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Conendrum – Extreme Track Makeover

Free Music | Full-On, Progressive, Zenonesque | December 2, 2014 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Conendrum – Extreme Track Makeover
01 - Mr. Bill - Rolled Oats (Conendrum Remix) (134 BPM)
02 - Product Placement - Natalia (Conendrum Remix) (134 BPM)
03 - Variant - Spookd (Conendrum Remix) (136 BPM)
04 - Terrafractyl - Inner Peace (Conendrum Remix) (142 BPM)
05 - Kottonmout Kings - Bong Tokin Alcoholics (Conendrum Remix) (148 BPM)
06 - Alien Chaos - Insight (Conendrum Remix) (151 BPM)

HorsePower Productions presents Extreme Track Makeover, a collection of six quirky remixes by Australian producer and percussionist Dave Kastner AKA Conendrum. With a strong background in jazz, funk, and metal, Conendrum uses his deep knowledge of groove and rhythm to create ever-changing sonic journeys across the psychedelic spectrum from deep mystical progressive to full-on mind-blasting psytrance. After making a splash with his debut Excream Cheese in 2012 this eclectic set of free-ranging remixes is a fitting exposition of Conendrum’s stylistic versatility. If you’re looking for something fresh with a lot of personality search no more! Artwork by Mackan Doodle with mastering by Anti-Logic, Berlin.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.


Conendrum – Excream Cheese

Free Music | Experimental, Progressive | December 16, 2012 | Released by  | Posted by Søren Nordström

Conendrum – Excream Cheese
01 - Snorched (120 BPM)
02 - Time Wasted (130 BPM)
03 - Pelvis Progley (133 BPM)
04 - Excream Cheese (140 BPM)

This release moves through many different styles, rhythms and feelings, but always keeps the funk! You can really hear all the fun Conendrum had while producing Excream Cheese. Here you are, four tracks of joy, from Conendrum to you! Mastered by Felix Greenlees at Fractal Sound Studio with cover artwork by Edvin.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 5,498.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.

[audio: cone-n-drum-snorched.mp3, cone-n-drum-time-wasted.mp3, cone-n-drum-pelvis-progley.mp3, cone-n-drum-excream-cheese.mp3]

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