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Promotional Material

If you like the site and would like to spread the word, here are a few resources you can use. Feel free to link directly to some of the smaller images here if you don’t know how to host them yourself.


Here are a couple of logos that can be used as banners or links on the web:




If you are designing anything for print or need a raw, untouched logo, please use this EPS file. I have two variations, one with the subtext psychedelic trance and another that says sound liberation. Use whatever suits your purpose.


Ektoplazm Banner

Here are a couple of old banners for advertising Ektoplazm:

Ektoplazm Banner

Ektoplazm Banner


This is merely a sample of the flyer showing both sides–don’t actually use it for anything ;)

Full-size flyer images for high-quality printing: front (PSD/JPG) and back (PSD/JPG).

Smaller flyer images for use on the web: front and back.

Also available: a 300 pixel wide version for use as a button or link.


Some people ask for a description of the site to add to a list of links. Here are some ideas; use any of these that work for you:

Ektoplazm Free Music Portal & Psytrance Netlabel Group

Ektoplazm: The World’s #1 Source for Free and Legal Psychedelic Trance

Ektoplazm: Free Psychedelic Trance Downloads in MP3, FLAC, and WAV

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