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The Future Of Light

Free Music |  | June 25, 2009 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

The Future Of Light
01 :: Oxya - Tau Feeling (8:59)
02 :: MetzAnima - Maia Gaia (6:40)
03 :: Frequency Surreal & Erofex - They Still Hold Peace In Their Hearts (5:27)
04 :: Jash - Betun Brasilero (6:32)
05 :: Dark Fox - Stelar Madness (Majestad Valkyria Remix) (6:08)
06 :: Erofex - Mental Peace (7:17)
07 :: Kusillo - Digital Anima (4:00)
08 :: Virtuaz - Devil Eather (7:29)
09 :: Le Guide - Kranum (5:19)
10 :: Trebolactiko - Alpha State (6:30)
11 :: Etrea - Condor al Revez (4:33)
12 :: Paul Jove AKA Pituko - Sun Stars (10:49)

The Future Of Light is the first downtempo and chill out compilation from Neurotrance Records, a Bolivian netlabel. Compiled by Erofex, this release features relaxing and meditative music with light tribal beats, much of it with a distinct South American flavour. Conceived as a “journey of light,” the story wanders along a path where everything is possible and limits are left behind.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 15,950.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Several other releases from Neurotrance Records can be downloaded from their homepage.


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  • Erofex says:


    Basilik! thanks for sharing our las work with your community

    I hope everyone will enjoy this peace of art. Next Neurotrance comp. will be a double disc & will be killer =)

    see ya

  • milkaXYZ says:

    Cant wait to hear this!! I love this page!

  • TheSpunkyLobster says:

    Just want to say this album totally rules, first two tracks especially are just totally awesome.

    Thanks for releasing it :)

  • viktor says:

    Good compilation. Thanks.

  • psx says:

    Thanks :)

    This compilation contains 3 jewels IMO:

    01 :: Oxya – Tau Feeling (8:59)
    03 :: Frequency Surreal & Erofex – They Still Hold Peace In Their Hearts (5:27)
    10 :: Trebolactiko – Alpha State (6:30)

  • Collapse says:

    I´m having problems unzipping them, am i the only one?
    Really nice Website!

  • Mechanic says:

    Yes, maybe you are the only one. Try to install winrar or winzip or, if you already have them, just reinstall. ;)

  • andres figueroa says:

    The Light of the Future is the True Feeling

  • Faradize says:

    Great release! very cool vibes in here :)
    Beautiful sound…

  • sheo says:

    just downloading it right now…and the prevew track sounds very sensual.

  • KRS 108 says:

    Nice track – great paige – I LOVE ElECtRo

  • Hikuri_Dreams says:

    yeeah !! thx thx !! great !
    LOVEE THIS PAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • psytime says:

    Very nice!

  • Haikili says:

    A very nice voyage. So peaceful and calm. I enjoyed it. Thank you

  • DJ Shaft(69) says:

    This comp is superb! And it’s free?
    Been using this in my sets from the first day I got it.

    Thanks for another great psy mind expander Erofex!

  • fedster says:

    Thanks a lot to all the artist for this album, a personal favorite.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you. Many magic moments listening to this music.

  • Fanan says:

    Most relaxing, very nice!

  • Kool3r says:

    Jash (Betun Brasilero) – MEGA-SUPER track!!!

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