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DJ Profile | Shakti Collective / Tribal Vision Records | Canada / Toronto | March 14, 2010 | Posted by Basilisk

DJ Shankar

Shankar started to DJ deep house in 1999. After discovering Goa trance in 2002, he decided to change his style. His journey through psychedelic music took him from full-on psytrance into the deeper morning sound of progressive trance. Today, Shankar plays a blend of tech-house and progressive musical genres. Shankar is also a co-founder of Shakti Collective, a Toronto-based group devoted to promotion of quality progressive and psytrance music. Shankar has performed around the globe, from Copenhagen to New York and Prague to Montreal, rocking dance floors with fresh and unique sounds. He has also performed for some of world’s top music festivals such as Fusion (Germany) and Eclipse Festival (Canada) and shared stage with acts such as D-Nox, Beckers, Fitalic, Hallucinogen/Shpongle, POTS, Tegma, Vibrasphere, Antix, Atmos, Ticon and FREq. Shankar is also involved in collaborating with local Toronto producer Nexus7 on a vibrant new project, Aerodrömme. Expect killer releases very soon!

Photo credit: thinkincolor.net.

Contact Info: For Booking Inquiries: (416) 838-4577 / [email protected] / MySpace Profile / Tribal Vision Profile


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