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UX – Ultimate Experience Reloaded

Free Music | Classic, Goa | September 24, 2012 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

UX – Ultimate Experience Reloaded
01 - Reloaded (Part 1 Reloaded) (144 BPM)
02 - Life Support Technology (Reloaded) (146 BPM)
03 - Chameleon (Reloaded) (146 BPM)
04 - Mind Over Gravity (Reloaded) (142 BPM)
05 - Alien Earth Activity (Reloaded) (120 BPM)
06 - Pure Intellect (Reloaded) (146 BPM)
07 - Dominion (Reloaded) (144 BPM)
08 - Space Puppy (Mix II feat. Syb Unity Nettwerk Reloaded) (148 BPM)
09 - Millennium Generation (Reloaded) (144 BPM)
10 - Master Of The Universe (Epic Mix Reloaded) (146 BPM)
11 - Chrysalis (Reloaded) (97 BPM)
12 - Dominion (Digital Frontier Live Remix Reloaded) (144 BPM)
13 - Children Of The Night (feat. Jan Rechberger) (145 BPM)
14 - Reloaded (Part 2 Reloaded) (146 BPM)

Kissthesound Records is proud to present Ultimate Experience Reloaded, a remastered and enhanced version of the only album-length release by UX, a legendary Goa trance project formed by Kris Kylven and Pete Martin in the mid-nineties. Championed by Dragonfly Records, their pioneering style of cyberdelic night-time trance set a new standard for raw, unrestrained intensity in the golden age of the genre. This special re-release features many extras: a new intro and outro written by Kris Kylven, the only remaining member of the band; an unreleased mix of Syb Unity Nettwerk’s Space Puppy, written at the UX studio at the same time as the album; the full-length version of Millennium Generation, rescued from an old DAT tape; and Children Of The Night, a more recent track featuring Jan Rechberger from the Finnish progressive metal band Amorphis on drums. This project is dedicated to all of UX’s hardcore fans for their vivid support and enthusiasm over the years. Mastered by Den Kozlov at Spiral Starship, London, U.K., with new artwork by Kris Kylven.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 20,890.

Re-released under a Creative Commons licence with the full authorization and participation of the rights owner. Donations are welcome; please purchase this album direct from Kissthesound Records, Bandcamp, or iTunes to show your support. UX will tour again with original live member RX Heaven, and new material is now in the making.

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  • adem says:

    no words can explain my gratefulness.

  • spork says:

    If you don’t have the original in your collection, this is a great opportunity. One of the absolute highlights from the peak year of Goa trance, 1997, Ultimate Experience was one of those truly unique albums that really challenge your concept of what a genre is and should be. It left you wanting more, but was never matched or copied.

  • Tchud says:

    DUDE!!! Thank you very much!!! I must download this as soon as I get home!!! Basilisk, YOU are the Man!!!

  • FractalGeeq says:

    speechless, have the original and used to play it often. and now in reloaded style? thanks!!!!!!

  • velocisaurus says:

    this is a great surprise and made my horrible day. best wishes and respect y’all !!

  • Crispy says:

    Woah….. instant flashback! This is a classic that I haven’t listened to in ages. I wonder if they preserved that skipping effect in Master of the Universe that got the 604 list all up in a kerfuffle….

  • Evan says:

    Don’t know how I missed this the first time around but this is great stuff. Definitely top of the line classic Goa.

  • Rf says:

    “Your thought will be with me always” I love these tracks. First time I heard them was on “trance psyberdelic” compilation from moonshine label in U.S. I love that sound, that CD was horribly mastered though and it sounds muffled. Only these days was I able to bring up the gain in traktor in a digital mix. But it might need an expander or a normalizer run through. Still, I have never found dark music like this to be so calming and soothing. I dont know why. I listened to this CD to death. It was enough to pull me away from stereotypical goa like astral projection (I like them too). This was new.

    Even though I didn’t touch the physical CD in years I remember the name of Peter Martin and how he mentions that rock music is a huge influence on goa trance, not your typical “disco dance”.

    I also remember how the BPM slowly increases on “Space Puppy” on that CD, something I was able to notice after listening to it a lot. And which was an eye opener as well.

    The only CD in my collection that has so many natural scratches on CD from normal use (bumping of CD in walkman) and a crack in the middle, yet still plays.

    “Your thoughts will be with me always” a quote from the movie “Fortress”. Which I found out after many years of vague research and one intensive google sesssion later down the road.

    Totally buying it on itunes and getting these WAVs.

    /geekout over…

  • reger says:

    Awesome release and awesome gesture to make it available for free download!
    Thanks, Kris, his crew and the team of Ektoplazm!

  • Abstructure says:

    S U P E R !

  • Isomorph says:

    Nice! The original album was one of the albums that got me into Goa. I just listened to it the other day.

