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LSDemon – 666%

Free Music |  | July 22, 2011 | Released by Monstruo.ink Crew & Under Voice Records | Posted by Basilisk

LSDemon – 666%
01 - Demon (150 BPM)
02 - Headspace (150 BPM)
03 - Anomalised (160 BPM)
04 - Mysanthropykus (155 BPM)

Under Voice Records and Monstruo.ink Crew presents 666% the debut release by LSDemon (Freak AKA Alejandro Aguilar), a darkpsy producer and graphic artist from Costa Rica. The sound on this release is dark, mischievous, and powerful, featuring music created in the last two years. Establishing a theme, the front cover was done by the artist to introduce us to the psychedelic trip we are about to embark upon. Mastered by Lattus @ Under Voice Recs Studio, La Paz, Bolivia. Cover design by Freak.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 7,835.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • MrJavel says:

    I’ve only listened to track 1 now, but nice sounds! :D

  • amorphoz says:


  • Redpoint says:

    Central America Rocks!!!!

  • It shouldn’t be called % (percent), but µ (micrograms), in watching about the cover, Just my opinon!

  • okay ther’s my advice here:

    After listenning this EP, all i can say is : need to work MORE on the music.

  • psyquake says:

    okay ther’s my advice here:

    After listenning this EP, all i can say is : evilcandyflip need to work MORE on his taste.

  • Platonist says:

    the cover will give me nightmares xD

  • Psyquake: Are you sure?

    This release sounds like fruityloops unmastered noise, it’s very poor.

    If you cant’ find that by yourself, start listenning some real psychedelic music ;)

  • psyquake says:

    I found the album super psychedelic with raw dark elements and an attempt at different structures that are interesting and give way to a different set of emotions, please climb out your shell.

  • Peter Andersson says:

    I’ve already taken some great trips to this…in my running shoes… great beats! :-)

  • full.beatz says:

    This one invites you from the CD cover… Nice sounds!!

  • LSDemon says:

    apreciate it :) boom!!

  • Avril says:

    Boooomm, that LSDemon is licking my ears at the moment! and there aint no demm thing I will do about it…
    this is the ‘fruity’ fraction of darkpsy that stands out of the mass rumble (I hear) associated with newbreed psy producers who have not ‘yet’ taken the jump in the ektoplazm. Five Stars !

  • _BeNZ says:

    this is `BOMBASTIC`:D ………..very hard trippin shit:D :D TOP

  • gonzalez says:

    the cover speaks it all the albums great every beat’s gonna induce d drop which will in turn induce all d drops in ur body :) right down to ur feet ,good clean dark elements bouncin perfectly on d beats, 666% out of 1000% is were ul be listenin to this ;)

  • Nerd says:

    candyflip my brother/sister ,psychedelic means that whoever feesl moved
    why so bitter,my friend?

    i really love that sound
    perfect for work^^

    love u all and so

  • delic says:

    Mad cover…

    Killa Tracks!!!

    This got me flyin all nyt!!!

  • Bertrand says:

    There is a mastering error on this release: the first two tracks are encoded at 48 kilo samples per second while the remaining two tracks are encoded at 44.1 k. So let’s say this release has two sides. :-)

  • LSDemon says:

    That is correct Bertrand, but it was released before I could hear the album s:

    here some new tracks http://soundcloud.com/lsdemon with mastering by Juan Sanchez, Costa Rica. :)

  • jimmy says:

    hey just wanna say1 song demon ..liked that very much :)

  • arbol-humano says:

    Amazing release! original, unique and dark. I appreciate so much the music; real underground psychedelic music. Popular darkpsy labels are making masonic-commercial bullshit nowdays, yes, i’m referring to kindzadza, psykovsky, noisepoison recs. and other ‘pop’ dark psy producers.
    Gracias amigos por la musica!! que sudamerica siga sonando independiente, rebelde y sin dioses!!!!

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