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By default, all written content on Ektoplazm including promotional copy, articles, guides, reviews, and blog postings may not be replicated elsewhere without authorization. Excerpts and quotations are fine but please link back to content that you would like to share with others!

Free Music

The files obtained through this site are licenced as specified on each release page; just look to the area below the download links for the specifics. As many of the releases featured on Ektoplazm are of an independent/underground nature, licensing is inconsistent so be sure to check! If no licence exists, one can assume that the creator prohibits commercial usage of free music but allows for sharing, copying, and redistribution as long as credit is given. If your interest is commercial (e.g. you plan to make money for a project involving music you find on this site) you must contact the artist responsible for the work in question.


Distributing DJ mixes online is considered “fair use” under copyright law within electronic dance music culture. DJs regularly interact with label owners, producers, and other industry representatives online and in real life. No one objects to the practise as long as credit is given in the form of a full track listing that features information essential for finding the original release (artist, song title, and label of release are standard). DJ mixes are for promotional use only and are not released under a Creative Commons licence unless otherwise specified (e.g. when the songs featured in the mix are themselves CC-licensed).

This page should not be considered legal advice. If in doubt, please contact the rights owner for a creative work you are interested in.