  • BosnianTrancah says:

    UX !?!??! :D :D :D This is the best news of 2012 :))

  • Draeke says:

    This is a wonderful gift, thanks SO much to the artist for deciding to share it freely on this awesome platform that is Ektoplazm, Yet I hope a physical version will come out at some point and hey you brought back some memories, Crispy, by mentioning the 604 list ;).
    Once again, thanks for the music!

  • andy says:

    some of these were really great back in the day! looking forward to hear the enhanced versions :o)

  • Oh my, suddenly this. This was a surprise! A lot of great music here. Some of my all time favourite tracks are on this album.
    Thank you so much!

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Listened to UX for the first time in 2000 and nearly had a stroke. Downloaded this thing once I got home and my head almost exploded. Thanks to Basilisk (again!) and UX for letting this gem roam freely through cyberspace. This collection rocks!!

  • GoaGary101 says:

    Is there a Paypal button here where we can donate?

  • Nemesis Fixx says:

    AMAZING! AMAZING! Totally Amazing pieces!


    I came here today looking for Downtempo, GOA got me riding among the realms of outer-space the rest of the day!

    Thanks and LOVE to all the minds behind this awesomeness :-)

    5***** STARS for this!

  • psILo says:

    Wow… what can I say? Marvellous and completely mindblowing dark goatrance in a category of it’s own! I bought the vinyl LP when it came out back in ’97 on Dragonfly Recs. and was blown away by the new darkish goatrance sound… however… I was disspointed in the mastering of the album… so it’s great to see a remastered version of this TRUE GEM and some new tunes + unrels. “Space Puppy” OMFG what a niiiice trippy riide it is! Big THX to Kris Kylven for releasing this to the world! and big thx to Basilisk for sharing it here @ Ektoplazm! P.L.U.R.!

  • GoaGary101: you can donate here, there is a PayPal button)) http://kissthesound.bandcamp.com/
    Thanks everyone for support, and thanks to Kris for the music.

  • Psychedelicious says:

    Wow, this stuff rocks, cannot be explained in words :-) Just float away… thanks for this great release!!!

  • GreyDude says:

    Goa is that best, thanks for this fantastic release!

  • Kris Kylveb says:

    Hello! Guys thanks to you to keep the spirit of UX alive,for your enthusiasm , support and your nice comments … makes it worth it … hope to see you at some of our shows very soon … Kris xxx

  • DNH says:

    How come and the FLAC version is 828 MB while the WAV 897 MB ?

  • BSF says:

    Complete awesomeness, thanks for making this available for free!

  • panopticonopolis says:

    This is pure awesomesauce! One of the all-time great albums. Reminds me of the party that the Acid Physix crew threw out in Flushing, Queens in 1997 (NYC). UX played with Elysium in what I believe was a giant Italian seafood restaurant. An absolutely immortal evening and a party I still talk about with my friends. Thanks for the remaster, it will be a pleasure to mix these tracks again.

  • L66 says:

    One of the best Goa albums to date…Truly a breath of fresh air even today! It’s like the Cyber Punk of Goa trance it’s Dark, melodic and very psychedelic. Truly a masterpiece and way ahead of it’s time.

  • Al Pakka says:

    This is awesome! I had some of these tracks on an old mix tape back in the day that I seriously wore out. I never found out who the tracks were by and thought I would never hear them until now.

    I am in heaven.

  • Raziel Anarki says:

    EPIC release! omg!

    EPIC thanks to UX for releasing it FREE!

  • Malaclypse says:

    Wow! One of the all-time greats.

  • Superfluid says:

    Absolutely amazing. UX is a god among men. I can’t even describe how happy this release makes me – thanks to all involved! 6/5 (if I could!)

  • agni says:

    pure awesomeness ))

  • Sasha says:

    thank you very much Sir. the tracks show here a first-rate prana radiation. with this Buddha-Bliss I’m gonna trancescend my soul to the highest level of ojas.

  • tipworld says:

    EPIC release! emotion to find these old sounds is pleasure, I’m not getting younger :) BIG Thank’s !

  • PsyXtrem says:

    UX “Ultimate Experience Reloaded”, EXCELENTE album de GOA. Gracias…

  • Clone says:

    Imagine my great surprise and pleasure after considering playing an all old-school nighttime set at this years’ Natura Festival in Quebec to find this shared on UX’s facebook page. I’m flabbergasted with joy. UX, EON Project and S.U.N.E. are my absolute favorites from the 90’s. Thanks for sharing the goodness Kris!

  • Mike D says:

    Amazing release. Lost my original and so glad to have this version. Big thanks to all involved.

  • TranceFlute says:

    Thank you so much!
    in 1996, I performed to a few of this tracks with my flute, life!

  • S.PIERCE says:


  • trance flute : superb work wish we could make a new mix with flute on it its great thank you for that xxx

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