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Easily Embarrassed – Tales Of The Coin Spinner

Free Music | Ambient, Downtempo | August 5, 2011 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Easily Embarrassed – Tales Of The Coin Spinner
01 - The Truth (66 BPM)
02 - Blessed Day On Distorted Shape (79 BPM)
03 - Sylphesizer (100 BPM)
04 - The Coin Spinner (60 BPM)
05 - Moon People (70 BPM)
06 - The Old Ways (100 BPM)
07 - Little Match Sister (97 BPM)
08 - Triplets (95 BPM)
09 - Nothing But Spirit (82 BPM)
10 - Under The Jester's Hat (58 BPM)

Tales Of The Coin Spinner is the third full-length downtempo and ambient album by Easily Embarrassed, a Dutch group formed by brothers Jeffrey and Nick van der Schilden working alongside Peter Spaargaren. Since 2006 they have been exploring the emotional depths of electronic music, drawing inspiration from a wide variety of retro and contemporary styles while crafting their own distinct sound. Now releasing independently on their own EE Records imprint, Easily Embarrassed invites music lovers everywhere to experience the magic and enchantment of their latest symphonic fable. Included in the release is a short introduction to set the mood, reprinted here in full:

Deep in the heart of the forest, a lonely house rests hidden away from sight. Its neglected state might make it seem as though it were abandoned, but it is home to an old man and a jack-in-the-box. This toy, tattered by age, was once animated by magic, and is now a living companion to the man whom people call “the coin spinner.”

Every night, without fail, a girl wanders to the depths of the forest to visit. Tonight as she approaches the old house, its broken roof illuminated blue by the light of the full moon; she felt as she always did, as if it were from a dream. It seems so close but also so far. As always, the door was left unlocked for her, and as she slowly opens it, a loud creak breaks the silence.

Upon hearing the sound, Jester jumps out of his box and hurries to the door to welcome her. The old man remains at the table spinning his coins, completely entranced by the spinning motion and oblivious to the girl in the doorway. She picks up the little jester toy and embraces it, while closing the door. Walking towards his cube, a barely audible lullaby escapes her lips. She lowers him gently down into the box and coaxes him to sleep with her soft voice. Then, she looks up at the old man and silently watches him as he spins his coins over and over.

Tonight, she suddenly asks him, “What are you looking for, old man?” His hypnotic stare breaks, and his eyes roll towards the girl. “The Truth,” he mumbles in a low voice. “Do you seek it too, little princess?” She shrugs. Looking up through a hole in the roof her big, green eyes gaze up at the bright, blue moon. “Are the moon people still watching us?” The man spins his coin again and waits for it to fall onto one of its sides. The jester, apparently still awake, calls “Heads,” and indeed it is as he said. The coin spinner smiles. “Sorry princess, no tales for you tonight!”

As he starts spinning his coin again, a tear rolls down the girl’s cheek. “Could you please continue the story about the triplets?” she asks with a jittery voice. He heaves a deep sigh and replies, “Oh… Alright.” To his right two books lay on the table and picks up one, blowing off the dust, revealing an elegantly engraved title: “the little match sister” in gold lettering.

He opens the book, and thus the story continues…

Mastered by Jeffrey van der Schilden @ EE Music Studio. Artwork By Alvin Hew.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 28,272.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. This album is also available for purchase on CD from CDBaby. Find Easily Embarrassed on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter. If you appreciate this gift, donations are very welcome:


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  • Hibotic says:

    Amazing tune! Mesmering atmosphere =)

  • FunT says:

    Beautiful! Thank you!

  • Vitaly says:

    Brilliant gems!!!!! ;-)
    Thank You very much!!!!!

  • Isomorph says:

    Wow Only a few songs into it but great work. I can see this album getting regular play by me!

  • OO that’s an amazing present!

    I love Easilly Embarassed!

    Hope it’s as good as past releases wich were amazing ambient music, unique sound.

    10X Thanks!

  • Matt Freak Flag says:

    This is fantastic! I’m totally soundstruck in my chair grooving out.

  • Platonist says:

    Awesome work as always by the EE boys!

  • HypnoZz says:

    Amazing album with beautiful songs,

  • shroom says:

    a beautiful surprise to see EE’s 3rd album on Ektoplazm! I love their music!! :)

  • Crispy says:

    Wow! Great release. This’ll make it into my Psilicon Dreams podcast for sure.

  • unscrap says:

    отличный релиз!!!!

  • quazar says:

    Excellent album , Very nice sounds !

  • iran_psychodell says:

    its realy nice and difrent i like it

  • Great set!! Thanks!

