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Spruce – Origin

Free Music | Darkpsy, Forest | January 9, 2013 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Spruce – Origin
01 - Jix & Zotz (139 BPM)
02 - Verdampfungswärme Teil 1 (140 BPM)
03 - Nazcauacsa (157 BPM)
04 - Arenite Cipher (154 BPM)
05 - Eleusinian Residue (104/156/171 BPM)
06 - Oni (152 BPM)
07 - Ch Mal Vuzsoot (156 BPM)
08 - Seiðrspå Saga (147 BPM)
09 - Khan Of The Wapaq (152 BPM)
10 - Manusya Apparant (155 BPM)
11 - Æther Noëtics (119/158) BPM
12 - Syādvāda Thrust Fault (157 BPM)
13 - Wū Zhuàn (155 BPM)
14 - Yeshe Chölwa (148 BPM)
15 - Arachnosis & Honeymustard (165 BPM)
16 - Verdampfungswärme Teil 2 (187 BPM)
17 - Cingh Shaga Bo Kraken (152 BPM)
18 - Bavrugo Mokráhs (154 BPM)

JellyFish Frequency Recordings is excited to present Origin, the debut album by Spruce, a Norwegian human/tree hybrid currently residing in Oslo. After growing up with diverse musical inputs he discovered Shpongle and then Psykovsky, both of which caused a serious reordering of thoughts and increasing clarity of purpose. Now Spruce is dedicated to the tao of music, the most intricate communication; painting the way between the contractions of gravity and expansions of centrifugal movement; pulled between the fundamental entropy and teleological novelty; parodying the auditive conceptuality-attachment; pushing the ontological buttons of inner-ear-hair-mandalas; at least trying, maybe idiosyncratic enough for non-understanding. Mastered by Cooper Priapizzm with artwork by Philip Anthony Suarez and Victor Enteogeno.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 13,254.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. 100% of donations received via Bandcamp will go the One Acre Fund in Kenya.


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  • NOMERCY says:

    Boom!!! great album from strat to finish :P

  • Cherubian says:

    This is quite long :-)

  • Evan says:

    When I heard he was influenced by Psychovsky I knew I was in for something special and I was not disappointed. I hear the influence, but this guy has his own style. Great stuff from someone I had never heard of before.

  • JFFR says:

    Truly what we have been saying all along , “I hear the influence, but this guy has his own style.”

    So we said yap lets do an album!!!

    Oh wait he’s almost done with his second one?!?!?!

    stay tuned jelly freaks

  • Freaknetic says:

    Well, I had already commented on soundcloud about their jobs. I’m here again to congratulate him on his productions. Amazing, congrats David.

  • aeon says:

    very great album – cool grooves, well defined sounds and creative ideas – no mainstream !!!
    continue with that – its fabulous :D -thx

  • leprechaun says:

    this is totally awesomness!!!!!!one of the best albums since months….well done and i hope to hear much more stuff in future from him!!!BoOoM

  • full support! excellent release

  • OuterSpruce says:

    Thanks for all the positive feedback folks :)
    Stay tuned, only a few months until the next release now.. <3

  • vishal says:

    fullpower man ॐ.. lot of hardwork, dedication and pure artistic intelligence i feel.. shamaniac :) .. thank you .. and gudluk for d next 1 .. eagerly tuned :D

  • vetM says:

    Definate Vasily influence here :)
    One of the better albums of the past few months.

  • manoooooo says:

    what els you got man need moooooorrreeeee

  • psydam says:

    Awesome album, thanx!

  • Maharishi says:

    Brilliant ideas drawn into sound. Great quality. Hope to hear more in the future from this young talent! Don’t give up the forest vibes. You are gifted beyond question! Bless!

  • Holix says:

    Great debut David. Keep on rocking my friend!:) 10/10

  • Caio Moura says:

    Killer release.

  • Alekz Delirium Tremens says:

    Excelente disco… muchas gracias por compartir! : )

  • Brotha Bluu says:

    What a journey! This one is top shelf material :)
    Cheers from Sweden 5/5

  • Gunvelt says:

    cover it sucks

  • Trikoze says:

    Truly a masterpiece! So deep experiences… This really goes in to my “special trips” section, where things like Purosurpo – Wierdo Wondering Wood Worlds. Psykovsky – Da budet, Tanetsveta, Argaman and more are there… I bow to you tree man…

    I wish one day there is a festival with only story tellers like you!

  • OuterSpruce says:

    Thanks alot for all the feedback. :)
    Being compared with Tanetsveta is probably the best compliment there’s possible to get, hehe.. I’m glad you enjoyed it!
    The upcoming project will probably be released by the end of April. :)
    I can say as much as it will be a 14-track 2-hour journey, available in 24-bit 96khz for audiophiles. :)
    Well, probably available ONLY as 24-bit 96khz really, so i’m probably pissing off everyone who doesn’t want to waste 5gb of their harddrive, muahaha <3
    Much love and stuff, all you enclaves of negentropy and connoiseurs of consciousness <3

  • Mar Schiavon says:

    This is Killer! Thanks mate!

