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Trinodia – Human History

Free Music |  | May 16, 2011 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Trinodia – Human History
01 - Planet Number 12 (138 BPM)
02 - Human History (141 BPM)
03 - Annunaki (141 BPM)
04 - Wars Of The Gods (141 BPM)
05 - Scientific Mechanism (140 BPM)
06 - Time And Gravity (138 BPM)
07 - Inspired Brains (141 BPM)

Trinodia (Daniel Eldström) is back with another Goa trance release, Human History, his second on Underground Alien Factory Records. This time he has taken his music to another level with epic melodies and spacey soundscapes that will send your mind on a journey. The album consists of seven unreleased tracks that will take you on a trip into human history with a twist. Once more, follow the melodies and the beats into the world of Trinodia’s music! Mastering by Keamia and cover art by Richpa.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 16,259.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • Flynt says:

    All I can say is WOW. Good GOAin’ here! QUALITY :)

  • protosfera says:

    yes yes & yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! megaGOA! THX!

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Another example of Goa Trance after 2010… Awesome as usual!! This is another epic Goa collection worthy of my ipod. Thank you very much!!

  • psystereo says:

    great, UAF always improving !

  • Moogle says:

    Клёвый альбом! Спасибо.

  • goaman says:

    awesome tracks..thanks a lot

  • Jonas says:

    Superbra! Spelar du nått i SWE i sommar?

  • Trinodia says:

    Very pleased to get this release out :) Expect more to come from me soon in the form of either an EP, another Album or single tracks on Compilations.

    @Jonas, Inget som är bokat. Jag hoppas på att få komma ut och spela på någon fest iallafall i sommar och tror att den här releasen ska skapa lite buzz bland arrangörsfolket så vi får se. Håll ögon och öron öppna :) Får jag spelningar så kommer jag skriva ut vilka datum jag är bokad på på min site, http://www.trinodia.net

  • Nova Fractal says:

    Nice Goa release… 02 – Human History kick ass, I love it :)

  • Caroline Price says:

    Wonderful :0) especially liked Inspired Brains x

  • BraneFreeze says:

    Like the music; hate the vocals.

  • Tremari0 says:

    wooow!! Love it!

  • Me says:

    One of the best Goa EP available in Ektoplasm. Thaks for sahring this amazing

  • Andy says:

    Track 2 sent my mind to another dimension.

  • kybalion says:

    <3 TRINODIA's style…

    THANKS MAN! :)

  • Richpa says:

    As always, top stuff from Trinodia, thanks for sharing this one for free again :)

  • Malachyte says:

    This is a brilliant album! If this were available on CD I would definitely pay for it. Trinodia = Best UAF artist so far. :-)

  • RetterDesUniversums says:

    very nice:-) one of my favorites 2011

    thank you

  • hobbit says:

    BIG BIG BIG !!!!

  • WILLY says:

    Is like old cosmosis disco stuff with new sounds and really good melody and bass lines GOOD GOA Music.

  • Isomorph says:

    Excellent. Nice to see a resurgence of the original Goa style. I still listen to all my Goa records from the 90s, great to see comparable releases coming out in 2011!

  • LittleRave says:

    This is insane! Listening to it all day now :) That’s the way Goa has to sound like.

  • Wizack Twizack says:

    Impressive stuff! @ Trinodia: Skulle vilja remixa en av låtarna här om det skulle gå bra för dig. isåntfall, hör av dig på skype WizaoeX lr msn/mail wizack_twizack@hotmail.com


  • Tor says:

    Excellent!! Thank you

  • Henry says:

    Please, just a word of advice; cut out on the excessive use of voice sampling. It really is a pretty big problem here, since the music is actually wonderful.

  • Star says:

    What beautiful music. Sounds like fresh air of the good old days.

  • Andy says:

    I actually thinnk track 3 ‘Annunaki’ is the best one now.

  • mihkel says:

    My favourite spot was “Wars of the gods” at 4:06


  • Icaras says:


  • exotic says:

    Agreed with Henry. I suppose he is referring to tracks 5 and 6 where all you hear are the samples. Anyway stellar release! Annunaki is pure old-school bliss. Love every second of it! Great work by the artist and all involved. :D

  • eraser77 says:

    Magical moments there! Super goa vibez

  • GoaMech says:

    Do Keamia or artists have troubles with bass control? All releases have lack of bass, compared to other labels, even oldschool.
    Anyway, this album is my favorite UAF release so far.
    Trinodia, UAF, respect!!!

