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Ultimate Xperience – Lazarus Rising

Free Music | Full-On, Goa | December 3, 2016 | Released by Neogoa | Posted by Basilisk

Ultimate Xperience – Lazarus Rising
01 - Andromeda (145 BPM)
02 - Kingdom Of Heaven (145 BPM)
03 - Across Thee Universe (Space Time Continuum) (145 BPM)
04 - LAZARUS (Sanctum) (Mix XIII) (145 BPM)
05 - High Energy Protons (vs Juno Reactor) (Deus Ex-Machina Mix) (142 BPM)
06 - Radio-Activity (eXtinction 13) (120 BPM)
07 - Thee Aud‡ssey (Continues) (The Faithealers Remix) (127 BPM)

Neogoa Records is proud to present the long-awaited new Ultimate Xperience (UX) release Lazarus Rising featuring new productions by this legendary psychedelic trance act. This conceptual mini-album is the introduction for the upcoming Ultimate Xperience double-CD album, The Realm Of A New Dawn, which will include most of the music from this release and should come out sometime in early 2017 under the Neogoa Records banner. Kris Kylven, the mastermind behind the project, put a lot of effort and time into making this release possible. Here he introduces a new vision and direction for the project, an important and vital part of the Goa trance scene with vast experience and knowledge spanning two decades. Now, Ultimate Xperience is ready to take one step further and present this music to the world in the best possible fashion!

All tracks written, performed, engineered, and produced by Kris Kylven @ Universum Maschine Studio (Laibach, Slovenia) except track 5, originally written by Ben Watkins & Mike Maguire (appearing here with kind permission). Mastered by Charles Michaud @ Préférence Mastering. Track 7 post-production mastering by Mark Nomen at dB Factory. Artwork design by Kris Kylven and Richpa at Neogoa Design.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.

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  • saikod says:

    Undisputed Xcellent )))

  • Jason Mythos says:

    Top Notch Tunes!

  • Phantom Prowler says:

    YEAH!!!!! This is insanely good! WOW! <3 Thank you so much for this!

  • spirit hacker says:

    Owsome bass beats…

  • M says:

    Interesting, but not a lot of goa on this album. A hint here and there, but nothing substantial :/

  • adem says:

    Quite strong release, the last track is my favorite one. Sometimes it sounds like a Goa but mostly it is just good Full-On & Progressive music. Still 5 of 5 stars.

    P. S. It is strange that another release of UX isn’t presented in “Related Downloads” – “Ultimate Experience Reloaded”. That’s one of my favorite GOA albums. Also I would relate “The Faithealers – Until The End Of The World here” here, as of Kris Kylven participation in this project.

  • Kris Kylven (UX/JR) says:

    Thank You all for the support <3

    Adem : good thinking i also noticed and thanks for the kind words :)

    M: Well, i started this Goa thing since 1994 and did my share of so called "old School" i have no intention of repeating myself artistically or even go Nitzo or being a Copy cat of what as been already done , we certainly did not put the Goa sticker on the project but that's a root and i attend to bring it more and more into a futuristic and advance form , another factor why i did join the Goa & Psychedelic movement was the freedom of expression but it seems that it unfortunately became a conformist and conservative politic party , an ideology in my view that certainly doesn't fit with the original ideology of this music …

  • Arian Adler says:

    8th comment! Again!! Number 8 was/is lucky number for me! Maybe!!!

    No doubt Ultimate Xperience is best my FULL-ON,GOA’s experience until now & until today :) Doubtless!


  • Arian Adler says:

    @Arian Adler

    Of course ! Lazarus Rising is best my FULL-ON, GOA’s experience :)


  • WXN says:

    This is one truly exceptional album! Keep on good work!

  • Iain says:

    UX loving this release.

  • BraneFreeze says:

    Kris K — Any chance that you could convince Anjuna Records to let Ektoplazm distribute the UX-Audissey album too? It’s basically unavailable at this point.

  • Kyudousha says:

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Totally excellent!!! :)

  • Kris Kylven (UX/JR) says:

    BraneFreeze : No more dealing with Anjuna since almost 2 years , never want to have to ever again, we do not even have that cd ourselves, also this is the old UX we are no longer playing or doing anything with any of those old songs that’s the reason why the project is renamed “Ultimate Xperience” now , never the less thanks for your support K xxx

  • Peter K. says:

    Kris Kylven: I’m into psychedelic sounds since 99 I don’t know how your work and other collabs slipped through my net so far. I’ve just came across them recently. Faithealers and UX are both amazing projects. I’m still digging through the other aliases and collabs and mates etc.

    This is an absolutely amazing album instant favourite. Masterclass at it’s best.
    Threw me back to 90’s when each goa album was a new exciting journey. not like nowadays when most (well quite big part) of the psy/goa/whatever producers seem to follow the same (self repeating & predictable) standard sounds and can not see outside of the box.
    One of the best album in 2016.

    Thanks and keep up

  • Kris Kylven (UX/JR) says:

    Peter K. and All Big Thank You <3 <3 <3

  • M says:

    Hey, man, I meant nothing bad… It’s just that it’s tagged as “goa” here on Ektoplazm, and it’s not what one would traditionally expect from such a tag, hence my comment. It’s good music, it’s just not goa, in the same way as Avril Lavigne is not goa :)

    For what it’s worth, I stopped paying attention to nitzo/neogoa 3-4 years ago when it all started sounding exactly the same. There’s no variety as it was in the nineties.

