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Tank Fuel Vol. 1

Free Music |  | November 26, 2010 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Tank Fuel Vol. 1
01 - Pusherstreet vs Etnoscope - Meta (140 BPM)
02 - Feeding Spring - Power Up! (140 BPM)
03 - Elegy - Timelessnezz (140 BPM)
04 - Patara - CapzAttack! (140 BPM)
05 - InYourPhaze - IYP Theme (140 BPM)
06 - Hypohektika - Remember This! (140 BPM)
07 - Marathi - Te Quierro (142 BPM)
08 - πM² - Slug & Slagg (140 BPM)
09 - Eargear - Like Music (Etnoscope Rollertwist Remix) (140 BPM)

Panzar Produktionz stay on target with Tank Fuel Vol. 1, the first of three compilations focusing on the peak-time progressive psytrance sound of yesteryear with new approaches and updated production quality. After the well-received Progressive Bunker compilation released earlier this year, Panzar moves even further into the old school sound with killer grooves by veteran producers Etnoscope, Marathi, and Eargear, Panzar stalwarts like Patara and InYourPhaze, and a bunch of new talents showing off their stuff. Compiled by InYourPhaze and mastered by Liam @ InYourPhaze Mastering.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 17,610.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Be sure to check out the rest of the Panzar Produktionz discography for more free progressive!


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  • Moika says:

    Nice album!!! I always prefere proggy tunes!!

  • Moika says:

    goooooood stuff!! haiuhaiushau

  • GOAflyakite says:

    This is a quality prog psy release for sure! I’m very happy to see Hypohektika on this release; Suddenly was an amazing cd and his into the darkness ep is excellent as well : )

  • Daffe says:

    InYourPhaze is the shit!!!!

  • Samba says:

    Gooood Soundz. Pusherstreet vs Etnoscope and Marathi , i like it,. :)

  • Thanxx all of you, it really means alot…. Glad to see that there are still people out there who likes this “oldschool” progressive style.
    we will continue releasing this type of music and have no plannes of changing anything….we want the real progressive trance to live again.

    United & Progressive – Panzar Produktionz,

    keep an eye out for vol II and vol III, its in the works!


  • asghar says:

    dametun garm, delemuno garm kardid, drud bar shom

  • Speedfreak says:

    I like the sound and the production is top notch but what’s up with your fascination with 140 BPM? (OK, so there’s one 142, I did notice). IMHO the basic loops on some of the tracks are more than ready to move into a faster neighbourhood, probably 150 or more, and to mention two I’d say Patara and Marathi.

  • Speedfreak:

    Well, like i said before we focus on oldschool progressive trance around 140 BPM, why?? cause we like it that way:) , and our tank is not going to drive into a faster neighbourhood.
    Personally i think 140BPM is the ultimate BPM for progressive trance, no more no less. This is not a must though, but i know for sure for example my friend Dennis/Patara also think 140BPM is the way to go…..i also know for sure that Feeding Spring likes more 135BPM, but made and excelent exeption for this release.

    For me 150 BPM or more is waaay to much, and PProduktionz will never release anything over 143 BPM as it looks now….Glad u like our sound and think its top notch, i wish you the best!


  • Speedfreak says:

    Fair enough. Your music, your choice. Never say never though… ;-)

  • thiago says:

    very good trak´s

  • Patara says:

    yeeeehaaaa . . .
    nice one! great mastering! thx to panzar and ekto . . .
    yeppa 140 bpm is the shit! hehe
    sure there is killer progressive with 135 – 139 bpm, no question and also above 140 . . .
    but my heart beats in 140 hehehe – optimal tank cruising speed . . .



  • Patara:

    140 BPM is indeed optimal tank cruizing speed!!! yeah!!

  • TeckAmobiL says:

    wahyoooo ^^ how i am so impressed by the first song, ho no it’s normally : Pusherstreet !! :D
    I like good progressive like this too,
    it’s so punchy in your head in front of sunset with a lake and friends with open minds.

    i like “feeding spring too” ^^

    Bye all and have nice prog waves ;)

  • Nufs says:

    Very nice tracks! Especially from Elegy, Patara and Hypoektika!!
    But man, this track, Mariathi is one of the worse songs I ever heard!!!

  • Patara says:

    @ Nufs

    thx . . .
    “one of the worst tracks you ever heard” ? ? ? are you kidding ? !
    for me personal its a strong stomper with nice old school / goa trance influenced lead and synth sounds!
    marathi rocks!
    but its just my mind . . .

  • Well, i think we have the freedom to speak our mind here in the comment section.
    Off course not everyone can like everything all the time…..;)


  • Patara says:

    Sure thing, otherwise its nonsense to discuss on forums or comment boards :-)
    te quiero rockz in cruising speed . . .
    prog n`roll

  • shamana says:

    Average music, average cover and average title :-( Seems that the Goabase-Clique pushes their own relase like hell ;-)
    i really dont like Tanks and i really dont like war. There could have been a much more better cover instead.

