feedback promotes growth & is an invaluable tool in self-improvement & creative development.
    To simply brush it off as “hate” & proceed to indulge in the sea of endless pandering brought about by the social media mentality is dangerous, fosters stagnation & can ultimately lead to “the death of an Artist”.

    Good night, & good luck.

  • Basilisk says:

    Constructive criticism is always welcome around here, abuse is not. Those first two comments were really on the border of bad taste hence my quick comment about not feeding the trolls, which might not be completely deserved in this case… even so, I think there are better ways to communicate what you’re trying to say without trying to get so many shots in.

  • Goa Grill says:

    It would appear that you are more concerned with political correctness than encouraging full frontal honesty.
    More often than not, blunt & to the point makes for the clearest communication. (even if it comes across as harsh & abrasive)
    Tact & subtlety can, all too easily, give way to ambiguous interpretation & thus, totally defeat the purpose of objective criticism.
    In any case, it is, of course, your purview & if you, in fact, value nicety over directness, i will refrain from further voicing my opinions.

  • Basilisk says:

    You’re setting up a false dichotomy between “nicety” and “full frontal honesty”. I’m not asking anyone to sugar-coat constructive criticism but you can be honest without being a jerk about it. Much like Reddit, the standard for abuse around here is “I know it when I see it”, and when it’s getting close to that point I sometimes step in to remind people to keep things civil, like I’m doing now.

  • Goa Grill says:

    Now who’s being abusive?

    Resorting to personal insults is absolutely unwarranted!
    Hardly the way to keep things “civil”.

    Kindly elaborate.. what exactly do you find even remotely abusive about my initial comment?

    Because at this point this is really devolving into an baseless free-speech vs censorship debate that has no place on a psychedelic music release comments section.
    I thought people here were supposed to be open-minded & enlightened, or is that just another urban legend like peace-loving hippies?

  • Basilisk says:

    Aha, now you really are trollin’ ;) anyway, I’ve clarified things well enough and see no reason to repeat myself, except to say that I’ve not targeted you personally at all. Please spare me the trouble of having to moderate future comments. If you’re looking for a more general discussion forum I suggest Psynews or Facebook. Let’s get back to the music, shall we?

  • the Dog of Tears says:

    as a fellow ME (with a treated studio and a bucket load of nice hardware), i’d just like to say that it is not fair to criticize the mastering of a project when you:
    a) have no clue how the mixes sounded before mastering and
    b) have no idea what the client requested of the ME (i am asked to do things i think will sound terrible all the time, but the customer is “always right”)

    in reality you should just be thankful that there are people out there like Pria who are willing to do ITB mastering in a treated room for free, just for the love of the game. yes it would be nice if everyone could afford Brian Gardener or Doug Sax (RIP) but that’s not the (psytrance) world we live in.

  • Goa Grill says:

    Not the unmastered mixdown + mangled by youtube, still, should suffice for a crude A/B..



    Somehow, i doubt the compiler (who has 2 tracks on this) requested the removal of all sub-bass in exchange for abhorrent mid-range overkill & multicoloured EQ.

    Just sayin’ ¯\_(°_o)_/¯

    ps.- I won’t even comment on the “spray me with fecal matter as long as you do it for free” line of reasoning… ;p
    Your work on The Brain Game ain’t half bad, a touch too muddy for my taste.. also, the kicks become inaudible in a number of tracks (particularly the fast ones)… & the unnecessary low pass really blunts its “teeth”. Nevertheless, a decent jobby overall with solid dynamic range!
    Now, was that ITB? Or did it cost 4 grand?? Ô_o

  • Igor says:

    Everyone are experts in psy these days. Funny stuff. Not for bragging but in 17 years of listening and little producing/djing I never felt need to criticize anyones work even thou I have all authority to do so (if its that right word to say given I started listening goa trance back in the days then psy/fullon and in 2003. dark and finally hitech when it was still called darkpsy), knowing how long it takes to make track from scratch. Just say: like it or don’t like it, everyone has opinion, but one must try to be constructive if wants to criticize. So, we have here few hitech tracks, not darkpsy, hitech is separated style now from dark as we all know, metahuman is hitech producer so I don’t see problems with tagging this compilation much…we must all agree on definition of styles but it will never happen ;) regarding mastering are you all gone so astray not to listen what producer wanted to say by his track and only look at how mastering was done. some of best tracks I have ever heard are in raw condition ;) all the best :***

  • David says:

    wow I just found out this VA has Metahuman in it, downloading now :D

  • mahyar says:

    my god

  • Nymphomania says:

    This is a great VA of high powered psychedelic, full of odd structures and weirdness. I love all the tracks, and actually think it turned out a bit more consistent than some other Anomalistic VAs.

  • Nymphomania says:

    lol @ these trolls…. oh no, the dance floor will suffer from this UNACCEPTABLE mastering, all those people dancing to these 180 bpm tracks, lolllll

  • liquidthesnake says:

    The comments here made me curious..
    So at least.. This CD is Groovy and Complex!
    Absolutly Awesome! It’s feeding my ears with candy!! =D

    compiled by Maleficium <- A promise, that's kept!!

  • Rajat_kromugha says:

    Whatever maybe the comments,
    Awesome comlpilation!!

  • River Lyle Reuveni says:

    I made a tribute Video for ‘track 08’ Metahuman – Rendevouz With Rama
    This is the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWV2ZGx89s8

    ( it was made with an audio responsive wallpaper i created here : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2530551888 )

  • River Lyle Reuveni says:

    and a few more videos from this album :D
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPt4H6Qgftk < – Toxic Drop
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H4DNAejckM < – Wow
    Thanks Fatal Discord & Twisted Kala
    Thank you!

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