  • NCNTRS says:

    Amazingly Wonderfull!! Love This! Thank You!

  • HMason says:

    You’ve left your legacy — made your impact on this world. Stellar album, man.

  • pozsi says:

    Great album! It is really something different!

  • Den says:

    Замечательный релиз! Первый трек великолепен!

  • Rainbow Man says:

    pretty good tracks taking me into another world….

  • Principetcha says:

    Woow esta padricima me hace perderme en el espacio :O! like it<3

  • Spiraldog says:

    This is truly mesmerizing and perfectly amazing!!! Thank you :D

  • pszilaj says:

    Amazing album!!! Many thanx!!!

  • dede says:

    Very very very nice and magic music, keep this sound brothas!!

  • Billy Butlins says:

    Wow. In work at the moments and thought i’d check out Ektoplazm as it’s been a while since I last visited. Great stuff – this is getting me through work today. Will definitely check out more stuff later :D

  • Awesome as usual from that guys….

  • e3k says:

    somebody post a torrent here for flac, the download is sloooooooooooow.

  • MFP says:

    Καταπληκτικό άλμπουμ. Μουσική για να φτιάξουμε πλάνες, μεθυστικές εικόνες. Χωρίς να υποτιμό τα υπόλοιπα κομμάτια… το πρώτο “The Truth” είναι 1 απο τα 5 καλύτερα Downtempo που έχω ακούσει εδώ και 22 χρόνια μουσικής περιπλάνησης… ευχαριστώ!

  • DJ DeAeD says:

    amazing ….. amazing…..

  • Avril says:

    Oej wat een fijne symfonische fabeltjesmuziek is dit jongens……….
    Ik moet er haast wel een draai aan geven.
    Mijn draaitafels lusten deze muziek denk ik ook graag.

  • WOW! amazing!!! thanks for your exelent music! thanks & greatings from argentina!

  • RoDMINUS- says:

    thanks for sharing this master piece.music from the soul.boom

  • Abstructure says:

    Anyone who expected to find here Ambient or Chill Out music, just because of the website tags may have a little surprise. This release has nothing to do with any of these genres, but simply focus in something which is quite rare on this site – MUSIC. Just some good electronic music, with the sounds of the current decade. It doesn’t really try to be this or that style. Very melodic, gloomy, sometimes dark, sometimes happy, othe times funky.

    What else can you ask for? I guess a CD release (or better: Vinyl…)
    Awesome release. Big respect. 5/5

  • ion1zed says:


    “…but simply focus in something which is quite rare on this site – MUSIC.”

    Are you kidding?


    Mesmerizing. Thanks a lot.

  • Egodram says:

    слов не хватает, чтобы выразить, насколько это невообразимо! спасибо!!

  • KOGA says:

    la verdad esta bien chido, muy buena musica.
    it’s the thrut… its a good music.

  • soma_junkie says:

    This album is AMAZING. Blessed Day on Distorted Shape is my favorite. These guys are really talented. Wow.

  • Lossardo says:

    Просто великолепный альбом, для любителей мистического калоритного звучания! Музыка задала настроение на весь день, не ожидал такого качества… Просто изумительный саунд! Необходимо к прослушиванию!
    p.s. Amazing tune!

  • Matts says:

    Great music. Best chilly album for a long time!

  • Sephira says:

    Once again Easily Embarrassed give us another amazing album…. for free!

    Massive thank you to you guys, your music is amazing, high quality and truly journeyful. To top this off with the fact you release your music for free is both humbling and inspirational…

    Big love and hope to see you live somewhere (if you do that?) soon.

  • blowfish says:

    Creative music and sound, well produced and mastered – nice soundscapes, very unique.

    Thanks to Basilisk for running Ektoplazm.

  • blowfish says:

    ps: Alvin Hew is a talented artist too.

  • spektre says:

    “This toy, tattered by age, was once animated by magic … ”

    besides that this is just an *untrue* story , magic is an evil and wrong path …
    its roots are evil and its end too … magic will ruin your spirit and your life …

  • Tenebra says:

    WOW! Fantastic album! You guys rock. Keep it on the same line in the future! Thanks for sharing.

  • fuzzonaut says:

    magical album

  • cold winter says:


  • MattySchae says:

    Sylphesizer really stands out for me on this album. The whole song culminates at 3:30 right at the “skipping” riff. Just brilliant. And the sweet melodic lines that follow are so groovy. This is the part of the song where I just blast off. That drop is so well calculated that you get a really strong sense of the release that takes place there. The whole tune seems to have a very interesting reggae influence. Masterful song – outstanding album. Thank you for sharing.

  • Dewed says:

    These guys have always released amazing stuff!!


