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Rainbow Static – Pit Of Eternal Cuddles

Free Music |  | August 11, 2012 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Rainbow Static – Pit Of Eternal Cuddles
01 - Us Day (145 BPM)
02 - Pickle Your Tickle (145 BPM)
03 - Punch All Yer Buns (196 BPM)
04 - Stomach Ramps (128 BPM)
05 - Little Pieces Of Fire (??? BPM)

Pit Of Eternal Cuddles is the bizarre sequel to Tickles My Bunny Fone, one of the most talked-about releases of last year. Rainbow Static is an experimental “psy-prance” collaboration between Bunny Static and Rainbow Fone, one of whom is more widely known as Luuli. Don’t let the somewhat conventional opening track deceive you; this release predominantly focuses on humorously testing the limits of what we consider to be “music”. It is as much a brazen artistic statement as it is a collection of tracks. In their own words:

ding dong.. who is it?.. us .. us who? its us DUH?!.. & we are back to make your socks fly off your feet. who could have known that cute light hearted weirdo music would be so confrontational. perhaps innocence is more ego threatening than a killer lead synth… regardless, we offer a fun new feeling in music. “us day” was the first song we wrote together both that and “little pieces of fire” are inspired by a deep loving bond we share. tracks 2,3,& 4 are our newest material written while living in a schoolbus together. ok so get ready to have some funs and punch each others buns. mmmmwah!

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  • BextrusOne says:

    I thought it was gunna b just another mundane Saturday till i started listening to this wonderful piece of fluffyness. ty soooooooooo much for bringing a big cheezy grin to my face guyz. u ROXZORZ!!!! :)

  • ozmo says:

    This is just so full of fun, humor , giggles, laughs and its the best stuff i have heard in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time! thank you SOOO much !! :) much love!

  • alien says:

    wihuuu, they are back!

  • Spooch says:

    You know when your cat is lying beside you purrrrrring gently… then the next moment is attempting to jump half way up the wall… then scampers down the hallway swatting at nothing.. then stops to frantically lick its ass.. then meows like its mother has just died.. then falls back down in a gentle purr again. that’s pretty much the rhythm of this music. music by cats for cats! excellent stuff.

  • The Devil Itself says:

    Can’t listen. Humour is not an excuse, this is not music.

  • Tchud Trance says:

    C’mon, guys… these chicks are funny! Yes, the music IS crazy and confusing, but to each it’s own, as they always say. Give these girls a butt-punch!!

  • Flynt says:


  • Supersillyus says:

    hell! yes! this legitimately psychedelic. wonderful exploration. fancy craftmanship. Mike Patton would be proud! sorry haters. this is absolutely incredible. if you cant stand the heat. step aside. these brilliant women are clearly going to set you on fire.

  • destroysound says:

    thank you for your music

  • rollysergic says:

    this is goood :)

  • tinix says:

    so psychedelic… love it! :D great sound engineering. this is art.

  • Cynos says:

    IMO, this is better than their first album. Good.

    PS: I’m sure there will be a huge fight between the ones who can support ultra-psychedelia and haters.

  • .:vVuXVvUx:. says:

    Was lolmaster part of this ‘ARG’like social test project you call Rainbow Static? Are we going to see him/her again?

    High Awareness or High Association Music is my best shot to describe this emotional ride compilation – this time more advanced than last time. Actually its more like a time devision multiplexing test with coded information of sound in spheres and multiple layers of perception. What matters is the continuum you’re going through, the order of information that make up its structure – leading to the question: What does this music want from me? It definitely is not the typical technological utopia of the regular psystories. It has questions and examples for you to reflect your self when in meditational states.

    To find out, have a look at Karlheinz Stockhausen’s works and Pictures at an Exhibition by Viktor Hartmann. Sonographing, milkdropping or riding the track in audiosurf might also help. For better visualization, check Tony Conrad, The Flicker (1966) and the Ganzfeld experiment.

    I wonder if the discussion of support, money and services is solvable. Ektoplazm evokes undirected creative potential and it could be used for the better. But at least its a start to make people reflect themselves.

  • Larry Sunshine says:

    This is excellent stuff for just chilling out or whatever.. Argh!

  • Asymptotic says:

    Is the other person in the collab Foxdye?

  • rainbow fone says:

    no but we are all friends .. its ‘quantum fishsticks’ n ‘luuli’ :D

  • rainbow fone says:

    i still hav noo idea what the whole lolmaster thing was about :D haha

  • rainbow fone says:

    and holy butter!? thank you so much for all your lovely comments wow <3

  • RJenson81 says:

    Listening to this made me feel anxious and out of balance. The random disharmony on certain parts causes discomfort. Its cluttered percussion and random arrangement of samples is abrasive to ones mood. Humorous? hardly. You cant make random noise and call it music under the pretense that its experimental. I am just saying!

  • Larry Sunshine says:

    I really REEAHHEALLY think that theres lotsa different music for lotsa different moods, RJenson81. You do actually know some people can’t even listen to psytrance, and I’m not even gonna talk about darkpsy.. And a lil discomfort is sometimes just a nice pepper in your face, haha..

  • rainbow fone says:

    ^^ <3

  • thank god for Trancentral. That’s all I Can say. I haven’t been able to complete a download from Ekto in months. Hope this problem gets resolved. This is the only site I ever have trouble downloading from.

  • avril says:

    Yihaa, here we go again!
    wait, do I hear a kitties sharpening their nails sound on gramm’s new couch?
    Bad Kitty!

  • I really really really love this album! Holy cow, I would marry it if I could. Don’t be turned away by the negative reviews, this is 100% pure weird, creative and carefree fun. It’s funky, trippy, rich and tasty. Cute, but not goofy or pandering. And LOL at “Oh…Oops”! :D

  • rainbow fone says:


  • Cynos says:

    I lol’d at the hidden track, that, I guess, has a voice based on a comment about the previous RS album.


    Rainbow Static LIVE is not to be missed. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • cinder says:

    How did I miss this

  • MadUncleDeejay says:

    You guys are insane geniuses, and should be treated with great suspect. If you ever harnessed your powers for evil purposes, we’d all be in deep #@&%. Awesome album! After listening to it straight through, I’m now sitting in a round rubber room in this Spiff-O white jacket; furiously trying to lick my left earlobe.

  • PsyStimpy says:

    EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Girls you totally rocks !!!
    Real psychedelic music made with free spirit and no boundaries :D


  • Vlad says:

    Sounds like the audio of a youtube poop but way much better, I listen to this while doing my math homework but I gave up cause my brain got too much fucked : bad kitty, let me work !
    Good music though !

  • david says:

    Psychedelic like I imagined the style when I only knew the word :D Thank you for releasing and hugs and love go to you and your friends.

  • luuli says:

    this will explain my music much more thoroughly to those who find is awful or harsh.. http://www.radiolab.org/2007/sep/24/ modern stravinsky ova hear

  • derverd says:

    great job and thanks.

    and Spooch nailed it.

  • Acixcube says:

    So I had a few years to process this album in my mind (my brain took a bit longer than usual) and…. its great!

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