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Shapestatic – Metaphim

Free Music |  | July 10, 2008 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Shapestatic – Metaphim
01 :: Platform (7:39)
02 :: Lightened (8:02)
03 :: Dancefloor (7:27)
04 :: Dream This (8:05)
05 :: Time Flies (7:19)
06 :: Drum (8:12)
07 :: Blastorb (8:07)
08 :: Grain (8:10)
09 :: Paralyzed (9:10)

Shapestatic is Chris Johnson (AKA Kri) and Alex Falk (AKA The Bastard) from the Appalachian Mountains of the southern United States. Typifying the growing Psytrance scene in that region, Shapestatic’s debut release Metaphim on North American record label Gaian Mind is a bombshell collection of raw, energetic, and passionate tracks meticulously put together with not a moment of sound wasted. Metaphim combines in-your-face bass lines with gritty, acid-drenched synth strata, tight percussion, tweaked-out samples, and purposeful harmony. Hard-edged and very psychedelic, yet still bouncy, positive, and musical, Shapestatic bears a sound which is wholly unique to America. Metaphim will keep your body moving well into the first rays of dawn!

MP3 Download | WAV Download · Download count: 14,665.

Metaphim by Shapestatic is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States license. Gaian Mind originally released this album on CD in 2007 and have been gracious enough to offer it up for free and legal download here on Ektoplazm. If you enjoy the release be sure to show your support by purchasing a physical copy from the T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi web shop.


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  • Clone says:

    Very deep and organic music. Great for home, the car and especially the dancefloor. Great job to Chris and Alex for this stellar composition.
    looking forward to hearing more from them! BooM!

  • P5Y says:

    ieee thank u!

    It just rocks .. a great piece of psychedelic! Especially the 1st one …i am simply being carried away! But i had a problem extracting the 7th track out of the lossless
    package.. it says that the file is being corrupt. Thank you anyway .. looking forward to more news coming from these guys!

  • mitb says:

    i just downloaded the album and its cool! just abit too mainstream psy trance for me, i like older stuff. but the first track is nice!

  • Sunai says:

    great production..amesome album!

  • n3s says:

    Great album…very special

  • dj armitage says:

    Thanks for sharing Namaste and keep up the good work and vibes boys lets hit them hard with all our best dreams and thoughts thats why are all here afterall.



  • Andries says:

    I tried to download this… download was interrupted. And now when I try to resume or redownload, i get blocked. What to do?

  • Chemomile says:

    I liked this music, very original and rich in details, but still keeps a good structure. Right on, guys, and THANX! for sharing.
    2 mitb: it did not seem mainstream to me at all. What are you listening to, man? 8))

  • PhaseTech says:

    Awesome style, I like it very much.
    Thanks for this release!

  • PSY-SUB says:

    thx for sharing your artisitic expression. keep channeling that sub-atomic freqency for us ;-P

  • ALEX says:

    Track no. 2 LIGHTENED the best on EKTOPLAZM !!!

  • Marduk says:

    Time Flies -.-

  • Plasma Force says:

    Nice Work Pal, The Last Few Tracks Were Bangin’!

    My Favorite Has To Be The Last Track, Very Cool Bassline Sequence.

    If There Are Anymore, I Want To Hear Them!


  • Unitone says:

    Wow, really was looking for more Shapstatic tracks after their great releases on Geomgnetic TV, and found free full quality tracks here. What a Surprise!!! Defently, one of the best psytrance acts from USA. and this is really good album, original twinglight full on album. Paralyzed is such great track to start set. Thanks for sharing it and keep the proper vibes and spirit. Greetings from russia!

  • DJ M.T.G says:

    this iz juzz awsome i love it ……………………..keep it up …………… KILLAAAAH !!!!!!!!!

  • ralf says:

    killa like! awesome, keep up teh good work dudes!

  • tofer says:

    asheville representin! honestly, this is among my favorite psy albums, and not just cuz these guys are a part of our little psy family here in the mountains. their music really moves. MOAR!

  • shivatronic says:

    om. really love that kind of sound… truly good psytranse without too much wierd and twisted boring manipulations that tire & fuck the mind! :) thanx for the vibes.
    T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi 001 contains also some pearls but also more hard & twisted…

  • PSYndi (Cindy Chauvie) says:

    Love this site. Music for my soul!

  • Psyentifica says:

    sweet artwork, nice album.

  • Nymphomania says:

    This is an amazing record!

  • alex.neon says:

    One of my favorites through the years! what a Dancefloor music!
    Thank you for sharing it!

  • sam says:

    the album is not downloading in non of the formats :/

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