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Sound Field – Afro-Dust

Free Music |  | November 12, 2007 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Sound Field – Afro-Dust
01 :: Afro-Dust (Bundle 1&2) (11:59)
02 :: Native Funk Association (7:58)

Following up on the release of the Ol’biz EP, Andy Yakovlev returns with another free single on his own netlabel, N.Division Media. Attributed to Sound Field, the Afro-Dust EP features two powerful examples of high octane tribal trance. Heavy drums and a strong driving groove provide each thematic exploration with considerable energy. Playful melodies and themed samples emphasize the tribal focus of each piece. If you like tribal beats, don’t miss this EP!

MP3 Download | WAV Download · Download count: 11,958.

Be sure to check out Andy’s homepage for more information on his various projects.


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  • NB says:

    really liked the intro of the first track, very interesting sounds there, i liked it a lot.
    the second track has fine atmosphere, also very nice sounds and vocals, great currentness.
    great drums and percussions on both tracks :)
    good work.


  • Crispy says:

    Another great Sound Field release! I’m loving the tribal grooves.

  • Mescolto says:

    Very positive sound. Thanks 4 free download. The guitar sounds cool. Keep on creating, brothers…

  • Chechko says:

    Loved the whole tribal vibe in both of the tracks which reminded me of juno reactor. Both were really great tracks with great atmosphere!

  • xerxes says:

    kewl tribal drums……. My kinnda stuff….. Great, keep it up

  • Alex says:

    Very unusual, afrosounds ..) Good-energy-Funky psy

  • Unitone says:

    Great tracks, perfectly suits for my dj sets, deiverse quality psygressive music. Can’t wait to hear more from Andy.

  • TrIp says:

    Фантастика )))

  • anditroll says:

    thanx for that wonderful sound,i really enjoyed to listen your sound mixed up with joungle vibes and guitar sounds.keep on and stay cleaned….°andi the troll°….

  • LazerBil says:

    It’s worthwhile to check this out…… and Andy’s other work too. I’d love more tribal stuff! BIG PLEASE!!

    There’s a strong connection between tribal beats and psychedelic music that goes W–A–Y BACK. I’m not talking about psytrance from the 90s either.
    Go right back in time to SUN RA in the 50s and check that sucker out! Then step forward and picture yourself at some party at a certain house in a certain district in The Bay Area. Move on into Punk and there’s a lot of tribalisms in there too. Dance music, as we know it now, got quite metronomic and too clockwork banana in the 80s. But, add some live percussion over the top, tap on any surface if you’ve no percusiion…. Voila! we’ve arrived at today.

    The concept of time travel unraveled before your very eyes! See what can happen with tribal beats?

  • cozo says:

    Awsome,my favorite stuff……….and………………….groovie …..regards

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