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Neural – Transitions

Free Music |  | June 16, 2014 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Neural – Transitions
01 - Journey To The Subconscious (155 BPM)
02 - Layers Of Perception (160 BPM)
03 - Bigger Than Your Own Shadow (160 BPM)
04 - If You Don't Like It, Change It (167 BPM)

After releasing tracks on regional and international compilations Neural, a dark psytrance producer from Argentina, is ready to make his solo debut with Transitions on Fractal Audio Machinery Records, Germany. If we can’t truly understand what is light and its power if we haven’t experienced darkness and vice versa then it is in the transitions that we often learn the most. This release has been conceived as a kind of sonic movie, a psychedelic story that only makes sense when listened in order and to completion. Remember, the whole is greater than the sum of the individuals! Have a good trip. Mastered by Antagon.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.

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  • Neural says:

    Hi there psyconaut. What you will see and hear in this album, is the beauty of the universe from my point of view, nothing more. At one point in my life, I realized you can’t really posses or create any kind of beauty, you just can represent it. It belongs to the universe, it is in the air, and inside of us in every form. I choose sound to represent it, and want to share it with you. This is also my personal contribution to the global psytrance scene; some people cook on festivals, some people make malabares, some people enlight the dancefloor just with their dance, well.. I make music.

    IMPORTANT: This was originally the “audiophile version” of the album, a special mastering focusing more in depth of sounds and overall expression. Psychoacustically speaking, it may sound lower than others releases at first, but realize that you can give it more volume without sounding bad, so do it until you are comfortable with it, and then everything will be more expressive and “3D”. Enjoy!

  • Techist says:

    Much respect for this release. Very tricky production work. Very clean, Very evolving.

  • Olly says:

    Wow, very nice!

  • nathan says:

    not your average dark producer! real out of the box material, great release

  • Theodbald says:

    Thank you for making this excellent music, and sharing. :)

  • wolf says:

    Profunda y revelador.

  • Evan says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There must be something in the water in that part of the world. Some of the best Darkpsy, Forest, and Psycore I’ve ever heard comes from Argentina; and this EP is right up there with the best. I hope he creates more music like this. Definitely beautiful, very psychedelic, and, as others have mentioned, excellent production. A truly great gift!

  • David says:

    Best darkpsy I’ve heard in quite a long time!

  • Evan says:

    “audiophile version”
    Epic Lie

  • Neural says:

    “Evan”, it’s true. Antagon generously gave me two mastering versions, and I chose the more artistic and less commercial (which has way more dynamics and different EQ at my request, technically speaking). I’ll keep the other version for my gigs anyway because it also sounds great (thanks Antagon!).

    Thank you everybody else for the kind words :). You really give me strength to continue with this project and keep doing more and better music. I appreciate them a lot, stay tuned!


  • Jacques says:

    amazing release!

  • Evan says:

    Great to hear you’re working on more music. I for one am definitely looking forward to that! (By the way, I am not the Evan who said “Epic Lie” regarding your statement that we got the audiophile version.)

  • Hysterical Gymnastics says:


    if you want to take a closer look on the work of our label, please check and follow us on Facebook.
    Homepage will be up soon, too.

    Martin: Sooo nice to read all the comments about your release here. Your EP is totally killin it! :D

  • Leandro J. Cotrone says:

    Y que tal si lo fusionas con la música tonal? creando un nuevo impresionismo tal vez… excelente trabajo! :)

  • Harrison says:

    Very incredible work

  • Harrison says:

    By incredible I mean amazing btw :)

  • Dan says:

    Awesome realease! Loved it :D

  • Neural says:

    OUT NOW!

    Inner Fhorce Chater II (HorsePower Productions, Sweden)
    Track 11: Ego Dissolver: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/inner-fhorse-chapter-ii

    b00m ♪♫

  • Dark Path says:

    I have no words for that first track…Neural \m/

  • Neural says:

    OUT NOW! ♪♫

    Forest THC – V/A (Tripura Yantra Records, México)
    Track 8: Swamp of Fears (155 BPM)


    bbbbbbooo0oum (:

  • Neural says:

    All future releases will be here: https://neuralneural.bandcamp.com


  • Virtual says:

    There is something more sad than to be creating different fake comments to create a phantom support???

  • Paco says:

    Wn, te vi en la celebracion de free planet..
    Eres fome po.. (Aburres) los cabros y las cabras se iban de la pista cuando pusiste tu musica.. Cuando terminó tu set, la gente volvia a la danceflour..
    Y los que quedaron mientras ponias tu musica, eran los que jalan coca y estan del pico po… Vi todo el set desde lejos, 4 personas bailaron..

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