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Free Music | Darkpsy, Forest | May 13, 2008 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

01 :: GOnDaR feat. Hellenka - Vlny (7:15)
02 :: Wirrareka - Mirrormagick (6:56)
03 :: Leftism - Im Not Sure (7:07)
04 :: Saikozaurus - Memosponga (6:49)
05 :: Mutant Star - Requiem For Death (6:54)
06 :: Fractal - Polyphrom (7:59)
07 :: Dark Whisper - Amici Morti Nel Viaggio Infini (8:27)
08 :: Twisted Psychology - Reborn (8:06)
09 :: HaraBurda - Endemit (6:49)
10 :: Saluberrimae - Mesardian (8:06)

Cyclotron is the debut release from Goblin Records, a Slovakian psytrance netlabel founded by DJ Osku in early 2008. Osku emphasizes Slovakian content but this compilation also features material from Ukraine, Portugal, Italy, and the Czech Republic. The sound is undeniably underground, drawing inspiration from dark psychedelic trance and forest music without following any of the standard formulæ too closely. The mood is predominantly eerie rather than sinister; this compilation has a strange ambiance that sets it apart from many of the other releases on the market. The cover design by Genaro is particularly striking but this release does not appear to have been professionally mastered. Despite being a little rough around the edges, Cyclotron is worth a listen for fans of the darker side of psytrance, particularly for the enchanting downtempo finale.

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Cyclotron carries no explicit licence but the back cover states that this is a “free compilation for free spirit.” It is safe for non-commercial usage. Be sure to provide proper credit should you share it or use any of these songs in a mix.


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