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Theobroma – Thinking Like Dolphins

Free Music | Morning, Progressive | March 28, 2011 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Theobroma – Thinking Like Dolphins
01 - Natural Sounds (138 BPM)
02 - Thinking Like Dolphins (138 BPM)
03 - Light In The Universe (138 BPM)
04 - Bird Songs (138 BPM)
05 - Theobromine In Blood (138 BPM)
06 - You Are Like Me (138 BPM)
07 - Spiral Minds (138 BPM)

Yo Soy Records proudly presents Thinking Like Dolphins, the magical debut of Theobroma, a progressive psytrance producer from Argentina. The aim of this project is to induce an introspective and meditative state of trance that will lead listeners into a higher state of awareness with every song. This is healing music made with passion and great attention to detail. Remember the evolution and the mission of our brothers from the water as you sink beneath the waves and explore a new dimension of liquid sounds.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 19,463.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • nice work!thanks Theobroma !

  • Furai says:

    good++ thanks friends!!

  • Andrew says:

    Grate album name. :]P
    Very nice.

  • INDINGO says:


  • mmmaciej says:

    Lovely tunes. Thank you!

  • Vladimir says:

    Grate Sound ! Greate Tracks !

  • Darth Phader says:

    Excellent morning sound with cool style! This is going on my playlist!

  • Essence says:

    Wonderful album! Keep going, i just used your first track tonight :D

  • alkabong8888/ Alex Evans says:

    Nice fresh sound and really groovy. Don’t you stop making music, now!

  • Synergic says:

    very nice mixture of deep baselines with organic and analog sound scapes. Cheers

  • lukx says:

    Emotional music!!!, interesti work with basstrance, theatre mornig melodies, organic element, and reminisence of good trance
    the mixing is fine, the sound can be well appreciated :)
    good job!!!
    buen Trabajo !!!!

  • colo says:

    i love that album! really emotional! great dancefloor material! full of love and light!

  • GOAflyakite says:

    What an excellent debut as an artist. This release is pure quality and could easily have been sold instead of generously given for free :). The description of the album fits it perfectly; highly danceable tracks, yet at the same time great tracks to meditate to. 5 stars!

  • MrKriss says:

    It is beautiful, inspiring music. Thank You.

  • ©Unicorn11 says:

    Wunder wunderschön! heilender liebevoller Klang von tiefem Grunde

  • yahrasta says:

    thanks for sharing this is awsome music!!

  • WSTL says:

    Excelent music!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nemesys says:

    This has quickly become one of my new favorites! This is really top quality stuff, better than much of what is being sold. I agree with GOAflyakite’s comment above! I have been listening to psy since 1998, and this is GOOD. Thanks Theobroma keep it up! Big Love from Colorado USA!

  • Jack says:

    You’re right Nemesys. Incredible sound with a very original style. Good work Theobroma!!!

  • NaturensKraft says:

    Lovely trip to the light side! I like the long tracks, great sound!

  • Yo Soy Records says:

    A great debut from Theobroma, thanks for the nice words, share this album! it was meant free! keep it expanding!

  • Full Metal says:

    Man this album is excellent. Full psy, strong melodies. Unique style and sound. very pro. Thanks for sharing

  • You are in the way! exelents tracks pal !!!!

  • Mundell says:

    thank you thank you thank you thank you!

  • Plasmo says:

    what a masterpiece !!!!

  • Ryan L says:

    Absolutely awesome…will be putting some of this in a set or 12 ;)

  • Freeflow says:

    Wow what a album! So lovely, great melody and great progression. This will make the dancefloor move for sure!
    “Natural Sounds” is one of my favorites, Its Epic

    Thanks Theobroma, Ektoplazm and everyone else involved in this!

  • steve zorro says:

    amazing work Theobroma, i really want to see more like this… Thanks Theobroma, Ektoplazm

  • vinan says:

    Tanks mate

  • athi says:

    very nice tracks dude..:) listening to ur music is just like flying in zero gravity.. awesome…
    keep giving us nice treat of ur music..:)

  • Ozzidelic says:

    Please !!! let me just say thankss !! and congratulations !! for this wonderful concept !! of thinking like dolphins !! this We humans should do !! Bestt energy !! For this music !!

  • Nicolas Garcia says:

    La verdad muy buen material musical, te felicito paul, tenes mucho potencial. Abrazo

  • Wuzzle says:

    AWESOME! Love this album!

  • XeR0 says:

    Love your album. Keep up the good work. It’s certainly something I’ve never heard before but I like it! The first track is my favorite. BTW: Any idea of the source of the Tibetan chants in the first track? Those parts sent a shiver down my spine.

