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Free Music | Darkpsy, Forest | September 14, 2005 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

01 :: PhasePhour - Evolution of Space
02 :: Heggmatech - There Is A Place
03 :: Trold - Fruit Juice
04 :: Krussedull - Lord Vader
05 :: Tech Republic - The Incredible Machine
06 :: Phobium - Self Interest
07 :: Loke - Twisted Nerve
08 :: Psy-Fi - Wind

The very first release from Yggdrasil Records is a self-titled promo compilation featuring a range of tracks from Norwegian artists. Aside from known names like PhasePhour, Phobium, and Trold, there are a number of new producers involved. The style of the music can be described as “forest music,” a tradition that extends back to the early days of Hux Flux, Ka-SoL, and Interstellar Overdrive, now continued by labels such as Stone Age and Resonant Earth. These are truly mental sounds for experienced psychonauts!

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Yggdrasil was not released under a Creative Commons licence but it is clearly marked “promo” and appears here with the permission of the label.


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  • psylence says:

    wow I had heard only the Trold track from this VA but I must have it all :D

  • Cybergod says:

    The name of this compilation in ridiculous

  • Androgyne says:

    Where can we find party with that kind of music…. there must be under…underground freaks somewhere

    Phobium…So good

  • mushroomz says:

    Trold is the shit, we seriously need to get Braincell, Trold, Imaginary Sight, Talamasca or something of quality in this Toronto wasteland. Cheese trance has flooded the psytrance pot, it needs to get sifted out pronto.

  • More NA Pas says:

    Wooow so wanderful)

  • Sonicdruid says:


  • Domas says:

    heh…. need to check out! :)

  • Seth says:

    i like Tech Republic’s track :P heavy and yet quite bouncy at the same time =) All these atrists have their own take special on the psychedelic side of tech…

    Phobium is a staple aswell :P many favorites of his too

    =) Bo0M!

  • Philippe says:

    Holy Shit! Tech Republic Track is fucking nuts! Whos the man behin the project? This track seems to be the only one from it.


  • Tchud Trance says:

    Best tracks and website. Ever.

  • goddog says:

    Hey man, the WAV zip file seems to have gone bung. Any chance of reloading when you have a chance?


  • LestaT1k says:

    Tech Republic – The Incredible Machine ——awesome!!!

    it’s really heavy and yet quite bouncy at the same time!!!


  • gandalf says:

    En skön överaskning…. Jag är en skäggig viking så jag fastnade för namnet på skivan.Eftersom Yggdrasil är världsträdet
    i nordisk mytologi,där trädet förbinder himlen med jorden,kronan höll uppe himlen och de tre rötterna med sina tre
    Nornorna spann människornas öden(nornorna Urd,Verdandi och Skuld).Urd bestämmer över det förflutna,Verdandi över
    det nuvarande och Skuld över framtiden.Runan “Naudiz”är en symbol för ödet.Denna runa styrs av Urd,Verdandi och Skuld.Det var i detta träd som Oden hängde sig själv i nio dagar och nio nätter för att vinna kunskap om de hemliga runorna.Och offrade sitt ena öga för att få dricka ur kunskapens brunn.Lite mytologi kunskaper från en svensk viking.

  • Sheargazome says:

    3 good things about us Norwegians: We can drink a hell of a lot, Have some of the dankest magic mushrooms and damn we can write some badass music

  • DIego says:

    The Heggmatech is just great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ૐСK says:


  • negative karma says:

    OMFG!!! This track is a masterpiece!
    I totally felt the wind :)
    This one track got me on but all together it’s a good release ;)
    Keep it up!!!

  • This release marked a first in Tribal forest. Big ups to Yggdrasil for being one of the most original labels out there from 2005 to now. Krusseldull, Loke and Hutti Heita are just incredibly talented artists.

  • Mighty_B says:

    Just freakin LOVE IT

  • SonicMancer says:

    uooh gold from the future

  • PsiloCyber says:

    Omg. Trold. Omg. ;D This is some heavy shit. <3 ~thanks~

  • Can’t download it… it leads me to a white and empty page :/

  • BeatHead says:

    Crazy good trippy forest psy! Old though but still sick!

  • Beau says:

    This is real psychedelic music. Good old forest. Yeah the Tech Republic Track is unbelievably sick makes you get low, want to get in the ground.

  • acid_botanist says:

    Not sure why so many people are selecting Trold as the foremost track of the compilation. IMO, Psy-Fi and Heggmatech are the best. So much for personal opinions. The trend is that even in the most underground genre people are prone to select the cheesiest stuff as their favorites. IMho.

  • raanst says:

    It’s a compilation with really good music and spirit of real trance.

  • rflstfnk says:

    Interesting collection of music. 4/5

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