  • My Review On Spruce – Origin

    What exactly is this “Origin”? Is it the origin of the universe? The origin of insanity? That completely lies on the interpretation of the listener during their experienced through this fascinating, psychedelic journey. At the very first minute, you can leave your normal listening life behind you as you walk through a door into a raw, untainted soundscape. The tribal atmosphere sucks you right into a very progressive experience and is sure to reward any faithful listener. Expect the unexpected at every turn while enjoying innovative and original synths that explore every dark and light visions expressed by 21 year old David Falao Gjølstad. Every song evolves from the ground up, into a tree of sorts full of electric curiosity carried by artistic out-of-the-box development in every single sound. Each track is a 10 minute+ darkpsy, experimental experience that can melt brains and put them back together again. Grab your best pair of headphones, close your eyes, and listen to what can only be described as a passionate, engaging, interesting, quirky, psychedelic, dark, innovative, what-in-the-sweet-lord-was-that explosion. Enjoy it, take it all in slowly but surely, explore every shadowy corner, and leave with a completely changed perspective on the world around you. This album has some very special effects, and I truly recommend it for anyone willing to dive deep into the world of psychedelic music. Sounds can change the world around us, and this album does just that.

  • OuterSpruce says:

    Thanks alot Jetpackkid! :)

  • OuterSpruce says:

    Also, album no. 2 will be released on Jellyfish Frequency Recordings in April, so right around the corner now. ;)
    And I just want to refute my earlier statement here; the final piece will infact be standard 16/44.1, although it was all rendered in 32/96.
    It was just alot more convenient, and the audible difference is actually quite negligible. Having horrible internet myself, I realize what an incredible pain it would be to download 5gb instead of 1.6 or so. :P

  • Thats awesome!! I can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us.

  • Forrestgnome says:

    I like it. :)

  • romeo says:

    we like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amo says:

    The first track “Jix & Zotz” is absolutely mind blowing. Feels like 5 quality tracks in 1. I can’t get enough. Excellent overall production. I hope your second will be release here at Ektoplazm.

  • OuterSpruce says:

    Thanks! :)

    Amo: hopefully, it’s being uploaded at this moment. But I understand ektoplazm is slightly undermanned, so it’s only one or two guys doing all the work, so it might be a while. :/

  • OTUV says:

    Excellent production on the whole album.. inspired me to make more experimental … still inspiring.. much respect & love . Bom Shiva

  • schwalbert says:


  • PIERCE says:

    Thanks for u job!!! Deep sound & original style!

  • cant download says:

    try to download 3 days in a row and it keeps breaking near the end

    please put torrents of this big files

  • mehdi says:

    من که پشمام ریخته مگه چقد یه آدم میتونه باهوش باشه؟؟؟
    We love u great spruce

    My favorite songs : arenite cipher and yeshe cholwa


    what does the word “verdampfungswarme teil” mean?plsssss i need to know . if i dont get the answer i’ll die tomorrow

  • mehdi says:

    Yeah pls answer to the top question
    Whats meaning of verdampfungswarm in english?

  • Sara says:

    I want everybody to know that I donate to Ektoplazm because of you, Spruce.
    A very warm hug from Luxembourg!

  • OuterSpruce says:

    Thanks again for the warm words! :)

    Uhm well, Verdampfungswärme means “heat of vaporization”, which is a term in thermodynamics concerning phase changes from liquid to gas. It’s an incredibly arbitrary name really ^.^
    Oh, and teil basically just means “part”, so it’s part 1 and part 2.

  • cosmic wizard says:

    one word…. aaaaaammmmmmaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg

  • Sigmund says:

    Incredible album, the first track make me think to the opening track of the movie The Neon Demon, by NWR…

    What a special trip all along the album, real time streach for me !

    Thanks a lot

  • riccardopsiletti says:

    I just listened to this now, and it’s amazing. It’s really rewarding to listen to it from start to finish, very innovative and really psychedelic and challenging music which requires a dedicated listener. Now on to the other releases of spruce who gives us all of it for free! My greatest appreciation!

  • mooditory says:

    this is a gateway to infinity . after listening to this much music from bach and john mc laughin and shpongle and … spruce is the one who changed my way . specially MRU . You are a complete musician spruce :)

  • David Pleiadian says:

    wow i am back here cause i lost my music and all i can say is that i still love your album it still fresh, i been in a lots of partys and never hear anybody playin it, thats a shame but i congratulate you for your awesome work i have hear all your albums but this one is my favorite, i hope to hear some new music from you soon.

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