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Faxi Nadu – The Dangling Thread

Free Music | Goa, Morning | October 12, 2014 | Released by Sun Station Records | Posted by Basilisk

Faxi Nadu – The Dangling Thread
01 - Upon Abstraction (128 BPM)
02 - Consonant Resolution (148 BPM)
03 - Disturbed Skating Silhouette (146 BPM)
04 - Tears Of The Morning Flower (146 BPM)
05 - The Dangling Thread (148 BPM)
06 - The Fall Of Gamla (feat. Spinney Lainey) (138 BPM)
07 - Sailing In E Lydian (144 BPM)
08 - The Dangling Thread (Mixed Album) (- BPM)

Sun Station Records presents epic psychedelic album of Faxi Nadu project from Israel. Yaron “Faxi Nadu” Eshkar has been producing music since 2002. Through the years Yaron has ventured into various forms of electronic music, releasing dozens of tracks and several albums on different labels. Now joined by Oss, the idea with this album is to elaborate on a hypnotic, experimental, geometric, psychedelic, and Goa trance concept and to provide a full storied experience. Simplicity and detail, experimentation amidst a classical core to form a unique blend of past and future—that spot on the horizon where Aristotle meets Plato for a chat. The sound design of the album aims to sound both professional yet raw and “real” with a moody and distinct character and tone. The stories are told as patiently as possible to tell striving for drama and a theatrical feel. Channels were recorded in very long live takes with extensive automations and an interactive vibe. The core groove is simple and very Doric while the synths and sounds are Corinthian and all over the place. Through this contrast Faxi Nadu’s sound is defined. Mastering by Makus @ Overdream Studio with design by Fernando Hood and illustration by Yael Eshkar.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.


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  • Very nice flowing sound here :) Good job!

  • M says:

    I imagine this album is what sex is usually like for women… Very pleasurable, extremely nice feeling, warm and fuzzy, but there’s no climax.

    This album really tries, but in the end, it doesn’t get anywhere special :/

  • psymattic says:

    very good !

  • thesalmonking says:

    5 out of 5 dentists recommend faxing with the dangling thread daily to prevent couth decay

  • Goaman says:

    Very nice melodies..thanks

  • Aida says:


  • patrick says:

    thanks! diving deep

  • gidi says:


  • Dan Flict says:

    Original psy-trance! Hypnotic and deep, me like. “The Dangling Thread” is my favorite.

  • Leochaves says:

    Really nice. TKS

  • nomad moon says:

    Really deep music, a very nice escapism voyage

  • oss says:

    thanks people! enjoy! :)

  • faxinadu says:

    Thanks a lot people, really appreciated and really happy people are enjoying it. Cheers to Makus on mastering, to Hood and my Mom for the art and to Sun Station and Ektoplazm for putting it out :)

    For those that are enjoying this, have a look at the upcoming Ocean Star Empire album, we have just now opened it up for pre-sale on Bandcamp. You can already grab it and get three of the tracks straight away! It takes the whole hypnotic trance concept even further we think, if The Dangling Thread is drawing Blue Planet Corp comparisons, wait till you check out the new OSE – a deep and evolving space opera :)

    head on over! Any support is greatly appreciated :)

  • Henri says:


  • Yael Eshkar says:

    Hi son, I am really proud of you, this disc is very mature and beautiful. I love your music and your creative genes. Yes, you must have been born that way! Love you!
    Bravo to you Oss too, much love! :-)

  • Hakkah says:

    Good composition, nice atmosphere and true vibes

  • goa pride says:

    if you want best mp3 quality with latest lame 3100a 64 bit encoder:
    1. download the flac or the wav zip and extract files
    2. search for “mp3suite powered by goa pride” download and extract files
    3. convert the flac or wav files to mp3 keeping defaul settings

  • Ash says:

    Track 6 kinda reminds me of “Gido – Controlling Fx” from the 1st under the moss back in 2009.
    Great release!

  • Ash says:

    “Triphonic – Vibe” I mean..lol memory is not what it use to be.

  • rodrigoarielpizarro says:

    Excelente CD, lo llevo ahora para escuchar ;)

  • Avri Lalajap says:

    Majestic release!
    I love the hypnotic atmospheres and the storytelling of the tracks.
    Very nice work mates!

  • faxinadu says:

    wow :0 /blush…. thanks very much all, very happy people are getting what we tried to do here !! !<3 keep spreading the word :)

  • fake nadia says:

    thanks very much faxi! you are the best!!

  • Fiapoloco says:

    Really great work!!!!!!!
    thanks very much for freedownload!!!!!!
    Brazilian regards

  • jnemes23 says:

    What I’ve heard so far, I love it! Thanks from Colorado USA!

  • faxinadu says:

    thanks to you three too!

  • Qiujan says:

    Thats realy amazing music! It makes me high directly…
    Spiritual stuff, very meditative and intensive at the same time.
    I would say, it has like a lot of energy inbetween… there, where you dont hear in the first second, but you feel it. it definitly goes deep to my soul.
    on top of all that, it its very innovative and not orientated on hypes of the moment, which is an extra plus. it feels timeless… it also contains
    a bit of the feeling of eternity to me… the feeling of this life now is going on now with everything what happens around, but somewhere that doesn´t matter,
    cause behind all this, there is a muuch bigger, older, infinite line of reality.. (something like that ^^). :-)

    (have a listen to my music as well, i guess you are gonna like it. i have put the link.)

  • Incredible! Faxi Nadu never disappoints! <3 Thank you for this wonderful album :)

  • faxinadu says:

    thanks amigos! <3

  • crazy beats !! thx for hte tracks

  • Vassmann says:

    Man this is just great.
    I feel like i don’t have any feet.
    Everthing is beautiful.
    No floor under me.
    Just the sky without limit.
    Floating on a cloud.
    and falling into this white blue moving painting.
    I need this music.
    I really do man.
    Thanks bro.
    We’ll meet in heaven.

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