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DJ Basilisk – Blacklight Metropolis

Mix | Classic, Goa | March 21, 2019 | Posted by Basilisk

DJ Basilisk – Blacklight Metropolis
01 - Slinky Wizard - Sacred Fist [Flying Rhino Records] (1997)
02 - Orion - Caracol (Hint) [Symbiosis Records] (1997)
03 - Factor - Pol Zirkular [21:3 Records] (1997)
04 - Man Of The Last 3rd - Mystery Of Imagination [POF Music] (1997)
05 - Juno Reactor - Kaguya Hime (Hint) [Blue Room Released] (1997)
06 - Xenomorph - Telepathic Combat [Koyote Records] (1997)
07 - Cari Lekebusch - Attitydsknäckaren (Hint) [H. Productions] (1997)
08 - The Deviant - Dawn On Epsilon [TIP Records] (1997)
09 - The Infinity Project - Mindboggler (Part 2) [TIP Records] (1997)
10 - Adam Beyer - Compressed (Hint) [Drumcode] (1997)
11 - Synchro - Human Oscillator [TIP Records] (1997)
12 - Orichalcum - The Egg (Hint) [TIP Records] (1997)
13 - Psychopod - Out Of Your Mind [TIP Records] (1997)
14 - Prana - Scarab (Snake Thing Remix) (Hint) [Matsuri Productions] (1997)
15 - The Infinity Project - Hyperactive (Acid Rockers Remix) [TIP Records] (1997)
16 - Z - Uncle Mavis (Hint) [TIP Records] (1997)
17 - Menis - Fluff Killer [Koyote Records] (1997)
18 - Xenomorph - Neurotoxin [Koyote Records] (1997)
19 - Slide - Waking Up To Chaos [Transient Records] (1996)
20 - Orion - Akeru [Symbiosis Records] (1997)
21 - Koxbox - Life Is... [Blue Room Released] (1997)
22 - Disco Volante - Chameleon (UX Remix) [Transient Records] (1996)
23 - Kopfuss Resonator & DJ Jörg - Whipbird (Original Mix) [Nephilim Records] (1997)
24 - Darshan - Tranceformation [Flying Rhino Records] (1997)
25 - The Visitors - Tiny Little Engines [Psy-Harmonics] (1996)
26 - Syb Unity Nettwerk - Space Puppy [Flying Rhino Records] (1997)
27 - Sandman - Natural Born Killer [TIP Records] (1997)
28 - Darshan - Duck [Phantasm Records] (1997)
29 - Koxbox - Electronic Brainwash [Blue Room Released] (1997)
30 - Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins (Part 2) [Twisted Records] (1997)
31 - Cydonia - The Kiddy [Blue Room Released] (1997)
32 - Prana - Scarab (Green Nuns Of The Revolution Remix) [Matsuri Productions] (1997)
33 - Doof - Weird Karma [TIP Records] (1996)
34 - Darshan - Mind Merge [Flying Rhino Records] (1997)
35 - Hallucinogen - Space Pussy [Twisted Records] (1996)
36 - Juno Reactor - Conga Fury [Blue Room Released] (1997)

Blacklight Metropolis is DJ Basilisk’s contribution to the fifth edition of Global Goa Party, a virtual event organized by Marsh at the Goatranch to simulate an entire night of music from the early years of the psychedelic trance movement. This time around the year is 1997 and the golden age of Goa trance is in full swing, blasting revelers into limitless dimensions of sound with scintillating kaleidoscopic sounds and twisted techno-shamanistic rhythms. Reprising the nocturnal explorations of Moonshadow and In Exile, this expertly mixed collection of mind-bending classics explores the darker side of the genre while journeying through the deepest part of night from 1:30 to 3:30am. Dedicated to Black Light Activists (BLA), one of Toronto’s pioneering psytrance organizers, and Mark at Metropolis Records, the shop where I bought my first psytrance records. Recorded at Head Shop Studios, Changhua City, Taiwan, with Traktor 1.1.1 and a battered old Korg Nanokontrol. Vintage analog photography and digital design by Basilisk.

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  • Evan says:

    This is a great mix!
    My first exposure to Goa was Trancentral Four: A Trip to Goa mixed by Tsuyoshi Suzuki released in 1996. Having bought the first three in the Trancentral series and loved them, I just picked up the fourth one without hesitation, even though I had never heard of any of the artists on it. I was hooked on Goa from my first listen to that comp.
    It’s hard to believe most of the music on this mix is 18 years old. The tracks are great, the sound is great. I’ve got some of these, but there are some good ones on here that I don’t have.
    Thanks for putting this together.

  • Dan says:

    Awesome Mix! This really was the golden age of psytrance. Unfortunately (since I was way to young) I was introduced to the psytrance scene much later, but always loved the old sound vibe. It saddens me knowing that I will never be able to experience this as you guys did, the very beggining of it. But that sadness is microscopic compared to the joy I get from hearing this mix and seeing the old vibe being ressurected. Thanks Basilisk! :)

  • Marsh says:

    Absolutely top-notch, Bas, we really couldn’t have asked for a more stellar mix. Thank you, kind sir, for your Herculean effort–the details are not lost, they are appreciated more than you could know. <3

  • Jason Mythos says:

    Haven’t heard some of these in years, brings back such incredible memories! Great mix Basilisk!

