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Through The Afterlife

Free Music | Downtempo, Swamp | May 27, 2013 | Released by Silent Existence | Posted by Basilisk

Through The Afterlife
01 - Shunya - Deep States (Revisited) (100 BPM)
02 - Kanka - Mira (133 BPM)
03 - No Room - Made In Rainy (120 BPM)
04 - Already Maged - Sulphur And Mercury (116 BPM)
05 - DoHm - Silent Existence (90 BPM)
06 - Farebi Chilebi - Swoon (70 BPM)
07 - Molokow - Fields Of Aaru (120 BPM)
08 - Parus - Afterlife (120 BPM)
09 - Captain Kirk - Break On Through (To The Other Side) (75 BPM)
10 - Six Fingered People - Polypi (90 BPM)

Welcome to Through The Afterlife, the new psychedelic chill and downtempo concept release from Silent Existence, Kosovo. In the next few moments we will guide you through an invisible world which will change your perspective on life. Close your eyes, let your imagination and soul run free, and enjoy the journey! We want to thank all the artists contributing to our idea and making it come alive. Also, special thanks goes to James McCarthy for providing us with his unique artwork, and to our friend, Makus (Overdream Studio) for always supporting us in the most professional manner in all aspects, especially his exceptional work in mastering.

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Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • Lame'o says:

    Finally!! :D Great VA, as expected!

  • Glad to be part of this release.. definitely special :) Full support always!

  • Astrida says:

    great compilation, congratulations and best of luck with future work :)

  • Domas says:

    yea glad to be a part of this comp. Thanks to all involved and Silent Existance ;)

  • Yuri says:


  • trippy sound => Captain Kirk – Break On Through (To The Other Side)

  • Psyboy Original says:

    A wonderful compilation by all the Senior Producer
    A perfect Digital Gift
    Thanks :)

  • Psyboy Original says:

    Salute to Makus for the Mastering
    A masterpiece
    Keep up the Great Work

  • psydrahcir says:

    five stars. thank you for the music :) :) :)

  • epued says:

    Brilliant compilation, with a story so evident. Amazing artists, stunningly compiled. Keep it going :))))

  • This has the best album art I have ever seen!!! I am reviewing now…

  • Psychedelik says:

    This release realy kill me, awesomeness

  • Holy jesus almighty THIS GUYS ARTWORKS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!


  • Claudio says:


  • In the mist of nothingness, where breath and matter is nonexistent, a small fragment unknowingly begins to glow and evolve chaotically. This object becomes the center of everything, and for the first time in the infinite history of this land, color is created. Blue and orange clouds of gas combust into tall ruby fires amongst scattered pearly stars, violent oceans of green and purple waves bounce up and down newly formed spiraling horizons, and clusters of strange and exotic entities gasp into existence. Its dance spreads a beautiful and endless dream world of floating bricked towers, grassy mazes surrounding thick metallic waterfalls, and snowy pathways dripping downwards into oblivion. An observer, far away from the boundaries of this universe quietly sits and stares deep into its eyes. Then, from within the very depths of arabesque paradise, sound is created. He wakes up to find himself lost in this newly spawned world. Confused, he staggers in a daze, mystified and terrified by a barrage of strangely welcoming plants that move back and forth in dashing winds. Climbing through the alien world, he reaches the peak of a cliff and stares out into an open plane of astral creations, floating slowly in a never-ending abyss of abstractionism. As he glances over the wonders of his new reality, he takes a relaxing seat and smiles. This is the afterlife.

    Deep States (Revisited) by Shunya

    The eery yet soothing pads layering against each other are extremely fitting for this engulfing introduction. As I stare at the album artwork, I feel as if I am being taken away into another state of consciousness. Similar to the sounds of Solar Fields, the slow yet heavy bass progression delicately opens up a door into another dimension. The imaginary walls of this world are easily accessible, thanks to this captivating expressionism of sound. I can definitely tell you used Komplete to create this, if I am wrong let me know. You did an absolutely fantastic job at utilizing your sounds, crafting them to produce a wonderful soundscape. Everything morphs into a road and I am taken on a constant journey where the universe the song creates evolves. It is so calm and intricate. If putting me into a deep state was your intention, your certain achieved it with this tune.

    Mira by Kanka

    Beginning with the chitter chatter of a delayed synth line, Mira progresses with echoing pads and abstract percussion to start a bit of a different style. Different from the first track, Kanka shows uniqueness through wobbly, delicious bass lines and constantly organic tuned sounds. Around 3:30, it develops into a more active, heavier vision. I can also hear Solar Fields and Carbon Based Lifeforms inspiration in this track. It paints a interesting journey, making me want to go for a long walk in the middle of the night to explore unfound areas. I desire more, and enjoy the melodies that carry this track into a psychedelic art form. The land of Mira is awesome.