  • Kris Kylven (UX/JR) says:

    M : Avil Lavigne ahahah great one … made my day ;)
    yeah we probably have to make up our own category same goes for Juno Reactor that is also eclectic in that sense too…
    we just picked up very much influences through the years Industrial, EBM,90’s Rave, Movie Scores, Medieval gothic, Ethno … but the Goa sound is where the all thing started basically creatively …
    i personally dislike Tags on music but it is needed in order that people find your work …

  • Psylicious says:

    Fantastic vibe and sound here! Ticks all the boxes with me :)

  • ZoD says:

    Wow every track has it’s unique start of a wonderful journey, I’m more into DT and Prog with a pinch of GOA in the mix.
    This Release takes the stuff to next level, Perfect layering of the music and the true Full On with Prog makes it real fun, & As -Usual NeoGoa WP.

    Thanks !

  • Jessi says:

    Would it be ok with you to use a song for a non-monetized video on YT… btw great work… if not it’s ok.

  • Eon says:

    The Intro of..

    03 – Across Thee Universe (Space Time Continuum)

    Reminds of the intro of..

    Dire Straits – Money For Nothing


  • Kris Kylven (UX/JR) says:

    Jessi ; You can but Ultimate Xperience , Track name and Property of Neogoa Records as to be properly credited , send me the link when you re done ;) have fun xxx

    Eon ; yes i am an 80’s Child so it might show ;) big fan of Sci-fi scores since the 80’s and Miami Vice xxx

  • david says:

    Wow, I thought I wasn’t into psytrance anymore apart from the dark stuff, but this is simply amazing!

  • Vaso says:

    Wow, this is the UX i’ve admired for years! Your music is fantastic. Please drop the album at google play so i could buy it and support :)

  • Richpa says:

    @Vaso – album will be available as a double-CD limited edition via Neogoa Records official Bandcamp page, so keep your eye for the updates there: https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/ or follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neogoarecords/


  • newom says:

    High Energy Protons (vs Juno Reactor)
    G8 remix Kris! Cheers ;)


  • Richpa says:

    Just a small reminder for all folks who are interested in new Ultimate Xperience:

    8-minutes long teaser of the new album has been posted on our YouTube channel (since new material will be released on 2nd CD), track entitled ‘The Night Creatures’ can be found right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz5dVo0Ma5Y

  • Richpa says:

    Full track stream from the upcoming full length album ”The Realm Of A New Dawn” by Ultimate Xperience. GENESIS [Ad Vitam Aeternam] will be available from December 15th to December 24th. Enjoy this early Christmas treat and play it loud :)


  • Goa Mantra says:

    New style, new production. Ty god it`s not classic neogoa. Time to move on ppl… This is goa now!

  • Nuno Muacho says:

    This is the real thing, deep, uplifting darkness, floor oriented, no ego bulshit

  • Kris Kylven (UX/JR) says:

    Thank You People :) , i am touched that you people gets it, my first thought was they are going to kill me for that … Considering the type of sound we were doing back in the days but times are changing, all you have to know is i do put my heart, soul, composing, engineering knowledge and health trying to create an emotional landscape that made me vibrate when i started this music, like many, but in a more futuristic format, something to be proud of and something that will stay behind me when i leave the planet in order to influence other too… getting there … Your support gives me power to continue my quest Big <3 K xxx

  • Arian Adler says:

    First time (before download) I thought that this album Lazarus Effect :| No!! Lazarus Rising should be boring!! According to very long period time for every track! But those {All 7 tracks} are not boring! In fact Lazarus Rising is ENJOYABLE
    In the end : Lazarus Rising is Great releasing in FULL-ON, GOA Genre, Doubtless!!
    Track 04 : LAZARUS <3

  • Big One!!! Big one!!!! Mister Kylven rocks it and still do it propper!!!!too many elements raped by pop-psy scene idd, but on this one Sensei gives a good lesson to all of us!! Deep psychedelia straight from the source so well said and structured!!!!!! Cant actually seperate fav tune i can say though that Kingdom of Heaven takes me higher with this enormous build up!!!!!!!Amazing!!!What to say…Just a thank you and a loooooot of thoughts when i dive to this!!! Big ups Ekto for this one!!! And offcourse a big thank you to you Sir <3 Keep it up!!!!

  • Goa Mantra says:

    ty for music , ty for response, ty for all <3

  • Claudio says:


  • Josh says:

    Hi there. You guys are one of my (recently discovered) favourite electronic acts up there with Juno Reactor. Highly cinematic and the exact kind of “experience” I’m after – keep making this sort of music because you have a definite audience.


  • servis says:

    Good music sharing. Thank you…

  • Jessica says:

    LOVE this! I’m really new to trance and I’m so glad I found this site.

  • Arian Adler says:



    I’m so glad too ;~) because Ektoplazm xD

  • Schaya says:

    WOW just great !

  • Jugo says:

    Awesome work! Each track is just amazing! Thanks so much!!

  • Arian Adler says:

    24-bit 192 kHz! Available!? Where!? How!?
    Just with wav format! Please some information about that!
    Thanks in advance :)

  • Helgi says:

    This was the surprise album of 2016, and what an album! I cant stop listening to it , it is so good

  • trocster says:

    tinglingly good !

  • Morgan Rudner says:

    “command center upgrade” :D :D

  • hana says:

    Sooo cool . Best

  • Atanas Shumkov says:

    Awesome work!!! Enjoy to this AWESOME visualisation ;)

  • Madmaxx says:

    I know it is late for comments. Immediate one was not possible as I had to wait for the end of 2017 and a bit more.
    Audissey was my fav for the whole year. Kudos

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