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Splatter Punk

Free Music | Darkpsy, Psycore | June 6, 2014 | Released by Psyzombies Records & Ultratumba Records | Posted by Basilisk

Splatter Punk
01 - Psy Horror Noize - The Night Stalker Ultimate Travel (155 BPM)
02 - Romeodark - Generating Nightmare (156 BPM)
03 - Dark Cygnus - Light House On The Island (157 BPM)
04 - Paranoia Sector - Deathrite Shaman (158 BPM)
05 - Mohrg An T - Black Saturn (162 BPM)
06 - aGhoRi TanTrik - Sonic Diabolic Tonic (Eleusis Remix) (167 BPM)
07 - Paratrip - Halloween Terror (168 BPM)
08 - Lepudness - Multisensations (170 BPM)
09 - aGhori TanTrik - Zinda Laash (171 BPM)
10 - Dhrupad - 666 (176 BPM)
11 - Murukhan - Glaucilla Marginata (178 BPM)
12 - Dollinar - Ostara Blood (180 BPM)
13 - Sarasvvati - Don't Believe The Truth (190 BPM)
14 - Aum Sync - Nocturnal Torments (192 BPM)
15 - Shamshan - I Nemici Immaginari (196 BPM)
16 - Sick Lion - Enough Weapons (210 BPM)
17 - Suffer Misery vs Toxinexia - Malignant Spells (215 BPM)
18 - Darknesss - Nekromancer (220 BPM)

Marco Dollinar, also known as Gromo from Italy presents Splatter Punk, a darkpsy/psycore compilation with death, gothic, and horror rock influences. With such hardcore feelings prevailing in these times, it is a natural progression of multiple personality reorder for these nu-school punks! We heartfully thank Dark Ultimate Records, Psyzombies Records, Sonic Tantra Records and Ultratumba Records for their great support and strength to visualize this extreme psychedelic experience. Mastering by T-Virus AKA Héctor Renterìa and artwork by Paranoia Sector.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 12,056.

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.


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  • AoVmax says:

    Aw, they are scared of your music, so cute.

  • Vinben says:

    Why the poor scores? I only listed to the first song so far but I thought it was goodǃ

  • André Costa says:

    Non, je trouve le voyage très bien dans ce qui était prévu. Sensations très bien différentes. Continuez a faire ce que vous aimez :)

  • Evan says:

    It’s not about being “scared” of the music, it’s about not caring to listen to samples of people suffering. I don’t listen to Darkpsy for that, and fortunately most tracks in that style don’t have that kind of thing in them. Hopefully the low scores mean that other people agree with me, and also hopefully the low scores will discourage similar releases in the future. I gave it two stars because a couple artists I like including Paranoia Sector and Romeodark are on it, but two stars was the best I could do.

  • Photons says:

    Track 8 was cool. Other than that, meh.

  • AoVmax says:

    ‘It’s not about being “scared” of the music, it’s about not caring to listen to samples of people suffering.’ Why are you listening to it then…. Don’t vote it down just because you do not understand it. Hate is powerful and it is not “BAD,” as most think. It is another form of energy. Every spectrum of the “wave” is relevant. Take note, we all exist in a complex realm consisting of endless dimensions of complexity.

    Now again, thank you for your input, it is relevant, and I understand that releases such as this will never rate as well as those with ‘positive’ influxes, and that is OK. I actually relate more to that spectrum (positive).

    However, I suppose I have been involved in the ‘scene’ now long enough that I am begging to feel pain for all these young creatures who have put all this effort into a beautiful creation only to have someone try to crush it by their inferior wishes.

  • Photons says:

    So only positive ratings are allowed? If you like it, you give it a high rating, and if you don’t, you shut the hell up? Is that giving a honest picture? I wouldn’t say so.

  • Basilisk says:

    No, positive and negative ratings and comments are both welcome (although outright abuse is not). Remember that Ektoplazm is all about diversity—not everyone is going to like all the music I post. Some releases, like this one, are especially polarizing… but for everyone who dislikes a release I’m hoping there are two or three who really dig it.

