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Phobium – Live In Gothenburg 06-10-2007

Mix |  | December 8, 2011 | Posted by Basilisk

Phobium – Live In Gothenburg 06-10-2007
01 :: Wasting Noise
02 :: Perpetual Motion
03 :: King Of Infinite Space
04 :: To The Pancake House
05 :: Changeless Changed
06 :: Spatial Ryskipyski
07 :: I Know Where To Go Now
08 :: Taliban Fitta
09 :: Chronol Energy
10 :: Don't Cry
11 :: Risk
12 :: Retro Square
13 :: Pureblood
14 :: Different Ways
15 :: Raggsokk (by Norwindia)
16 :: Mushy Pushy
17 :: Tonight is Forever

Phobium (Henning Helland Ottesen) has generously released a live set recently recorded at an event in Gothenburg, Sweden. Featuring 17 explosive psychedelic tunes packed into 85 minutes, this energetic set rushes by at a pace that should leave your neurons tingling. Most impressive is the fact that Phobium has freely released this set for download in MP3 as well as lossless FLAC formats. Be sure to read the release information for additional credits, technical details, and access to supplementary cue files.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download · Download count: 35,703.

If you enjoy this set be sure to check out Phobium’s full-length debut, Future Uncertain.

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  • Psy Ned says:

    a cheesy question , but wot exactly style is it ? dark / prog or full on ?

  • Psylight says:

    5 STARS!!!!!!!!This is so amazing!!!! Apparently, there is a sub-genre of Dark, called “Forest Music” and it comes from Scandinavia, which is exactly what this is. Regardless of sub-genre, to me its straight DARK POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would like to thank Basilisk for promoting this on Ektoplazm, if it weren’t for that this set would have only been available from my own website – thus a lot less people would have heard it. It’s not easy for me to answer the question regarding what style this is, but most people would clasify it as “dark”. I do not like to use the term “dark” myself, as I do not consider this type of music dark, but I do understand why people call it that; it is made to be played at night after all. There are tracks in the set that are quite melodic as well, tracks inspired by good old Goa Trance, and some that are more straigt forward, intense, dancefloor oriented tracks. All in all this is a set I’m very happy with; I had a great time playing it in Gothenburg and I’m happy to see that so many people have downloaded it and enjoyed it.

  • sushi says:

    well the music is good and this music is acid morning………………the music has got a hint of acidic sounds

  • vadiom says:

    Very interest forest night sound (:

  • mohid says:

    the music is awesome for sure. mind blowing 80 odd minutes of complete psy scene.
    especially after 26 minutes the mood changes to a real high level.
    also has a very nice flavour of goa trance.
    being from Goa myself, i loved the entire set


  • parthosis says:

    Awsome is the word!!!!!

  • Subliminial Outcast says:

    Does NE1 Know where i Can Get The Cuesheet That Isn’t Broken, Cos The Souce Provided Is broken

  • psylent shri says:

    excellent stuff maan……….i wish i could be there in the destination(party)

  • Laluu says:

    wow wow nice welcome to mongolia

  • Shiva says:

    A guys I know for sometime
    For the first time I listend to his mix
    One of the best mixes I have ever heard
    Dark Psy mindblowing kick ass TuNeS! :)

    Recommanded and not becasue I know him…
    ! ! !

  • Trent says:

    Hey Guys

    I am from Nepal and new to Sweden and i am currently in Orebro. Any good psy parties before its gets really cold.

    Boom Shanker

  • Bruna Loira says:

    Bom de mais….
    Este Site esta de Parabéns…


    Music Very Good!!!!!

  • DJ_ SYBY says:

    this web is insane!

    show o site.
    psy de primeira!


  • Vivek says:

    Very Good Music………..
    Digs Deep Into ur Mind…….

  • chubaax says:

    nu šis pikucis pārspēj visus! ;D

  • oRelvaz says:

    sorry, but once again i can’t seem to download the file on mp3 format. if you could do your thing again basilisk, thanks a lot.

  • Basilisk says:

    Try it now; the links should be working again.

  • Seth Priske says:

    I Have Listened To This Set Of Yours Quite A Few Times. Every Track Listed Here Has Its Own Story….. :)

    Keep It Up Brother



  • Joe says:

    this set is mindblowing!!

    it keeps getting better and better thro out it i love it

  • Vorkx says:

    amazing high vibes, keep going bro.

  • Shadowman says:

    Cool Vibes from the music I’m new to this techno and all subs of techno keep it up…

  • Mnemotic Darker says:

    The .cue file doesn’t working! D:

    O arquivo .cue não está funcionando! D:

  • I see that some people claim that the cue file is not working; this is not the case. However, it won’t work if you’re trying to burn the set to a cd, since the set is around 85 minutes long. Use a player that supports cue files, or get a cue file plugin for your favorite player and it will work.
    I hope this clears things up. :)

  • javier aka DJ JAV says:

    At first, Hello everybody im a dj producer from mar del plata, part of south america, argentinian republic , so i would thank straight to the crew that create this fucking site…realy good!!!
    Anyway , should be an improvement for the website to add or include any opportunities for foreign djs, like the unique experience of become your favourite electronic hobbie into a real job !!!!
    In a polite way…. i´m asking for job and real compromise with me and my boss…i speak english 27 years 1,80 green eyes so i can handle various dancefloors right now !!!

    Finally, i leave my e-mail if anybody wanna listen to my sets : jm_riverplate@hotmail.com . . .byee. . .

  • shivatronic says:

    DARK stuff????? this is not dark stuff at all!! this is only serious & skillfull trance for psychonauts!!!!!
    i tranced so much on that kind of sound and that it so much well mastered right here that i have to say an extra special thanx for the producer that shares this pearl!!!
    i have to get it in FLAC because it deserves full data on CD… I love to ear this sound while driving
    Thanx again
    Scandinavia Rules!

  • ion1zed says:

    Very powerful music. Proper, no-nonsense, dark, stomping psy. I like it! I’m looking forward to “The Time Is Now”!

  • iThrill says:

    Simple .cue fix open with text editor

    i had problems with the following >

    INDEX 01 09:08:80 i changed to INDEX 01 09:08:00

    INDEX 01 37:23:97 i changed to INDEX 01 37:23:00

    save all good now.

  • Actifaded /Quantum Frog Productions says:

    Many years ago, I thought this music was Dark. Although to this day, it is still amazing, this is definitely not Dark. I revise my genre classification some sort of Full Power Forest music!!! I cannot wait for new music from Phobium!!!

    Cheers, from Los Angeles, California

  • Blood says:

    I’m not normally into stuff with a ‘high’ bpm, but I really enjoyed listening to this. 5*

  • TalgaT says:

    Really good mix!!! Hard beat = hard damage! Cong to Phobium !

    Thanks to author!

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