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Subatomic Evil

Free Music |  | July 11, 2007 | Posted by Basilisk

Subatomic Evil
01 :: Select Project - On Inoy
02 :: Overhuman Project - 100% Psychedelic Coffee
03 :: Pan Psychic - Wavetable
04 :: Skoll - Not Cool
05 :: aGh0Ri TanTriK - Bhoot Jagao
06 :: Psychoz - Gorgoroth
07 :: Neutral EtHos - Desmondus Rotondus
08 :: Xxipz - Rain in Koenig
09 :: Hagenith - Crvenkapce
10 :: Hysteria - Abort

The free compilation Subatomic Evil is the first release from Nuclear Force Recordings, a newly founded label based in Moscow, Russia. Featuring artists previously heard on SamowareZ and Grimorium Verum, the style is firmly entrenched in the darkpsy underground. DJ Skylander and DJ Magnetic joined forces to compile the material for Subatomic Evil, which is released as a “non-stop” mix with seamless fades between tracks. For DJs and fans of high-energy underground psytrance, Subatomic Evil offers a solid selection of killer beats.

MP3 Download | WAV Download · Download count: 13,769.

Check out the 20 minute preview or download the release in its entirety from archive.org. The individual songs can be downloaded in a variety of formats: FLAC (lossless, equivalent to WAV–see this link for conversion instructions), OGG Vorbis, VBR (variable bit rate) MP3, and (for portable devices) low-quality 64k MP3.

Update: looks like this is also available for sale on CD–just follow this link.


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  • skylander says:

    thanx )

    coming son next releases on Nuclear Force Rec:

    V.A. Cut and Drop

    catalog: NFRCD002
    compiled by: Magnetic
    mastering: Furious
    release date: 2007/august

    1. Overhuman project – Spaced Out (147)
    2. Distorted Goblin – Morning Wall (147)
    3. Hysteria05 – Russian night in a Forest (152)
    4. Detonatik – Goblinoid (160)
    5. Cymazz – Rumination (170)
    6. Furious – Nturt Born Satorn (160)
    7. Select project – Who Here (155)
    8. Furious – Happy Mad (154)
    9. Acid Goblins & Haunted Castle – Dark Woods (148)
    10. Psychoz & Phobos Azazel – Ressistance (147)

    V.A. Nuclear World

    catalog: NFRCD003
    compiled by: Skylander with big help from Kalilaskov AS
    mastering: Tim Schuldt
    release date: 2007/october

    1. Kalilaskov AS – Pay for Play (?)
    2. Pan Psychic – Urban Arena (147)
    3. Skoll – Psyk Fight (150)
    4. Paper Squad – LLIaHTu (147)
    5. Phobos Azazel – Freaked Azazel (150)
    6. Hagenith – Schizotropy (150)
    7. Select Project – Nuclear Force 2007 (155)
    8. Overhuman Project – Ro-Bot (150)
    9. I.K.S. Project – Bad Cluster (150)
    10. Hysteria – Message To Henry Spirit (152)

    more info about Nuclear Force Rec and our team on official site:

    lets get hight!

  • Psyentifica says:

    Powerfull, well produced, deep and dark psygrooves from russia. Some very creative talent in here with top notch instrumentation. I preffer more melodic but i’m sure those who’ve been: Entropy, Frozen Ghost, Hydraglyph, Cosmo, and other top hardstyle psy fans will really enjoy this one

    I’ve really enjoyed this free release, thank you. ^_^

  • Briden says:

    wicked stuff, I love Overhuman – 100% Psychedelic Coffee

  • Thurtle says:

    Hello i just bought this cd in Phokara Nepal and the guy who sold it to me was very pleased with his sale. Cuz the next minut i bought it he’d put the most relaxing cd on that he could find.

    I liked it very much so. GReat CD. Keep Up The good work.

  • aGh0Ri says:

    Hey Thurtle,

    glad to know you bought the CD in Pokhra..i can’t believe you found your way here.
    I gave out some of these CDs to shops in Pokhra..! haha unbelievable..!


  • Elad says:

    Good tracks and powerful sound well drived in the most of the tunes. But I don’t agree with Briden, I don’t know why he said that but the Overhuman project tune is the worst for me in the list…really bored! but keep creating guys I think is a good compilation with really big names in it ;)

  • 13 says:


  • Rezachedelic says:


  • psylophyta says:

    pretty good compilation still after all these years.

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