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BLA/Shakti NYE 2007-2008

The largest city in Canada supports one of the country’s most active psytrance scenes, with events being held by Shakti Collective, Timewave, Drumlore, and even Ektoplazm on occasion. The events are usually mid-sized events with under 300 people attending, but every once in a while something big comes along. Every summer season a few festivals (Harvest, for one) are held in the nearby Ontario countryside, and smaller outdoor events are frequently held in and around the city.

If you are new to the city and looking to connect with the community the best thing to do is come out for one of the biweekly Why Not Wednesdays.

Read this article for a more in-depth account of the modern state of trance in Toronto circa 2007.


Drummers In Exile - Access to the drum circle community.
Freetekno Toronto - Access to the free party underground.
Harvest Festival - Annual fall festival in the Ontario countryside.
Meta Gallery - Visionary art gallery.
Neil Gibson - Fantastic psychedelic artwork.
Pulse Plant - Local DJ and producer.
Shakti Collective - Local event organizers.