  • Evan says:

    Thanks Photons, you took the words right out of my mouth.
    As for why I listened to it, well, I had to listen to it at least once to find out what it was. (That was a silly question.) But I don’t plan to listen to it again.
    Suffering is not amusing or entertaining, at least for those who’ve experienced some, or those who are sensitive or empathic to the feelings of others. Maybe because so many people growing up in modern civilization who have it so much easier than their ancestors did, (and who have it a hell of a lot easier than a great many people in the world still do), think it’s entertaining to hear screams of pain because they really don’t know what it means, or maybe they’re just bored and the vicarious suffering of others at least relieves their boredom for a while.
    Maybe you should give that fancy-sounding speech about hate not being bad and being just another form of energy to people who are the actual victims of it and see how they respond.
    I should go now before I really get started! :d

  • aGh0Ri says:

    hahah u guyz r crazy :P

  • Nymphomania says:

    While in large part I agree with Evan’s attitudes about desensitization and pain as entertainment, I must ask this –

    are the samples in this album the sounds of ACTUAL pain, or merely the samples from movies and imitations, which sound cheesy and transparent / not real?

    is this release not clearly labelled as an album with gothic and horror influences?

  • Nymphomania says:

    the point being – if it is clearly labelled as such, it is on you for exposing yourself to it. there should be nothing surprising about its content, and i’m sure you were already aware such albums existed.

  • Nymphomania says:

    ultimately, I wouldn’t listen to such an album in a sensitive hallucinogenic induced state, but the rest of the time I am fine with it. I do understand that it all depends on one’s level of sensitivity; many things, particularly the sounds of screams can be triggers for people with histories… and for some the entire universe of psytrance is far too intense! I’ve found this many times when trying to introduce people to it.

  • noise without possitive energy…

  • Dollinar says:

    In fact this disc is created only from people very sensitive and beutiful. Nymphomania in my song i did not put samples because i’m going start using microphones serious or nothing.Thanks to everybody, i think that the dark is really romantic and it’s beautiful send in paranoia the jocks.

  • shamshan says:

    Why u guys think there always goodvibes in music and art in general or that it should be?!?…The most visionary and experimental stuff in history where not so goodvibes oriented…Maybe u like more hollywood films with that “so real” happy ending,sorry if we make to much noise and wake u up from the american dream…So let me introduce u pop music,but i will not tell u is shit.. ( MY DEAR SWEET GOODVIBES FRIENDS,U REALLY LOOKS LIKE HATERS.. )

  • Freaka says:

    Like a bitch is happy in cocaine, screaming for more!! Reality is the darkness, but the extacy is there!

  • romeodark says:

    moszkvics sluszkulcs ….

  • Nymphomania says:

    You know I’m listening to this album now and there are very few, if any ‘samples of suffering’ to be found!

    This is very intelligent and hardly desensitized music. It may be dissonant and frightening but to me it is far from predominantly hateful or depressive.

  • Nymphomania says:

    Wonderful mastering job guys.

  • Nymphomania says:

    I agree – romantic, mysterious in mood in actuality

  • M Y Akshay Prasad says:

    This album is underrated…. Dam good tempo!! The first few tracks have some crazy beats to blend!!! Though the trance involved could be better!!! This definitely is better than most of the albums even so many give their thumbs down to this release!!! Dark vibes need not have to be heard when on acid!! sober and still feeling it!!! BBOOM!! BBOOM!! HAR HAR MAHADEV!!!

  • SyHad says:

    Dissonant, chilling. The chill this album made last for like 24hr or so, until I decide to listen to another music. All the tracks connected beautifully–I even notice some anime sound in track 3, cmiiw– and finishes with the last track, Nekromancer, to finalize stirring your brain. It’s a nice change of pace for the usual releases which I consider not “scary” enough. Definitely not hearing this when in hallucinogen.

  • ikpeng says:

    Generated my nightmare ….track 2 is something diffrent than others…there is another type of frequency what u can feel before the lucid dream…
    :D 5/5

  • Nymphomania says:

    I agree, its nice to hear an album with some genuine tension in it.

  • Nymphomania says:

    Haha, Aum Sync sampled the same bit of ‘Last Hippie Standing’ that I was planning to, “it is ‘DADADADADA’ all night, the same noise, there’s no sense in the music!”

    great track

  • Nymphomania says:

    Dollinar thanks for your comment, your track is special, really otherworld

  • Evan says:

    Okay, Nymphomania makes some good points. Some of the samples are Hollywood, and it is also true that they’re not on every track, not even most of them. I think I overreacted a bit, and for that I apologize. I still do not like every track on here, but there are some good ones, including the Romeodark, (as usual), the ParaTrip track is also pretty good, I have to give props to any track with Homer Simpson in it (Murukhan). And who is this Shamshan I really like track 15. I still do not buy this notion that hate is not bad, that it is just another form of energy. But while this comp has some vibes I don’t care for, it does have some good stuff on it, and I feel I should step up and mention that and not come off as so against the whole thing as I did at first.

