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BlackStarrFinale – AURYN

Free Music |  | June 21, 2013 | Released by Neogoa | Posted by Basilisk

BlackStarrFinale – AURYN
01 - Nothing (feat. Psibindi On Vocals) (143 BPM)
02 - The Child Hunter (143 BPM)
03 - The Many And The Luck Dragon (143 BPM)
04 - Uyulala (138 BPM)
05 - A New Name (145 BPM)
06 - Graograman (138 BPM)
07 - The Star Cloister (144 BPM)
08 - The Emperor’s Journey (143 BPM)
09 - Doña Aiuola (145 BPM)
10 - AURYN (138 BPM)

Neogoa proudly presents the first full-length release by Goa trance project BlackStarrFinale. The man behind this project, Luis Pabón, has been a huge part of our netlabel for the last three years, releasing his music on almost every compilation that we’ve published as well as compilations from Phototropic and Underground Alien Factory Records. Now, in 2013, he is finally releasing his long-awaited album, AURYN. His vision of the modern Goa trance sound can be described as highly melodic story-driven psychedelia with groovy and chunky rhythms. AURYN is conceptually based on The Neverending Story, a classic fantasy novel by Michael Ende. All tracks are written and produced by Luis Pabón. Mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs. AURYN logo design by Paul Richardson. Artwork by Ivan Parić at Neogoa Design.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 13,948.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars Rated 94.30% with 277 votes

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  • Atman Construct says:

    FIVE STARS!! freakin awesome :D

  • Distant Tremor says:

    Awesome album!

  • Duncan says:

    Hey I like the free downloads part! If you would like one of my audio-visual tracks for a comp/free download let me know.

  • Ed Leinheiser says:

    Great sounds, and nice grooves, song structures seem to be very similar in a bunch of cases but sounds good to me…I dig it.
    -retired drummer-

  • Estuardo León (@Stu_Leo) says:

    Simplemente, un Goa exquisito y delicioso. Gracias BlackStarrFinale, eres grande.

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Okay, guys. The gig is up. We all know who you are. Whenever I see your name, I know what I’m gonna get, and boy, I am never disappointed! This album was a must-download-and-listen as soon as I saw it! What can I say? Everything about this album is good… excellent- every track! (The artwork rocks as well) Now if you could please excuse me, I have to finish jamming to AURYN… a great album and idea from a great movie! BTW, thanks BlackStarrFinale… and Basilisk!!

  • OCTOPUNK says:

    Excellent!! 5 stars for originality, it’s not a standard thinking and understanding of Neo Goa experience, this is something different and I just wish that future will give us more people like Luis, who’s breaking the pattern of new Goa Trance music and make that beat recognisable by lot of people. Like The Green Nuns of The Revolution did that in 90’s with old school Goa, then Filteria and E-Mantra almost 10 years ago…I’m very big fan of Goa Trance music, not dark psy and stuff like that but Prana, Whitchcraft and all positive vibes created fom the heart about 20 years ago and I will keep on giving support to all original artists who pushing the limits of Goa Trance, but never forget…Return to the Source!

  • uhhhok says:

    good goa

  • Lakkcipo says:

    THX !! Excellent! :)

  • Arronax says:

    An amazing album, very well produced and original.

  • claudio hga says:

    blakstarfinalle is very killer project … no coment´s more .. this is fact is real psychedelic and magic … this goa !

  • virtual_exit says:

    great sound

  • Shpongled247 says:

    This release is like a breath of fresh air amidst a sea of common sounding artists. A unique approach to Nu school goa trance that deserves to be commended. Some wonderfully psychedelic melodies combined with power and dancefloor capable basslines like nothing else I have ever come across. A true futuristic amalgamation of genre and one that deserves every success. Well done mate I will be listening to this for a long time!

  • Ardonite says:

    This is a gorgeous album ! Bravo Mr. BlackStarrFinale ! May you keep making some good music !

  • Anon says:

    Downloading now, stoked to death to hear this. Everything BSF touches turns to gold IMHO!!!

  • Eric says:

    Really funky! Great groovy stuff. Been waiting for this since I heard Classic Attack, and it doesn’t fail to deliver!

  • iSapien1956672 says:

    Awesome!!! Thanx for posting this, I only have their compilation tracks…

  • Kalle says:

    Simply awesome. I have a feeling that will end up in my top trance albums of all time among “The harlequin, the robot and the ballet dancer”, “Dancing Galaxy”, “Macrophage” and a few others.

  • Mushroom says:

    Excellent Goa Trance and great album.

  • Wow I’m really humbled by the response, I don’t really know what to say. Thank you for the kind words, I really hope you guys enjoy AURYN as much as I enjoyed writing it :)


  • Ian Drake says:

    I have a 2Mb/s connection. Several times and at various times of the day I have tried to download this album but can only achieve 5 – 10kb/s. Using speedtest.net, the result is 1.98Mb/s. Any ideas?