  • Superfluid says:

    Beyond excellent. Number six, Time and Gravity, really blew my mind. The whole album is stellar, though.

  • Hypnotic Signal says:

    Amazing! Best release from UAF!!!

  • Rogovogor says:

    “One of the best Goa EP available in Ektoplasm”

  • mdb says:

    Really great music but I have to agree that there is a too intensive use of vocals. And I would like to state that expressions like ‘nuclear holocaust’ are on one hand total nonsense and show a lack of knowledge and on the other hand could harm people, who are emotionally affected by this part of history, during dancing.
    I enjoyed the music like I have not enjoyed music for some time but please reflect the use of vocal-samples more carefully, thanks.

  • Leo says:

    Freaking awesome!!!!!!!

    I’m so glad that we still have Goa trance THAT good being released…
    About the vocals, I liked ( perhaps Time Gravity was a little too much, specially because the music alone was very good and I wanted to keep listening better the details…)
    But for now, best Goa trance release this year!

    Best track: Wars of the Gods.. Killer bass line… (or Scientific Mechanism? >)


  • Trinodia! Authentic old-school Goa, will listen more and get into it :)

    Annunaki is another word for family in my world. My family ties into the Merovingian bloodline, via royalty in the 1300’s, so I find this all very interesting.

    One thing. I listened loud, and noticed my VU meters showed very little movement…and my ears started to get tired very fast. I’ll venture to say that the lack of bass someone mentioned earlier, among the well-deserved praise, has to do with the excessive loudness of the mastering treatment. It starts to take away from the music and the listening experience. That last L3 Limiting can’t be undone, and happens to take away whatever dynamic is left at the end of the mastering chain.

    Anyway, great synth work, nice melodies, chunky bass & drums. Thumbs up!

  • Quazar says:

    Nice but not perfect !!! Go to the ARTIFACT303 NEW ALBUM !!!

  • LeMozz says:

    One of the best album since the 90s. It reminds me a little bit of Man with no name sometimes.

    @Quazar : Perfection does not exist, music is about feeling and travel ;)
    But it’s true, A303 is another incredible album.

  • Richpa says:

    @Quazar: You’re comparing commercial CD releases with free scene here, c’mon dude, get real please.

  • flavius says:

    YES…dance to goa-trance

  • Kiron says:

    It warms my heart to know that music like this is still produced.

  • Trinodia says:

    7420 Downloads and counting :) Thanks alot to all of you who have downloaded and listened to my album :) It has gone over my expectation with the feedback and pushes me on to create more music for you all to enjoy :) New album is in the works!

  • LeMozz says:

    About voice samples…From my point of view : they drive you more deeply in a futuristic atmosphere.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  • RiY Az says:

    a wonderful goa release..
    My favourite is Annunaki..


  • Alex says:

    супер продолжай нас радовать улетной музякой

  • Masood says:

    I can say EVERY track is GREATE!

  • seismic says:

    Exacly as mentioned above. :-)

  • ludotronik says:

    very very good music, i love it :)

  • airgedlamh says:

    Love the Sitchin vibe.

  • Mushroom says:

    Trinodia’s music is wonderful very great album.

  • Asterisque says:

    sounds somehow like astral projection. Nice album!

  • Arturoo says:

    Grat music I love iT just amezing. It has somthing i love in music, space and litel melody with strong puls .. thank you ….

  • Nemesis Fixx says:

    I came here because of the song “Human History” – TOTALLY BONKASS TRACK!

  • Merc Sin Laedra says:

    Four years after I discovered this golden album, still listening to it… What you created here is a masterpiece. Your leads are perfects, track afeter track, always coherent. You and Amygdala should meet and create the purest blast ever known haha.

  • FC.BARCELONA says:

    Trinodia are very good in psychedelic Goa trance style he’s number 1″way new album has not in ektoplazm sait????????

  • DJ Ersilian says:

    I love Trinodia’s music. He is so talented. Thank you Trinodia for making my life more beautiful.

  • Blood says:

    Awesome :)

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