    Made In The Rainy by No Room

    Darker elements are chosen in Made In The Rainy. Paying attention to filling up the left and right channels with clearly enjoyable sounds produces an original and perfect backbone. In the center of this structure lies an addicting drum line mixed with some enchanting sounds. I feel as if I am inside a cave, running through a maze of rock hard, wet walls that lead into a cavern full of dazzling creatures. The style is a bit brighter towards the four minute marker, sounding like rain dripping into puddles. I didn’t particularly care for the melody towards the end but it did get its point across.

    Sulphur and Mercury by Already Maged

    Another darker track, as expected from its chemically raw related title. I am very glad to hear each artist in the album so far has stayed true to a unique style with different development and interesting composition. I thoroughly enjoy the progressions towards the beat that comes in at the one minute marker. The out-of-tune chords match the mood perfectly, and the light touch of background noise is wonderful. I can imagine a haunted house full of undead figures dancing the night away as a group of curious teenagers with a stupid dog come across the gloomy horrors. I can’t help but smile at this track. It it wonderfully quirky. Why wasn’t this used in a cartoon? It definitely could be. Oh man, after the four minute marker things get really interesting. The length of Sulphur and Mercury is highly entertaining with top notch replay value and production quality. The composition is groovy! And oh boy, your going to really dig the track around six minutes. Everything is psychedelic from captivating start to original finish.

    Silent Existence by DoHm

    Woh, is that quote in the introduction from the movie INK? AWESOME choice! If it isn’t I am mistaken, but either way I love the voice sample. In this track, we move onto a more tribal feel in the downtempo spectrum. With expected progression, the orchestration of percussion, guitars, and pianos follows an epic and deep electronic simulation into an African-like land. Satisfying leads and euphoric buildups make this track beautifully made. The melodies are all very well done! I can see myself playing this in the car to go deep into thought.

    Swoon by Farebi Chilebi

    Looks like its time for a slower, Jazzier track! Nighttime elements sprout up from the ground into a forest of gooey swamps and dark green trees that tower high into the moon filled sky. Get ready to feel lost, bewildered, and confused in this darkpsy head bobbing universe. The bass in the background of this strange and twisted environment is funky enough to make me feel drunk. Yes, that is a very good thing. With unconventional sounds, memorable tunes, and slow-time progression, Swoon is an impressive creation that can take anyone on a journey. I can’t stop listening to that baseline, its like I’m being chained down to my chair with this awesome track. Hell yeah.

    Fields of Aaru by Molokow

    Aaru must be somewhere in the Middle East, or no wait, the wild wild west, well wait a minute what the? Man this style is gorgeously diverse! Woh baby, I can play this sexy song on the dance floor. The beat creation skills featured in Fields of Aaru are simply swell. With obvious automation talents, Molokow can bend sounds at will with his synthesizers. The instruments are fitting for every minute, crafting together a desert theme full of sand and sunsets. Smooth, clean, and perfectly progressive. It even gets a little glitchy after the 5 minute marker, so your in for a treat. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. I love it! Every little gap in the drum pattern is filled with some really interesting and creative elements. I want to live wherever these fields are.

    Afterlife by Parus

    Head bobbing, funky, downtempo styles are everywhere. String instruments, slower than usual Goa elements, and some kicks far out melodies bring everything together in a sort of Asian culture that reminds me of Buddahism. I feel this track is referring to the Third Eye, taking on a attitude meant to take listeners on a pathway towards enlightenment. It has a lot of organicness to it, yet it also adds some high class nostalgic and well programmed sounds that zap and zip in the foreground while a mixture of drums and guitars sing together. The mood is inspiring, and I feel very up in the air at every second. This track is very professionally done, paying high attention to the collection of highs, miss, and lows in order to layer it all on a beautifully done canvas. If anything, this track certainly reminds me of the masterful cover art. It feels like I am dead, traveling through a world unknown. Its like astral projection, and I am not talking about the psytrance group.

    Break on Through (To the Other Side) by Captain Kirk

    Starting with a twisted and strange sound world, Break On Through (To the Other Side) has the same feel that Afterlife does, yet it opposes it with a darker attitude. Echoing, triumphant pops and gargles fly and crash into mountainous walls, tribal elementals wash over the funkylicious body, and slowly evolving quirkiness fills the track to the brim with darkpsy inspirations. Unique from a downtempo style, Captain Kirk slows down a psytrance feeling commonly used for mind screws and gives it a fresh dose of styling beat mashing, scarily long textures, and basses meant to move crowds through the night. It is very interesting to hear this dark style slowed down and intensified. Awesome stuff. Prepare to board a spaceship to another dimension with heavy metal playing aliens around the six minute marker. Don’t worry, they are cool dudes and are totally down for kicking it as long as you have VIP backstage passes.

    Polypi by Six Fingered People

    IDM configurations ahoy! Blast that bass and get off your ass to this danceable delight. Taking from commonly used dubstep styles and drum n bass influences, this bigger, better, and broader idea combines all of that and turns it into a killer gangsta smash of totally tubular bodacious and sexy put-these-shades-on-bro kickassery. With a totally different feel, Polypi is the best ending for this album I could ever ask for. It ties everything into a nice package of bitchin drum kits, plucking synth explosions, and chillaxing beat grids. Take a ride on the soul train into a Psydub, Downtempo experience and enjoy the sexy universe of apparently Six Fingered People. (They must be the runner up band for the aliens in the last song).


