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DJ Basilisk – Spacecamp Psyfari 2014

Mix | Darkpsy, Full-On, Goa | May 19, 2019 | Posted by Basilisk

DJ Basilisk – Spacecamp Psyfari 2014
01 - M.Y. Project - Choose Your Destiny
02 - Goch - Reckless Tree
03 - Tom Noise - Double Trip Tip
04 - Illustrator - Secret Vibes
05 - Re-Horakty - Confession
06 - Pararhythm - Night Watchers
07 - Overdream - Zurna
08 - Wirrareka & Chors - Horizon
09 - Soladria - System Surfer
10 - Kadasarva - Ginger
11 - SubConsciousMind - iRemberem oGa
12 - Cybernetika - Plasmoid
13 - Nova Fractal - Perplexed
14 - BlackStarrFinale - A New Name
15 - Escape Into - H.N.I.
16 - Wizack Twizack - Expanding
17 - Talpa - As U Can Hear
18 - Jirah - The Inexpressible

This set was recorded live at Spacecamp Psyfari in Iowa, USA, on the morning of August 24th, 2014, featuring 100% Creative Commons-licensed music from Ektoplazm. I began at sunrise, transitioning from a night of hard and heavy hi-tech into full-on psychedelic morning trance by the very end, touching on darkpsy, forest, twilight, new school Goa trance, and a hint of Suomi-style madness along the way. As always this set was completely unscripted, a product of the moment. I let intuition be my guide and this adventurous romp through the many styles of upbeat psytrance is the result! Artwork credit: Pwny LaMare.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage. This set can also be streamed on Mixcloud. If you like this be sure to check out my other mixes and sets on Mixcloud or download them all direct from Ektoplazm!

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  • Claudio says:

    Great DJ Basilisk !!!

  • Trypticon says:

    Thank you for a journey through the early morning light and into another realm of sonic exploration. This event probably would not have existed if it wasn’t for Ektoplazm and all your hard work. THank you so much for the experience and music. https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCampPsyfari

  • Phyllis Dingbat says:

    What a great mix! So going to enjoy this!

  • Nymphomania says:

    When I play I spin mostly Ekto music, and I consider my style highly influenced by Basilisk.

    Really stoked to hear him do a darker set!

  • Gery says:

    hehe, I play from these artists all the time, great selection!

  • Gery says:

    these tracks are _all_ in my best of list :D , looking fwd to hear them in the mix!

    01 – M.Y. Project – Choose Your Destiny
    03 – Tom Noise – Double Trip Tip
    05 – Re-Horakty – Confession
    07 – Overdream – Zurna
    08 – Wirrareka & Chors – Horizon
    09 – Soladria – System Surfer
    11 – SubConsciousMind – iRemberem oGa
    12 – Cybernetika – Plasmoid
    13 – Nova Fractal – Perplexed
    14 – BlackStarrFinale – A New Name
    16 – Wizack Twizack – Expanding
    17 – Talpa – As U Can Hear
    18 – Jirah – The Inexpressible

  • Goavillas says:


  • Carlos Cabron says:

    This is usually not my kind of music (more into progressive/Zenonesque vibes) but enjoying this set very much so far.
    Great job!

  • RonE says:

    Great set Basilisk, thanks for sharing!!

  • Delysid says:

    Awesome set, Love it!

  • Squiddley says:


  • queeckee says:

    Great journey. trippy sound. remind me my Amsterdam times. all the best for you there on ektoplazm. hope you run well for a long long time. this page is huge.

  • Madhatter says:

    Hey dude loved your set live we were all actually listening and you played this super uplifting track and everybody was like who is this and even though i havent listened to him in a while i said sounds like escape into i guess i was right lol but best and most anticipated set of the weekend it was such an honor to be on a lineup with you and i definitly played at least 5 ekto tracks

  • RahBeats says:

    *Saw there’s Escape Into – H.N.I. in it . ->>Instant download :)

  • sinmin says:

    awesome balance ……

  • Windeltasche says:

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    ist es wirklich am besten zu suchen out 1 mit eine breite, rutschfeste Band .
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    zu finden unvergessliches Geschenk noch mehr von der Auswahl der Materialien und Geschenkverpackung,
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  • Valkyrie says:

    I need the bpms!


    COOL! :-) (Y)

  • Tonhati (God Of Sun) says:

    those sounds are awesome !!

  • Bastien says:

    The fact you release good music is already nice, but the fact we can get it for FREE is fuckin awesome !!

  • chris says:

    very nice i hope to hear more soon

  • SonicMancer says:

    fine list ^^ great job

  • chris says:

    Fantastic as always man! what would we do without Basilisk and Ektoplazm! Much Love

  • David says:

    Not my kind of thing.

  • HIPROGRAMR says:

    Love it Xander, great stuff!

  • Omnominous says:

    I was so enjoying working to this mix, until I got excited to write this comment and stupidly clicked on the comment button. Now I’m here, and I went back, hoping I could skip ahead in the mix and keep listening, but I cannot. Sad face.

    But it was good until I got too excited to tell you about how good it is!