  • M says:

    Album of the year, no doubt.

  • exotic says:

    “the star cloister” !!!!! im speechless here and dancing my ass off :DDDD

  • Klas says:

    This is good. Why doesn’t all goa sound like this? – Good!

    It’s an album that actually makes me happy, which should be the criteria for making all kinds of music, but sadly enough doesn’t seem to work (only by a few) in reality.

    This is up there, with the few I was talking about – Filteria, Mindsphere, Ethereal… And now Blackstarrfinale!

  • .:vVuXVvUx:. says:

    He used the chapters,
    1,2,4,6,7,15,21,23,24 and 26.
    Now beware to shit some bricks,
    music shows the mind a flick.

    A snow landscape and tree bark,
    nothing evolving from a little spark.
    Counterclockwise snakes and mirror symmetry,
    these are the gates to infinity.

    For those who need a helping hand,
    mirror mirror make thy understand.
    To those with the eyes to see,
    feel free to walk along the path with me.

    Made for those who appreciate.
    Meant for you to instigate.
    This is my appraisal to thee.
    Had to show you what I see.

    My tribute.
    (Releasing under Creative Commons – Original design by Ivan Parić/Paul Richardson)

    Michael Ende – Neverending Story (1979) – Letter artworks by Roswitha Quadflieg

    Thank you Luis Pabón for creating this amazing artwork and bringing back childhood memories going along with that book. I haven’t read it since then but this made me grab it again. You found very adequate sounds for the described sounds in the book and turned them into musical equivalents of unheard musical story telling quality. It inspired me to create a tribute and scan the letter artworks from my german red/green edition of 1979. The poem is just to please the sphinxes, as you can imagine.

    Also thank you Basilisk/Neogoa for realising this, after 1.618 years on here I still know why I always return. This project proves again and again that free music is closer to the source of intentions and you deliver the best.

  • Richpa says:

    Wow, thank you all for your comments and reviews! It’s been a great pleasure to work with Luis again, especially on his debut full-lenght release :)

  • @.:vVuXVvUx:. haha no words, brilliant!

  • Grand-Cheff says:

    Very cool album !
    Congrats ! :D

  • 2Spirals says:

    Fantastic album! Keep up the good work!!

  • Petike says:

    Jaw dropping! Top 10stuff & best of 2013. i can’t stop listening it.
    I haven’t heard such a well produced goatrance ages ago.
    Keep it up! Thanx for it !

  • Nymphomania says:

    Magnificently subtle and intelligent melodic stuff. I don’t know how ‘goa’ it feels to me, but it’s still quite wonderful music. He clearly put a massive amount of work into every song and the album is 90 minutes. 5/5

  • PharaOm says:

    Very solid sound, I like it :)
    100% neo goa !

  • Camarlo says:

    An absolutely solid album. Star Cloister is a monster.

    Well done Luis, and thanks to all involved.

  • Luca says:

    *****! Track 7 is awesome :)

  • Troc says:

    wow how enjoyable this music is; fresh and just feels soo damn good.

  • Kiketxa says:

    El puto amo! :)

    Imposible parar la mente con tanta buena sugestión.
    Lo mismo me siento dentro de un bosque rodeado de hondinas, que en videojuego vertiguinoso en plena acción.
    Muevete, salta, respira, mira, sigue…ready Go!

    GrazZzias y que no pare de fluir!

  • nomad moon says:

    Great piece of work, inteligent music, the melodies just pull you in and flow, flow. Sunshine dance!!!

  • Willy says:

    This music is insane! Incredible stuff!

  • Ozzy says:

    Unique.. Loved that.

  • Schaya says:

    Famous, Fabulous, Freaky, Funky and just brilliant – Thanks BlackStarrFinale -finally; thats what i know as Goa!

    5 Stars and multiball :-) ;-) :-)

  • Ko try Low beat says:



  • Jason Mythos says:

    One of the best goa trance albums I have ever heard. Absolutely awesome work!

  • KC says:

    Well.. after a few listens I wouldn’t classify this as ‘goa’. Its more like progressive with some goa influence. It doesn’t have that ‘goa vibe’ like from the 90’s or early 00’s that defined the genre.. but if this is ‘neo goa’ and supposed to sound like this, then that’s cool. But the genre should be “neo goa” or “progressive, Goa”… because thats what this sounds like to me. Anyway after a couple listens this album is really superiorly fantastic and awesome and I love it. Good good stuff.

  • Goa says:

    Goooooood goa ! Eargasm ! Very melodic goa and acid sounds are perfect

  • C-C says:

    A year later and still 10/10

  • Mehdi says:

    موزیک روانگردان

  • MikeJ says:

    Love the lyrical melodies. Thank you for sharing

  • Cynos says:

    What a great album. How did I ignored this?


  • Ionite says:

    After almost 2 years this release still sounds fresh and new as on the first they it got out. Nothing short of a masterpiece. Still waiting on a sequel though.. 10/10

  • Hakkah says:


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