  • Ketamido says:

    in some part i do not understand … but some track like : 2 ,6,7,11,13 i enjoi a lot :P thank u … & also somewhere i can find more Romeodark release?he dont use social network or ? thank you if someone can give a little info :)

  • romeodark says:

    i just like the give a form for my imagination and for sure form :) and i like all energy ….and whatever who like who not ..all the time things are change in mind..u never know when u will like what u hated before… this is what is this….

  • romeodark says:

    @ Ketamido : i use soundcloud…i got some diffrent shit on net like twitter or tumbler but i never visit those ugly sites…soundcloud here i change letters and maybe skype and thats it..not much not around me…

  • Dollinar says:

    Nymphomania thanks to you.
    For the general discussion personally i don’t like use hatred, with the calm we get as much.

  • Downloaded this album a week or so ago, been enjoying it thoroughly… so much extreme, technical, complex and meticulously, genuinely experimental stuff on here, track 17 in particular. True psyCORE… not just sped-up darkpsy.

    For the people that didn’t enjoy it, I agree with people that have alluded to the fact that judging from the artwork, description, track titles, etc. Its obvious that you aren’t getting your neatly packaged, dancefloor-friendly, safe darkpsy here. I don’t go and listen to music in the uplifting section and then downrate it; I know I don’t care for that vibe so why would I waste my time? Also like nymphomania said, I highly doubt any of this is real human suffering. Just movie samples, etc. But suffering is a part of life. What would happiness/contentment even mean without it? These days, negativity is so discouraged for all the wrong reasons its no wonder releases like this have a following. Sometimes you need pain… this album is a fight club. >=]

  • Anyway, nothing about this is really -really- scary. You want a truly disturbing psychedelic experience, trip through an old Nurse With Wound album. You can’t unhear that stuff.

  • Dollinar says:

    Thanks Rose.

  • Eldritch says:

    This is decent stuff. I wish there was slower music with the same dark/not-positive energy.
    Happy music is an easy place to park. Challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zones. Descend into immense darkness to find light. Face your own demons.

    And like RRF said, the best way to do that is something darker than this… do a heroic dose to some Nurse With Wound, Lustmord, or Raison D’etre.

  • DarkPagan says:

    killer :) good va with undescriable stuffz :) i wondering whats than if this happening :D:D
    Romeodark %my Soul Friend% vs Paratrip vs Sarasvati vs Dark Cygnus ..i think soundz nice so if it possible do something :P greetz

  • thesalmonking says:

    Catharsis can have positive outcomes. However, I still believe that there are some things that you guys are damned well frightened of that you would probably not expose yourself to even if you reason it is good for you to not have fear of anything. For example, I don’t think you guys would say, “drop acid and watch children being molested”. And then how do we judge what is negativity that has been programmed into us by society and negativity that the higher self can even understand. I think this is a case of duality that is difficult to overcome.

  • Dollinar says:

    Thank you all for the comments, Eldrtrich we are to conceive of an upcoming release from normal speeds and much more Gothic…a big hug to everybody and have a great Wednesday brothers and sistsers!!!

  • KineticZero says:

    Man this is some good stuff! You can feel the power of each track, great job guys!

    Oh and if you don’t like it, no big deal just don’t listen to it, but remember there’s other people who enjoy this

  • thesalmonking says:

    Sorry about earlier comment if it seemed weird or preachy. Now I feel like being able to handle “negativity” without completely shutting down and being apathetic to it are two different things.

    But ultimately sometimes you don’t have to go through a planned initiation to become stronger… life has a way of doing that for you sometimes haha.

    weird noise is vitamins to me sometimes the eerie distorted voice samples are kind of scary :)

  • Romeo fosc els millors slashers màquina mentals

  • JFFR says:

    Awesome release.

    What a wonderful world we live in where we can express ourselves truly and unabated through sound.

    VIVA !

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