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Reon – People Of Earth

Free Music | Full-On, Progressive | July 19, 2010 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Reon – People Of Earth
01 - Melt Mode (145 BPM)
02 - Re-Encoder (145 BPM)
03 - Simple Blaster (feat. Atomic Pulse & S-Range) (142 BPM)
04 - Arcanum (142 BPM)
05 - Shadow Hills (128 BPM)
06 - Dogon Rotor (Remix) (140 BPM)
07 - The Scoop (140 BPM)
08 - Amazing Stories (144 BPM)
09 - World Of Tomorrow (142 BPM)

People Of Earth is a full-length album by Reon (Jeremy Starseed), a veteran psytrance DJ and producer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. After many inspiring years travelling, Reon began to translate his experiences into a vibrational language–an “emotional/spiritual carrier wave” designed to slip messages into the deepest, most dimly lit corners of the human spirit. This mission was undertaken at Mothership Studio, a custom-designed womb-like environment stocked with vintage 60’s analog circuits, vacuum tubes, and germanium transistors, all of which impart a lovely clarity to Reon’s worldly sound. People Of Earth is among the first completed results of this process, having been originally released in 2007 on his own independent label 67Rec. Expect to hear a diverse assortment of upbeat and melodic psychedelic trance steeped in the classic traditions of the genre. Mastered at Mothership Studio (also on MySpace).

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 8,706.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Hear more from Reon and Jeremy Starseed at ReverbNation, MySpace, and SoundCloud.


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  • TranCentral says:

    Killer AlbOOm! Thx aloTT!

  • fabs says:

    as bad as the cover

  • frix says:

    Come on, show some respect.
    It’s not your generic fractals cover, so isn’t the music.

    I liked his previous album “movement” too

  • Rf says:

    Nice music. I’d disagree with the “classic full-on” thing since this has an original bassline and a nice array of analogue sounds. Very lovely. In fact this has more analogue then most of my collection and it’s a good thing, I love variety. I am getting a WAV of this and there is nothing anyone could do to stop me.

    So this is the sound that I heard in Haltya albums, it came from old equipment.

    That track Shadow Hills sounds a bit progressive, it’d be nice to hear some progressive tracks with the same type of analogue sounds that were used in this album.


  • OuteraCiD says:

    I liked the cover, as frix said, it isn’t just some generic fractal cover. Always good to see something new.

    As for the music… I loved it! Great work, keep it up!

  • Um Hello says:

    can these people and these alein and anything else existing just deal with there input back to them as there output its not a negotiation includes all

  • christoffer says:

    Hej reon.först vill jag säga att jag är stor beundrare av din musik.speciellt låt nummer fyra arcanum. Undrar bara vilken sorts psytrance detta är.vad är det fått genre.?
    Ha det bra och fortsätta med det du gör.

  • George says:

    Awesome music! Thank you.

  • Nymphomania says:

    thumbs down for the “it’s a small world” remix lol. Are you trying to drive me mad?

    very odd, rather tonedeaf note choices on a lot of the album leading to ambiguous moods and melodies which seem torn between different tonalities

    but I must say I’ve never heard anything like it? strange mood indeed..

  • Jeremy "Starseed" Barnes says:

    And there we have it, the most dimly lit corner of the soul. Give Nymphomania a prize. I can’t be bothered.

    The rest of you: Thanks for listening <3 ;)

    Greetings from http://www.WSDG.com HQ in Highland, NY…where Jimi Hendrix's studio was designed, by John Storyk in 1968.

    Peace out.

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