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Vaeya – Bipolar

Free Music | Minimal, Progressive, Zenonesque | May 24, 2010 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Vaeya – Bipolar
01 - Morpho Rhetenor (136 BPM)
02 - Meadow Freak (135 BPM)
03 - Ooze Love (125 BPM)
04 - Sideways (128 BPM)
05 - Robots Have Feelings Too (138 BPM)
06 - Insomnia (138 BPM)
07 - Kimosabi (126 BPM)
08 - Lost Cause (126 BPM)
09 - 2012 (138 BPM)

Glitchy Tonic Records is proud to present Bipolar, the debut album by Vaeya (Vaibhav Bhavsar), an Indian psytrance producer living in Australia. Inspired by the diversity of people and music at parties–as well as the extreme vastness and untouched beauty of Australia–Vaeya began to compose electronic music in 2005. Now, after becoming more serious about music in the intervening years, he is ready to share nine compositions exhibiting a range of styles from dark and moody techno to luscious progressive and much in between. Mastered at Anti Logic Studio, Berlin.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 19,237.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Visit Glitchy Tonic Records for more or check out their discography here on Ektoplazm.


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  • FELIX says:

    hey well done vaibhav..JAI HIND ..

  • Sid says:

    No doubt, Vaeya aka VB/Vaibhav is one of the nicest people ive known and also a very dedicated artist/crazy dancefloor junkie!!
    I wish him success with this groovedelic release!

  • Ragz says:

    Good work, focus on what you know the best and most importantly – what u wud like to hear when u get up on your feet to stomp your soul out!!

    ~Om Shanti~

  • nikhil says:

    big uppp buddy! congo bongo lol……. keep em coming VB’zzzzzzZZ

  • Pick says:

    killer mate i licke it!! good lucke !!!!

  • Arun sharma says:

    KICK ASS my friend, proud of u… best of luck for the rest

  • mehrdad says:

    i think it’s kind of deep techno so we can listen that all the night and it doesn’t suck after 6hours playing,goood

  • fein fein fein fein fein…100 % fein :)

    perfect time for a debut album, so much good stuff…VB rules !!! =)

  • spanky010 says:

    Nice album VB :-).. Good first release as well.. Keep the style beats & sounds coming.. ;-)… BOOM…

  • Sonic Tickle says:

    This Release kix ass! Glitchy Tonic Power!

  • jaja says:

    nice cover, i like the earth tree : )

  • neuromodulation says:

    loving that track kimosabi , overall it cranks brother nice one

  • neuromodulation says:

    bipolar goodness;)

  • Art says:

    Your Album Sucks.

  • Art says:

    I dont think its even Class as Progressive Techno Bud,


  • SAN says:

    fuck yea mate!

    love the cover.
    that album is such a deep feeling of what we could experience back in OZ.

    the HIT, the beers, and 30KW sound system.


  • Max Martini says:

    To the above “Art”

    Why so cranky? If you don’t like it, explain why– if it “sucks” explain why–

    Even if “I dont think its even Class as Progressive Techno” (which is pretty lame sentence structure) why does that make it bad? I bet it doesn’t sound like bluegrass, either– so what is the connection? If you can’t explain yourself or make a cohesive statement about your “opinion” — then why even give it…

    As for me personally–if I don’t like it– I don’t leave a comment– I’d rather not hurt someone’s feelings who put a lot of thought, work, and energy into something that is important enough to them to make available to absolute strangers all over the world … especially in the psytrance community where people, for the most part, are VERY respectful and considerate of others.

    With all that being said– I didn’t even listen to this yet– but I appreciate having the opportunity to do so– Thank you Basilisk for making it available

  • Hey Max…

    Thanx for taking side with us ! As the runner of G.T.Records I have to say that critics are very welcome…no matter if one likes a release of not. But when it comes to bad critics I agree to Max and appreciate an explanation very much…the artist as well ! It can even be inspiring to hear what exactly people don’t like about the music.

    Me I don’t leave a comment when it’s music which I’m not so much a fan of, but to basically “dis” it because it’s not what I might expected seems to be not too fair. Even more for poeple who don’t know this release yet and who think about downloading it while reading the comments.

    Anyway, I know VB can deal with it =)

  • Basilisk says:

    You can’t please all people all of the time… but still, we ask that visitors frame their critiques in somewhat more constructive language than “this sucks” ;)

  • Xenoscapes says:

    Constructive crit is good but rude crit is just rude.

    Vaeya, i cant get enough of this album, your tunes inspire me :)
    Looking forward to more bro .

  • Psyentifica says:

    I dig the minimal yet hypnotizing grooves here, could use more sparkle in places but what is there sounds very balanced.

  • travis says:

    i wanted to like this release- the production and sound are very good and the artwork is cool, but somehow the style occupies an awkward space between chillout and party music- the tempos and energy are too low and minimal for full-on dance music, but too much for chilled out downtempo, and overall it lacks a certain distintive sparkle. however, some of the tracks would probably work well early on in a dj set, helping to build energy

  • neko says:

    this has the means to take you on a journey far beyond the mind.

  • neko says:

    quit all the judgement and just listen to the music within the music also known as the music ov the spheres

  • Burak says:

    Well done brother, i been waiting for this!!!! YESSS!!!

  • AzaHELL says:


  • Vaeya says:

    thanks for all the feedback ppl!! really appreciate it hey!

    i have a chillout mix for morpho rhetenor

    and you can download it for free on soundcloud.com/vaeya


  • Beat-Quake says:

    this album really fits on my groove muscles :P

    i like it so much, tnx

    ps : i heard an album from Vaeya b4, called “Passion Before Priorities” is it possible to have that in lossless format ? :D

  • wes says:

    dirty brother dirty!!

  • @ Beat-Quake
    you should ask Vaeya about that…it was not on Glitchy.Tonic.Records ! you can write him via myspace…

  • Shine_Cosmik, says:

    brilliant stuff .. love it !!!

  • Nush says:

    Veebs!!!Well done!We’re well proud of ya mate.And to those who don’t have anything constructive to say,no need to add your 10cents worth if there’s absolutely no worth in it.I agree with Neko,Basilisk n Max.As a trained musician,whenever we performed in uni, we got ‘dissed’ by the lecturers all the time but in a constructive manner so that we know what needs to be improved on or for us to get some inspiration and creative ideas.

  • PsyBoy says:

    Amazing compositions…..keep it up buddy

  • Dj Taxi PsyProg says:

    Amazing !!!!
    Big like it , thank you Vaeya !!!

  • Cuets says:

    Excellent music

  • Yeww!! this albums awesome Vai! such great aptmospheres and a well conducted approach. loving your productions :)

  • Cherubian says:

    This is one of my favourite album from Glitchy Tonic Records. Minimalistic but complex as hell. Looking forward to your next work.

  • Ethosphere says:

    Some really interesting stuff in here… very hypnotic! Could def see this being played at on outdoor party in the Australian outback! Could use some more panned elements and bigger stereo field in my opinion but otherwise great stuff!

  • joshua says:


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