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55 Full Moons

Free Music |  | January 22, 2008 | Released by Cosmogenesis Recordings | Posted by Basilisk

55 Full Moons
01 :: TighT - The Source (6:41)
02 :: Noisixx - Bleeding (6:48)
03 :: Galactic Monkey - Funky Rage (8:09)
04 :: Reactive - Lunatic (9:32)
05 :: ThE CoSMiX - Serious Chance (7:11)
06 :: Urantia - d.m.u. on l.s.d. (7:24)
07 :: Animalis AKA Electric Project - Forest Girl (8:11)
08 :: The Soul Shakers - Missing Jedi vk2 (7:33)
09 :: Telepatica - Robotically (6:21)

Cosmogenesis Recordings returns with another blasting compilation in honour of the full moon countdown to 2012. As with the previous release in this series, 55 Full Moons focuses on the full-on side of psytrance, a style marked by sizzling electric leads, explosive breakdowns, epic atmospheres, and pumping rhythms–all of which are designed for peak moments on the dance floors of the world. With contributions from artists representing Mexico, Russia, Thailand, and the UK, the sound is truly global.

MP3 Download | WAV Download · Download count: 18,206.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons. In addition to the standard 320k MP3 and lossless WAV packages, Cosmogenesis has also released a special 24-bit WAV version which can be downloaded here.


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  • Xceed says:

    What a Killer Compilation ..
    Thanks a Lot !!!

  • kyler says:

    Thx for losseles…

  • dare devil says:

    thanks a lot thats really killer stuff. great cocept and big thank you to the artists who support this :)

  • TighT says:

    Good work :) I really enjoy the compilation and the concept of sharing creativity for free:)
    Thanks for keeping up the spirit of freedom in the times of sellout. You have my full support also in future
    all the best

  • pousoulas says:

    thanks for the compilation :) free music is unconditionally synthesized music, so we can say true music!

    rating coming soon!

  • K-Lyd says:

    Fucking awesome tracks :D niiice, going to evict my nextdoor neighbour cos it needs TURNING UP!!!!!! :D cheers :)

  • PROJECTO A.L.T.A.D.O.S.A says:

    Woooooowwww!!!!NAUGHTY,NAUGHTY…..HORNY!!!!I`ve knocked out from ground,when i was tuned up this compilation.Also i must 2 admit that,the LSD was right powered for the traxx,wortex status was w-4.0,and i were teleportated from Milky way the farest earth-like planet Darwin 15 for 4 min by earth time.Amazingly i`m professionally producing psytrance and full-on(Starting with goa-trance) in 1995-97,and this traxx are knocked me out like 3-rd grade child.Ayyyyaaaa….this tracks are really 2 much fucked up,man!!And i will tell you one secred connected with this comp.When i listened and r-mixed some of the trx,i had a vision that i`m seatled down with my girlfriend(she`s really great external and internal beauty) with i`ve strong relationship within years.So when my vision vinished,suddently she was come in my place,she was told me that SHE WAS HAVING THAT SAME VISION,WITH SAME TRAXX OF THIS COMP.IN SAME TIME WHILE I WAS VISIONIZED!!!!THIS COMP IS PSYCHED OUT!!!!STRONGLY RECOMENDET FROM EAST-EUR NO 1 PROJECT A.L.T.A.D.O.S.A a.k.a CIBER FUTURA a.k.a EL VASURA DE TIERRA P.S Soon i`ll release some r-mixes from this comp,maybe i`ll r-mixing all………..THE COMP SAVE MY LIFE,AND GINE ME 2 HARD PSYCHOTROPIC AND PSYCHOACTIVE NRG………………………………..THANK YOU MY PSYCHEDELIC MUTANT FRIENDS!!!!!!

  • big probs, i like the spirit of sharing virtual space and freedom, we are the future! keep rockin, and keep on collabo trippin around the world! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!


    from germany Sebastian

  • PsyStem says:

    sik tunes and killa vibes. Madd props to Dj Sanuk aka Tight for his tremendus production help.

  • psykid says:

    nice full on, This is my type and great sound, tune in Private party Thailand

  • a.k.a says:

    yea i like the music

  • Subtrance says:

    That’s album is very good! I recomend ! Take care of it ;) this is the pure trance!

  • Pi x Om says:


    thats a great psytrance copmilation with a very good track collection.
    the mastering sounds very good, too.

    what to say, I don´t know.
    hear it up and down!


  • Thanx to you all for such kind words about our release and a special big thanks goes out to all the artists involved in this project and also to our good friend Alexander for releasing the albums here, as without them all this release plus all of our others would not be possible :-)


    Love N Light

    Kristian @ COSGENRECS

  • sjBlack says:

    oh my fucking good. this stinks good, very goooood LoL

    fuckin’ great sound

  • dj.psybase says:

    exelent tunes ;o)

  • SYBY_GYN says:




  • djalexsander says:


  • Perfundo says:


  • Danee says:

    tnx !
    its a grat album !! juju

    destroy dancefloor !!!!


  • joe joe says:

    nice compolation my personal fav is forest girl

  • SteveB says:

    killer tunes and smokin vibes.

  • footprint says:

    Bonus! A new one – no doubt will be excellent as always – and Galactic Monkey too! Reeee-spect to all!

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