  • Pienewuser says:

    Quite good

  • Pienewuser says:

    Especially liking the leads and pads… seems like there’s a lot more work put into making interesting synths in these than in the average track.

  • salai says:

    Great work! wonderful, colourful fairytale athmospheres done in a creative way. awesome!

  • Art-Xal says:

    Very steep album !!! I recommend to listen !!

  • end user says:

    Seriously awesome album. Donated some $$

  • Spinach says:

    I wasn’t expecting very much, so I was really surprised this music was so beautiful. The journey felt like a fairy tale, and I could easily imagine the most wonderful things I’ve ever ‘seen’ listening to this album. I will definitely check out their other music and see if I can buy the CD(s).

    Thank you Basilisk for this great web site!

  • soma_junkie says:

    “Nothing But Spirit” is just amazing. The whole album is superb. I look forward to great things from EE in the future.

  • Larry Sunshine says:

    very cozy,, like like it like it..

  • famimi says:

    Absolutely beautiful, thank you! I tried to donate but can’t figure out the dutch Pay Pal – is there a way to do it in English or German?

  • nsputim says:

    Ахуенчик как собственно всегда, респект

  • Nephesh says:

    Well, everythings said allready but i need to say it again: Best Album i ve heard so far, awsome use of modern technology, godlike composing!

  • WoL says:


  • noname says:

    Just listened to this album off of the top albums for 2011.. It deserves its spot. Amazing

  • Shaman Flux says:

    In spite of all the great music on this awesome site, there are so few releases that are truly psychedelic in every sense of the word. This music isn’t just entrancing. Its transcendental. Thank you

  • kex2k says:

    it’s the best of ektoplazm!

  • w1l50n says:

    Great album, amazing studio work, great musicalization on every track, definitely a masterpiece, Thx!!

  • thank you very much for releasing this for free. fits well in my EE collection. keep up the great work!

  • Rui says:

    Love it, great music. Thanks

  • Alex M. says:

    first minute intro and I’m already knowing this will be another killer album 8) thanks for this cool music, wish you could come to mexico!

  • Masood says:

    beautiful & creative…

  • Steve says:

    One of my top fav’s amazing album!!!

  • end user says:

    Over a year later I still got this on regular rotation. Blasting it at my work right now.

  • shabintte says:

    A very musical story awesome love the ambient keep it in the future. I recommend this to listen :)

  • sun david says:

    Wonderful athmosphere, I love it :) Thanks for releasing this on Ekto <3

  • Özüm says:

    very good album. i love it !!!

  • Carlos says:

    Thanks for the free download <3

  • bandarlog says:

    Really nice and original sounds! Past zo in de efteling! :)

  • S.PIERCE says:

    It’s really emotional and quality music. Thank you for your hard work..

  • AoVmax says:

    Wow, I’m glad I remembered about this album, forgot how awesome it is. :P Lovely free music is lovely.

  • Andobious says:

    I never thought any other music would take me on such a spiritual journey of the mind as Shpongle but Easily Embarrassed conjures up similar magic with even greater enchantment. Amazing achievement. Thank you guys & Basilisk/Ektoplasm for posting it.

  • Edon Rosa says:

    Lindo trabalho….
    Beautiful work, its a perfect dream.

  • end user says:

    So its 2014 and sill listening. If this album came out in the mid/later 90’s it wouldn’t have make some serious $$$$$$$$$$$$$ This is on par with Fluke, Junkie XL, Leftfield etc…

  • nymphomania says:

    Easily Embarrassed was always something I respected but didn’t consider my thing, this album however is rocking my world right now! Just might be better than “Planet Discovery” depending on what you like 5/5

  • blubkanawa says:

    Excellent, just what I needed bless you

  • yiannis says:

    For some reason I can’t download the FLAC version. Is the problem my end?

  • Vincent MF says:

    Absolutely good album

  • Asymptotic says:

    6.5 years later and I still listen to this album on the regular.

    The Truth is simply a timeless composition that I find new and interesting things in it each new listen. It is up there with Sephira’s – Learning to Walk in it’s absolute perfect blend of atmospheric trance and break beats, Both songs will rock the right dance floors as well as fit perfectly well as a backing track to riding train or hiking up a mountain. The rarest of gems.

  • Alex says:

    Easily Embarrassed’s ambient is never embarrasing, quite the contrary – always amazing!

  • Balth Hazard says:

    Merci beaucoup pour cette musique en partage, qui en plus d’être bonne elle est gratuite !!!

    longue vie à vous !! kisss !

  • Schwaenzchenklein says:

    Even after years listening to it again and again and again and …! One of my all-time favorite albums.

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