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Tapwatr – The End Of Everything

Free Music | Minimal, Techno | June 5, 2009 | Released by Digital Diamonds | Posted by Basilisk

Tapwatr – The End Of Everything
01 :: The End Of Everything (128 BPM)
02 :: The End Of Everything (René Patrique Remix) (128 BPM)
03 :: The End Of Everything (Theme Fe Remix) (132 BPM)
04 :: The End Of Everything (Knifestyle Remix) (128 BPM)

Tapwatr (Jeremy Reid) returns with The End Of Everything EP, his second release with the German netlabel Digital Diamonds. The original track is a slick piece of driving minimal techno drowned in delay and accented with bleak electro motifs. Three additional remixes from RenĂ© Patrique, Theme Fe, and Knifestyle round out the release with differing interpretations of Tapwatr’s distinct groove.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 16,290.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Visit the Digital Diamonds discography for more deep techno sounds and be sure to check out Tapwatr’s Dirty Things EP.

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  • Trevor Mc. says:

    Funny, techno just where we don’t expect very much, hard listen, probably because this is ain’t techno no more.
    i wich i can do tracks like this in 145 bpm, in 10 minutes with just an AVS and fruity, just to see whats the effects on people

  • rf says:

    Sure it’s techno. Really nice detroit sound. Carl cox would have loved it. Funny how such repetetive and gritty music actually makes me feel good as a human, probably in contrast to such machine sound.

    wow, I really like my comment, very discriptive, too bad I am making it 6 months after the release, it could have changed society as we know it. Hell, now that noone is reading it, I might as well go on writing about random stuff. No I won’t. I need to restrain myself, self-control is the only thing separating me from animals.

    In any case, everyone should give techno a chance, it’s more “psychedelic” then you think and it manages to keep itself underground after 2 decades, unlike house or trance or drumNbass. Unless you count “techno” as a label to describe any dance music. That should be illegal. That’s it. Good bye. Good music.

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