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Quantica – Groove & Roots

Free Music |  | April 9, 2009 | Posted by Basilisk

Quantica – Groove & Roots
01 :: Funky Branas (8:24)
02 :: Disconnected (8:19)
03 :: Going Furthur (7:07)
04 :: Sonic Entropy (8:11)
05 :: Supercollider (Remix) (8:11)
06 :: Aquantication (8:24)
07 :: Dream Liner (Remix) (7:30)
08 :: Dual Polarity (7:06)
09 :: Brand New System (Remix) (8:10)

Groove & Roots is the third studio album from Quantica (Eric Mokotoff), a full-on psytrance producer based in Ibiza, Spain. His style is a smooth blend of pumping beats, swirling melodies, and warm atmospheres. This release follows up on Digital Voodoo (2008) and Astrobiology (2007), Quantica’s free debut album. If you enjoy the upbeat vibes of acts like Polaris, Mr. Peculiar, and Orion, give this a shot! Mastered by the artist.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 20,667.

The licence for this release comes straight from the artist: “All rights are reserved with the exception of public DJ performances, and internet webcasts; any other use of this production is prohibited without the author’s specific consent.” Feel free to contact Quantica if you have any questions regarding usage.


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  • Adam says:

    This is some of the funkiest , most melodic and pumping psy trance i’ve ever heard! PLEASE KEEP UP ALL THE GOOD WORK? are you playinmg in the uk anytime soon, and if so when???!!!! Ads :)

  • Spirit says:

    It would be nice if that license would allow sharing. After all that is the main idea of free music.
    I guess it is an oversight, but quite an important one.
    He could simply put it under a creatice commons license a bit more strict than he wants (eg by-nc-nd) and then also state that “public DJ performances and internet webcasts” of any kind are allowed and welcome.

    Then the question is, what is meant by “public DJ performance”. What is “public”? Could a DJ play it on the radio? Or did he mean parties/clubs/festivals etc?
    And what is a webcast , Wikipedia says “A webcast is a media file distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology.” A webcast could be something people have to pay for, it could by that definition also be an advertising video being streamed. Etc etc.

    Licenses are not easy and making up your own almost always leads to confusion and a bad outcome.

  • Дениска says:

    FLAC & WAV archive’s broken.
    track 5 – corrupted

  • TSC says:

    @ Дениска

    download via http://www.quantica.eu ! It works!

    @ Quantica

    I like your sound very very much!!! I wanna see a collaboration between Quantica und Cosmic Circle!!!!

    Thank you very much!!!!

  • Tomé says:

    WAV archive has a problem

    tracks 5-10 are corrupted

  • Kilen says:

    I download .wav format from the artist site, no problem working properly!!

  • Basilisk says:

    Investigating the problem with the WAVs right now… will post again when the files are all clear!

  • Psylalyy says:

    TNK,s Ektoplazm.

  • Дениска says:

    wav archive on http://www.quantica.eu ! It works!
    all thanks)

  • Basilisk says:

    The lossless archives are back up and should be fixed now… sorry for the hassle!

  • thiago thchemp says:

    buenas track

  • Daedalusion says:

    Downloading right now, can’t wait to listen to this, Quantica makes some of the best Psy Trance in the world. Few artists have complete control over a song. It sounds as if every single second in the music was completely pre-meditated. Especially on Astrobiology. I’m sure this album will carry through

  • Tomé says:

    yeah, I’ll get it in a bit… just downloading 40 full moons first…

    thanks man… by the way, I really liked what I’ve listened so far (up to track 4, methinks)

  • Deejah says:

    Ohhhh man Good sound !!!!

  • fabio/Brazil says:

    Hello Quantica, i just have good words to discribe your sound!

    a fucking good surprise, keep doing this amazing job

    see u

  • XATbIGA says:

    Всем пред пиздатый музон ))) всем рекомендую )))

  • Gabriel/Rio says:

    Excellent, innovative and high quality sound!

  • psycotropacos says:

    muy buen album lo recomiendo hara volar tu imaginacion. tambien recomiendo soul kontakt que no lo encontre en los tops pero vale la pena el contacto con el alma. saludos y bendiciones gracias por la musica.

  • dario says:

    esta muy buna onda el disco

  • ESTOMPER DJ says:

    que tranza pues la neta esta pasable el CD y lo podria recomendar buen ttrabajo yyy psychedelik por siempre

  • micky says:

    Hot damn this is some funky shit. so much going on but intertwined so beautifully – so musical! love it. percussion is astounding and the the sprinklings of acid rocks! good job Quantica – you are one of my favourite artists with some serious talent, up there with Cosmosis and Prana. MORE PLEASE!!!

  • zion says:

    nice one brotherrrrrrrr…..from nepal

  • Kanzeon says:

    I’m not a electronic music fan, I use to listen hard rock.
    But I like this album, it’s really cool.

  • sary says:

    nothing music can’t win psytrance. love this =).. from finland ;)

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Whoo…. Quantica has that touch!! You can’t help it, from the first to the last track, bobbing and weaving!! This website is like…. God!!

  • Husnain says:

    I have been listening to you for five years now. You are my favorite Psy dj and rank you with goa gill and infected mushrooms please let me know when you play in Uk or London I will love to experience a gig. And dance to the music. Very creative and melodic tunes with some sick layers. Simply amazing

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