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Ektoplazm is a community-supported free music portal! The music continues to flow thanks to the generous donations of visitors like you. Your donation will contribute toward Ektoplazm’s extensive hosting expenses (serving terabytes of music isn’t cheap!), incidental mastering and artwork costs, ongoing maintenance of the site, and other activities related to free music distribution.


Ektoplazm is now live on Patreon! This service allows you to make a monthly pledge by Paypal, credit card, or other means to support Ektoplazm with greater transparency. I am hoping to be able to move most donations over to Patreon so that everyone can see how Ektoplazm is doing! Follow this link and try it out.


Click on the button below to fire up PayPal and send absolutely any amount you like! You are also welcome to send donations directly to [email protected] Don’t have a PayPal account? That’s okay; you can still make a donation by credit card using PayPal… just enter an amount and follow the instructions on the next screen!


We accept Bitcoin! Please send all donations to:


Other Options

If you wish to donate by some other means, please leave us a note using the contact form. Sorry, we cannot accept bank transfers. The Ektoplazm music community greatly appreciates your support!