  • shamana:

    Hey, sorry to hear that, personally i dont have anything particular against tanks, but if you think our label logo (since the start), latest release Tank Fuel front cover and our sence of humour, is all about war, your couldnt be more wrong, this is about progg music, and progressive music, is according to me hard, powerfull, alot of attitude, ongoing, sounds thick.
    Panzar Produktionz stands for powerfull, ongoing, hard, progressive trance. A Tank have thick Panzar steel, are kind of hard, absolutely ongoing and powerfull, this has nothing to do with war, it is only a symbol, many people are asking about our logo and ask why there is a tank on the website inside a comunist star, I have not designed the tank myself, im not that good on grapics, im better at music ;)we are not nazist, no communnists, we are a label, and its only a witch happens to be a small tank, sorry all who have a problem with this, but we are not going to change our logo, never.
    SHamana: Have any good ideas for next cover? let me know ;)


  • shamana says:

    yes, i have an idea for a new cover next time : ) maybe a crowd of dancin freaks stompin on old, wrecked tanks. in times, when war is made only getting ressources and that other stupid games, i am really sad to see a powerfull tank and a nuclear blast on a cover of a release.

  • Hypohektika says:

    Hello shamana,

    pity that you don`t like the cover. It was a good piece of work. But you´re right, maybe we had think about it a little bit more.
    For me was this cover not a glorification of war, more a try to emphasize the sound on this release. In this context nobody of us think about war…

    Honni soit qui mal y pense :-)

  • Padmapani says:

    thanks for this release (and indeed all panzar productions releases). keep up the great work. concerning bpm, i agree that 140 is optimal speed for progressive, but your releases still sound good at 180 (and indeed still hit a lot harder than any darkpsy) ;-)

  • Liam Dorff says:

    Padmapani: quick question, maybe its me who missunderstood your comment, but do you mean…that our 140bpm releases sounds good in 180bpm, and if so,….have you tried it, pitch it up to 180BPM i mean….?? would love to hear it how it sounds…
    feel free to us any contact and send me a track from the compialtion in 180bpm….if you have the time and think its worth the effort….

    would be most appreciated,

    friendly greetingz!!


    / Panzar Produktionz

  • Jesper says:

    Wohooo! Slug & Slagg, really great beat :)
    Give me moore:P

  • binarycat says:

    First of all … I think you do realy great work with your compilations. it´s an everlasting and ongoing dancingmachine who´s force can maybe be compared with an old rusty russian tank.
    But I agree with shamana that the symbols of war should be used in a more ironic way. People dancing on the tank, maybe even crushing it with hammers would meet both worlds (of peace and power ;-))

  • Liam Dorff says:


    Okej you make the logo, i want a hammer crushing the tank, lets crush all of Panzar Produktionz.
    Well we are not soldiers, and none of us think war when we see our label logo. so crushing the tank, naaa….no good idea.
    I do get a bit sad when you say that our compilations sound, can be compared with old rusty russian tank.
    Our tank have no home country, never been into war and is made as a graphical image.

    Thanxx, i love when people comments on our covers and logos.
    For me this is interesting, cause a logo needs to attract attention, this one
    does, so for me mission complete. Please guys, its about hard thick steel, massive solid strenght, attitude, heading forward, unstoppable
    things like that, i see when i look at this tank logo….
    and this i connect with Progressive music, always will.

    This story below i share with you all, but mostly as a reply to Shamanas comments and ideas. :)

    I was this summer of 2011 on a festival in Germany, i played a morning set
    at sunrise and all was just pure bliss…suddenly out of nowhere a huge tank
    came rolling in on the dance floor and parked there, the tank remained on the
    same spot for the rest of the festival.

    People danced on top on this thing, children played with it, hippies painted it with colors
    a putted flowers on it. Even me went up on it and had a photo-shot.
    Later the organizers tell us that it where a suprise to us since we contributed
    with many live acts and Dj´s to this festival.

    It was one of the happiest moments in my life.

    Please try to understand that we dont think war, we think music.

    Love to you all!!

  • Alexandria says:

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    is also really good.

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  • mohit says:

    Marathi Te Quierro :) boom boom power

  • Recetas simples y entretenidas, ideales para entregar de detalle de cumpleaños, primera comunión, bautizo celebración especial.

  • XXX says:

    Je finirai dе voir tout ça dans laa semaine

  • Lindsrhyl says:

    “but my heart beats in 140 hehehe – optimal tank cruising speed . . . ”

    No wonder why the first thing i imagine after seeing the cover and beginning to listen to Meta is a driving stylized/cartoonish tank (no firing, nothing, just… driving).

  • Tentativ'e says:

    Personnal dream !, no words !!!! a part of me..
    ..Thanks !
    Peace&Love 4 all !
    thx thx thx !

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