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Tsabeat – Attractive Synthesis

Free Music | Full-On, Twilight | December 27, 2008 | Posted by Basilisk

Tsabeat – Attractive Synthesis
01 :: Tsabeat - Flash From The Future (6:43)
02 :: Tsabeat - Attractive Synthesis (6:34)
03 :: Tsabeat - Life On Mars (6:27)
04 :: Tsabeat & Optical Human - Raving Lunatic Mind (6:30)
05 :: Tsabeat & Optical Human - Show Details (5:52)
06 :: Tsabeat & Witchidigrub - Quantum Relish (7:03)
07 :: Tsabeat - Depth (6:47)
08 :: Tsabeat & Optical Human - XcaliburX (6:22)
09 :: Tsabeat & Popeye - Ak147 (6:48)

Attractive Synthesis is the second full-length album from Tsabeat (Elad Weinberg), an Israeli psytrance producer also known for his work as Sattel Battle. Released by Postunder Records, Attractive Synthesis gathers nine squelchy, elastic, pumping, playful, and bouncy tunes made by Tsabeat and several co-conspirators. Combining freeform Finnish psytrance with darkpsy and full-on influences, Tsabeat has crafted a riotous sound designed to shake up the dance floors of the world.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 20,946.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Visit Postunder for more unique electronic music! Tsabeat also has another free album available here, and if you like this album be sure to check out Sattel Battle’s SoundsCool.


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  • krinklyfig says:

    Hell yes!

    Solid, stomping full-on that knows how to set a pace. In most places it’s just the right balance of funk and energy, and goes to some insane places. I admit to being burnt out on most full-on from the last few years, but this goes deeper than that.

    Highlights: Flash From the Future, Life on Mars, Quantum Relish, XcaluburX (all the tracks with Optical Human are good), Depth. It’s good late-night deep craziness music with a hint of dark but not overwhelming. Nicely done!

  • Subliminal Aura says:

    To Sum This Up In A Sentence: It’s Like Having 10 Million Photon Blaster Rifle Fire FIght In Your Head.

  • Hallucinator says:

    unique treat
    highly recommended ..
    all the best to my friend tsab
    keep doing these things ..

    and respect for all ektoplazmers

  • Postunder says:

    thanks for sharing this treat with he world tsab, thanks ektoplazm for spreading the vibes!
    enjoy folks! :D

  • mintjellie says:

    when you say “freeform” and “finnish,” for some strange reason i think of hardcore.

    what exactly is “freeform psytrance.”

    i guess i can download and find out.

  • proper all the way, exciting. and a nice generous statement to the scene to be offered for free. thanks very much i will play it out often.

  • jds says:

    Thanks for the tunes guys! Huge support for Tsabeat and Zaikadelic Records!

    Peace. :)

  • 3rd*i says:

    Appsolutly funkadelic, Most enjoyed track 2.
    Found this style to be moving!
    May this be of things to come.

  • t.om says:

    Hi Tsabeat

    really enjoy this one, thank you for sharing it with us 4free! This is different from other work I heard from you before, happy that you are exploring the genre and experimenting with the darker harder places of it! Would love to hear more of this from you and of course always more finnish sounds!

    my favorite on album? either Quantum Relish or Depth

    peace & make it happen!

  • DJ Meghan says:

    Awesome tunes!!!! :)

  • Psyentifica says:

    strong vibes and moving rhythms, most enjoyed ‘show details’ otherwise seemed a bit abstract for me, though i have a feeling that’s exactly what some people are after :)

  • Tsabeat says:

    Hello Freeex!
    thanx for your comments
    im happy you enjoy the tunes
    allready hard working on totaly new album from ‘Tsabeat’ Project
    and new album from the project ‘Sattel Battle’ is coming out to the stores in about a month!
    stay updated

  • asherblue says:

    very psychadelic album thanx for this

  • Elad says:

    check out the new website:
    free downloads and more!

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