    An extremely diverse, talented, and unique group of artists who rest near the lower bpm side of the musical spectrum come together to bring you a brief look into the moments after death. In this “afterlife”, expect anything from soothing pad structures laced with intelligent and advanced synthesizer programming, to funky and quirky idm beat lines meant for moving any head. The album progresses through a wonderful electronic journey that can expand your imagination to its outer limits. Put on your best pair of headphones or blast this in your car on a road trip, the wonderfully played compositions and killer bass leads will tear you up with euphoric joy and inspirational engulfing marches of pure music. As the artwork describes, the psychedelic, downtempo, darkpsy, and idm experience of “Through The Afterlife” is destined to make anyone think. Open your mind and let the powerful masterpieces plant a seed into your brain. Its going to grow into a colorful, abstract tree that holds the very cores and visions each artists holds so dearly to their hearts. And boy, when this tree stops sprouting you will have all of these artistic expressions lined up neatly side by side in an image that can only be described as phenomenal. Have you ever had a permanent idea stuck inside your head because of a discovery? Well, now you do. Take a moment to be taken away to the land after death and breath the world in deep. Your going to love it.


  • Eleftheria says:

    Great to see some dark trance producers to downtempo compilation,you all have the power to create real forest psychedelic music with no need to be over 150bpm.On a second morning listen,wow,all tracks stand out.Wishing for more like it!

  • Jüri says:

    Unreal. Thank you for this wonderful journey. Great review. Also, Ink is a fantastic movie.

  • Carbuncle says:

    The best compilation for 2013 in it’s own genre for sure. well done Silent Existence! :)

  • Congrats friends, what to say, just keep it up, the VA is masterpiece! :)

  • Shayan says:

    nice Compilation, tnx

  • Holix says:

    Best downtempo I heard in a long time, very unique, magical forest touch! :)

    My favourite track so far Molokow – Fields Of Aaru, crazy stuff! 5/5 for sure.

  • romeo says:

    verynice !!!! good to know they also good in Dub :)

  • PsycheDanic says:

    The metal part in the Captain Kirk track! Talk about refreshing…! I know that there are plenty of people into metal and psytrance, but never in my life would I have expected to hear metal fused with psychedelic chill. Fucking awesome. :)

    Cheers, Silent Existence, for compiling such a sick album. I’m really digging the whole ‘dark/forest artists do chill’ vibe right now. :)

  • Halun says:

    Hey gyus. Am I the only one that has VERY LOW download speed recently? I’ve never had a problem downloading from Ektoplazm – always at highest speeds, but now… i get like 10-50 kbp/s tops… Any suggestions? :/

  • Kim Molokow says:

    All systems go!

  • Hi Halun, sometimes download speeds are going to be very slow based on your region / how many people are downloading at the same time. Give the FLAC link a shot to see how long that one takes, assuming more people are downloading it in MP3 format. If it still is having problems, you may want to contact Ektoplazm about your region for more information.

  • Dan-O says:

    This is really relaxing and wonderful. I love the art work too : )

    Dan O ~ http://www.danosongs.com

  • Gent Thaçi says:

    Great set, loved every track. Great job everyone.

  • Tipworld says:

    Compil and digital sound fabulous ! Excellent sound environment, a masterpiece for starcraft 2 :)
    Keep up the great Work !

  • Konko Funsion says:

    Amazed from professionality of all silent existence work. Thanks alot

  • HyperMove says:

    crazy crazy crazy

  • PosiCidz says:

    THanK u for this AWESOME OOoood(–)boooOO Journey.

  • kcilerog says:

    This is great! The track by DoHm is a gem, great album overall :)

  • hiddenplace says:

    there are a lot of excellent downtempo/psychill compilations on Ekto, but this one really stands out. absolutely brilliant tracks and very cool mood all the way through. VERY highly recommended!

  • Patrick says:

    Brilliant! This compilation is SUPER trippy, and definitely taking me to some pretty dark places at the moment. I love this website!

  • IronSun says:

    This is some of the best stuff to emerge out of the ektoplazm platform for sure. Absolute Masterpiece, there can be no question about that. Drippy, Trippy Jazzy Groovy goodness brought to you in many a dark way. Highly recommended.

  • merzad says:

    This has the best album
    khodaish khoobe


  • merzad says:

    axo nigaaa harf nadare

    loved every track
    tank u

  • kks says:

    If I could, I would rate this five stars again and again and again.
    This is my all time favourite Downtempo compilation, each and every track stands out in its own way.
    Thanks to the artists for enriching my life in this quite enjoyable way. :)

  • basith123 says:

    i want trouch downlode

  • Posicidz says:

    One of THe best VA Of All time Greetings FRM Nepal. Thank U all artist`s for this.

  • Les says:

    Yes I like this, new genre to me. Tx to Ekto and artists!

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