  • Andy says:

    Thanks mate, I have been really enjoying this. :)

    * P.L.U.R *

  • Ke-4 says:

    Oh yeah nice!

  • AMAZING stuff wow congrats!!! I LOVED specially the track one with tasty textures of vocals O_o <3!! & the track 3 is so refreshing !! Remember me the sample of the Large Hadron Collider… Terrible sound… THANKS !

  • Yo Soy Records says:

    more releases from YOSOY RECORDS.
    3 VAs on the way plus the debut albums from GODHA, METTANOIA and PSHENIKA.
    all this….. COMING SOON!
    thanks for downloading THEOBROMA’s debut album, thinking like dolphins!

    please share this link! send to your friends, may this album be your present to all the people you love!

  • RiY Az says:

    This will ease your pain!!
    thanx to ekto
    Looking forward…!!

  • Roman says:

    good. thanks

  • Fede says:

    Excellent album to start 2012


  • LILI says:

    Bravo ! THEO. Me encanta tu musica! La conocí a través de myspace hace unios años y nunca me la olvido…fantástica! buen y productivo 2012! gracias por compartirla así, aqui en este sitio.wuwuwu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wizzle says:

    great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the best psytrance i heared in the last month

  • psy&co says:

    theobroma….never heard this name before having found this masterpiece. never heard myself saying one name that often in 24 hours like the last 24 hours since having found this masterpiece! Theobroma….Theobroma….Theobroma! A new god entered our universe! definetely one of the best if not even THE best production, heard during the last years!!! its five o clock in berlin (germany) i’m alone @ home and i can’t stop dancing and smiling! muchas muchas gracias desde alemania

    i really feel ashamed not to pay for these blasting tracks. send me an adress, i send you money! and if one day you should come to germany…i got some connection to freaks organizing freaky parties in germnay. YOU can play @ any of those parties and festivals!!! i’lll arrange!

    ps: even my girlfriend likes your music. and she uses to listen to rockmusic…

    LOVE & PEACE!!!

  • Theobroma says:

    Thanks everbody for the greets and comments. It has been a very nice year after “Thinking like Dolphins” debut album. Thanks for Ektoplazm for distribution and support.

    Anyone who wants to support my productions, can visit http://theobroma.com.ar/ and donate via paypal. Also you can play making a Thinking like Dolphins track remix. Enjoy!!


  • Dr. Hilarius says:

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! this is the best psytrance I’ve gotten off this site and the best Ive heard in a very long time. THANK YOU VERY MUCH THEOBRAMA! MAKE MORE MUSIC PLEASE!

  • Jo says:

    Wonderful album! Keep up the good work.


  • Anshajaa says:

    It´s a Great Sound.

  • Spinach says:

    Wonderful sound, I’m enjoying it more every time I listen to it!

    Both yosoyrecords.com and theobroma.com.ar seem to be offline, would be nice to see them up and running again :)

  • Theobroma says:

    Thanks Spinach, http://www.theobroma.com.ar is back. We’re working on yosoyrecords.com


  • starbloke3 says:

    This is fantastic. I’m a new convert – hail a great creation. Great composition, great mood, great groov, greta journey, great audio quality. I can’t stop greating it. Better than sold tunes. Awesome work (just to not use great agian) – much respect. Ultra-Cool of u to give it away too. I heard it from a friend, who got a copy from a friend – so I expect it’s getting around the underground. wow !

  • Perhaps my favorite EVER album from Ektoplazm. Natural Sounds is the music of the gods, biggest journey I’ve ever known in one track. Thank you Theobroma, you guy kick it mate ;O

  • Shayan says:

    wow !! and wow ! and wow ! You Are Like Me Track is fantastic and just downloaded guys !

  • liza says:

    Great material!!! love it!! one of the best i heard :D

  • Hello the trappers of foot
    Here are youngs remix of Thinking Like Dolphins
    I hope that you will love it peace

  • jasofface says:

    beautiful music,great progressive build ups even my girl likes this album.simple to get your head around,relaxing,but very danceable,organic feel.nice 1 cheers.

  • decihex says:

    the link for Yo Soy Records in your description is not found.

  • Dylan says:

    Wow sm very super shanti tunes

  • Moon Tree says:

    Dolphin, dolphin, dolphin, dolphin… I just can’t stop.

  • nymphomania says:

    I love this album, a very gentle flavor of trance music with wonderful dreamy ambient interludes, emotion and melodies. a very classic trance flavor in many ways.


  • nymphomania says:

    I find it amusing that song “Thinking Life Dolphins” starts with whale sounds and the song “Bird Songs” starts with the sounds of monkeys.

  • xor9 says:

    I am old and I have spent the whole day on this “album”. It is magnificent! Please, fire up again!

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