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Free Music |  | February 18, 2008 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

01 :: ManMadeMan - The Path (8:28)
02 :: Oscuro - Darkness Fighter (7:54)
03 :: Barby - Phase (7:45)
04 :: Opsy - Dig A Hole (8:59)
05 :: Manibus - Hello (6:57)
06 :: Le S4B0T3UR - Coroded (7:51)
07 :: Pinga - Leave The L (7:24)
08 :: Cujorius One - We Turn Our Faces Dirty (4:59)
09 :: PhaseTech - Vibrasonic (7:48)
10 :: Trimada - Cloverfield (6:56)

Supermarket is the fourth release from the experimental psytrance netlabel Ultiva Records. After the success of their previous offering, Voice Of Sauron, Ultiva has now broadened their scope to explore the hard and mechanical sound of modern techtrance. With selections from several veteran acts including Trimada, Cujorius One, and ManMadeMan–as well as some pleasant surprises from newcomers like PhaseTech and Opsy–Supermarket represents a wide cross-section of techtrance talent. Supermarket was compiled by Opsy & Lara and mastered at TesseracTstudio, Belgrade, with artwork by Kanc Cover and support from Soundmute.org.

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  • lead says:


  • Lara says:

    I want to say that this is just a beginning of Tech & progress revolution by our team. We made this first compilation in promotional case to advertise many upcoming releases by our friends (Mechanical Dragon, Headstick, Zenon, Cosmic Conspiracy…) as much as releases at our label, Ultiva records (becoming digital/CD recordings) and new label from Soundmute production. Also must mention all great labels who had influence on us all those years, like Etnica net, Cosmicleaf, Avatar, Boshke beats, Aleph Zero rec, Zenon rec, Ultima rec, G plus, Suntrip rec, Nova Tekk, Sonic Dragon, Headstick/Joystick, Domain Matrix, Flying Rhino, Dragon Fly, ZYX, ZMA, Feedback recordings… In nearest future we will do our best to united many super great tech & progress artists with deep and ambient elements and give you a many hours pleasure that you’ll never forget!!!
    Ultiva records crew would like to thanks to all ppl who help for releasing this compilation: Nikola, Ignacio, Sonya, Paul, Rista, Cujo, Vlada, Tarek, Pendula, Max, Pendula, Morbid, [email protected], Joakim & Misha and all our friends!!!
    All the best to everyone and ihope you will enjoy in great sound at home as much as on floor!!!

  • We are abnormally proud on this release. We feel like we’r part of new tech revolution. Many many many many tnx to all artists that involved here, to Kanc and Lara who selected and compiled this magnificent VA!!! And the biggest THANK YOU GUYS FOR DOWNLOAD IT AND LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dez says:

    Good to see someone still making good tech trance. Thanks!

  • gabriel says:

    I’m so moved by this release. It’s really encouraging.

  • Rabbitfrog says:

    What excellent music and quite a great idea to publish techtrance in addition to dark. Looking forward to CD releases.

  • TighT says:

    very nice tracks indeed :)

  • freezerburn says:

    Hey… trying to download these sweet tracks on a mac…
    not getting anything but a bunch of jarbled code…

  • Basilisk says:

    Is it possible to “save as” with your browser? Sounds like your setup isn’t recognizing the RAR format as a compressed file to download.

  • Morbid says:

    Totaly perfect, music for my ears!!!!


  • Kanc Cover says:

    Thanks to all ppl who enjoy in this stuff ;)

  • Hexfire says:

    PsyTech in its best, totally amazing compilation. 5/5.

  • DJRaske(Serbia) says:

    Cool..I love trance energy!!

  • Salvied says:

    Many thanks for this amazing compilation, it’s been spinning and spinning since I downloaded it and I’m so happy that you guys ventured into releasing this material, it’s totally worth it even though not all the tracks are a five star ones in total the comp still gets a strong 4,5. Amazing! Bless you!

  • silva says:

    It’s just too good to be true! You people are saints! Keep it up!

  • djd_GREASP says:

    Really interesting and mystical music. Ill try to listen it with LSD. Yammie!

  • Hexfire says:

    Since february when it was out it still remains to be my absolute favourite compilation of this year. Outstanding work, gentlemen.

  • Choko says:

    Nice work guys !!

  • Decimal says:

    Perfection! Still listening that in 2014!

  • hanna says:

    dark. dark. low energy. mechanical. strong

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