  • Claudio says:

    Great compilation!!!

  • Isomorph says:

    Awesome! Back to the beginnings of psytrance. I’ll be playing this mix a lot

  • Floaty says:

    Those Times !!! Magical :D

  • Denis says:

    This mix is a superlative power of true masters!! Old is gold, cheers!)

  • Pedro Calheiros says:

    Muito feliz em saber que o bom e velho som está vivo , são grandes trabalhos de verdadeiros mestres, cientistas, engenheiros do som! Nada disso jamais deve ser esquecido.

  • the set are awesome … but why is not on .wav format?? too big ?? have a great day !!

  • Kasper says:

    I’ve been listening to this all morning while coding away at work. Had to stop pounding on the keyboard several times and just listen. These classic tracks trigger a barrage of emotions and memories of a time long gone. Great selection of tracks and superbly mixed. Thanks

  • mehrdad_emok- مهرداد says:


  • Clone says:

    Great to hear a collection of Goa Gold in mixed form. Thanks Xander!

    So many favourites in this one: Sacred Fist and Telepathic Combat are just brilliant. Space Puppy is one of my all time favs and I have it on a CD from Moonshine Records (Trance Psyberdelic) released in 1995, one year before I officially discovered the Psy/Goa sound in the record shop.

  • Clone says:

    Oops.. that’s odd. Just looked it up, and it came out a year AFTER I got into psy in ’97. I think I’m suffering from trance head Alzheimer’s :P

  • V. Laros says:

    GREAT mix! Thanks a lot!!

  • Dj Footprint says:

    Thanks a million for taking the time, thought and effort in putting this mix together Bas – much, much appreciated indeed! – A lot of absolute classics on there! Looking forward to getting the headphones on – and turning the volume right up! (And through my sound-system / mixer, when my upstairs neighbour is out!)
    Hope you’re keeping well dude – Best Wishes from Ireland :-D

  • Ra Jesh says:

    I have all your classic mixes put on the site. It transport’s me back to 1995-2000 psy party days in Pune. Those were the days and the sounds, which will never come back again. Feel’s great that I was part of the experience.

    Great effort DJ Basilisk! Best wishes from Poona!

  • Ali Farahani says:

    this is a realy psycho…your so fantastic…

  • inPSYde says:

    Wooo men thanks great music !! lovee

  • Hexfire says:

    Great mix. And I believe it’s definitely on the verge of goa and psytrance (I tend to draw the line between goa, sounding in the vein of Pleiadians, BPC, Dimension 5, Chi-AD, Asia 2001, etc and the likes of Green Nuns). Very dark and twisted mix. It was pleasant to hear Darshan, my favourite oldschool goa act, as well as other darker projects (early Xenomorph, Orichalcum/The Deviant, Cydonia, Orion and many others).
    Great job on making it thematic from beginning to end.

  • Rism says:

    Really Nice track Billy, GOtta go back too it!
    how is Raja Ram Rothfeild and Graham WOOD doing?

  • Matt says:

    Awesome Mix.
    I got into Psy Trance listening when I started listening to early Infected Mushroom, SFX (1985-89 Astral Projection) MFG, and the Muses Rapt.
    It was nice to rekindle the sounds from Goa’s golden years. When I listen to these tracks in makes me think of my now obsolete and/or difficult to find collection. Surprised that California Sunshine, MFG, Man with no Name and Shiva Space Technology didn’t make the list.

  • Soapbox says:

    Any chance of a cue sheet?

  • kawser says:

    I love DJ mix play,it was helpful ,brilliant post.

  • AdbventureDriver says:

    The start isn’t that good, but then, oh yeah..

  • MrAnarchy says:

    What is the track that starts at ~42:20? I dont think you’ve listed them chronologically so thats why Im having trouble finding it. Please help

  • Andreas Marzahn says:

    Allen künstler/rinnen DJ’s hier einmal mein größten Respekt entgegenbringe
    Ich befinde mich nicht mehr auf dieser Welt Dank euch allen von dem boden gerissen eingesogen wie in ein black hole nach dem ich zuvor zitternd und bebend bis zu zum Planeten kern durch tanz-te den Grooves und Beat’s folgend Thanks forever auch Ektoplazm grüsst euch

    >DJ frontback<

  • Andreas Marzahn says:

    Ich fang noch mal an shit T9 bis später

  • Andreas Marzahn says:

    Alle guten Dinge sind goa grins nein auch drei

    Allen künstler/rinnen DJ’s hier einmal mein größten Respekt entgegenbringe
    Ich befinde mich nicht mehr auf dieser Welt Dank euch allen von dem boden gerissen eingesogen wie in ein black hole nach dem ich zuvor zitternd und bebend bis zu zum Planeten kern durch tanz-te den Grooves und Beat’s folgend Thanks forever auch Ektoplzm grüsst euch
    >DJ frontback<
    allen Android Tastatur Entwickler hört Goa kommt in unsere Welt uw.