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Otherworldly Odysseys

Free Music | Darkpsy, Forest, Goa | March 5, 2013 | Released by  | Posted by Søren Nordström

Otherworldly Odysseys
01 - Mystical Voyager, Eleutheria, Gazgacid, Joshua Vanner - Going Otherworldly (115 BPM)
02 - Sishiva - Love Explosions (148 BPM)
03 - Sprocket - Lateralistic (147 BPM)
04 - Azzmatazz - Hallucinogenic School (147 BPM)
05 - Shadowls - Anesthesia Awareness (148 BPM)
06 - Atomental - Deepology (150 BPM)
07 - Backgammon - Otherworldly Odysseys (148 BPM)
08 - Archaic - Animaliens (146 BPM)
09 - Grobians - My Magic Spaceship (150 BPM)
10 - Shiva3 - Har Har Mahadev (Remix) (148 BPM)
11 - Mystical Voyager, Eleutheria, Gazgacid, Joshua Vanner - Psychedelic Odysseys (115 BPM)

Visionary Shamanics are very happy to present their third compilation, Otherworldly Odysseys. Fresh realms of shamanic grooves for the new era of psychedelic travelling, multidimensional planes of awareness, and otherworldly mystery. Another synergy of visionary art, shamanic poetry, and mystical trance. Psychically perceive the interstellar weaves using the magical threads of infinite possibilities.

Otherworldly odysseys
along mysterious psychedelic pathways
creating new networks and associations
dynamic shamanic resonations
opening stargate portals
then finding true essence immortal
archaic dreaming elder realm surfers appear
star family alliance near
returning in magic spaceships
for these stormedelic transforming shifts
recovery of ancient wisdoms
revealing paths through spiritual kingdoms

Visionary art by Shiva3, compiled by Mystical Voyager. Mastering by Aegolious at Twisted Sonics Studio (except tracks 4 and 8 mastered by Azzmatazz and Kass at Wired Masters Studio, respectively). Track eight licenced from Wildthings Records. Poetry by Mystical Voyager with help from Rhiannon.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 23,856.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.

[audio: intro-going-otherworldly.mp3, sishiva-love-explosions.mp3, sprocket-lateralistic.mp3, azzmatazz-hallucinogenic-school.mp3, shadowls-anesthesia-awareness.mp3, atomental-deepology.mp3, backgammon-otherworldly-odysseys.mp3, archaic-animaliens.mp3, grobians-my-magic-spaceship.mp3, shiva3-har-har-mahadev-remix.mp3, outro-psychedelic-odysseys.mp3]

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  • jarno says:

    Cant unzip this :o

  • Marcos says:

    Mystical Voyager, Eleutheria, Gazgacid, Joshua Vanner and Azzmatazz are the best!!!!

  • Paracusia says:


  • Tentacle Face says:

    Bogsnorkeliciously Tentacalogical


  • Basilisk says:

    Before this spirals out of control… criticism is always welcome around here but please try to word your comments in a civil way :)

  • Elden says:

    Great compilation, quality music, a pleasure to listen :)

  • Shamanic wizard says:

    Shamanic poetry, mystical trance and visionary art are the concept for Visionary Shamanics records :D

  • Powerful beats, wheres the party ?

  • Al Pakka says:

    Dudes, open your mind!

    This is a cosmic journey through some great realms.

  • Maria says:


  • luuli says:

    my deepest apoligies to shadowls for my previous comments it was a misunderstanding and i was the one making the error <3

  • Psylosophy says:

    Such closed-minded people in this page – a poem is a poem, and yet you make your disposition towards it dissuade you from listening to the music that artists who had no contribution towards the poem have put great effort in. I’ll hold back any further discussion on this, for civility.

    MEANWHILE… This album includes the best mix of Goa and Dark Psychedelic that I have heard in such a very long time, and for this I thank you deeply. Such a very wonderful album, all the way through.

  • Shamanic Wizard says:

    Intro and outro are made in town called Totnes I live in Uk with real instruments and next level shamanic poetry, more will be coming in this style as this is the concept of visionary Shamanics records. I dont blindly follow others, and want to take shamanic journeying to a new level with this newly channeled concept :D

  • Basilisk says:

    I just had to trash something close to 20 comments, a new record around here! For those just joining, someone out there really doesn’t like the shamanic poetry part of this release and was using a bunch of different names to have an admittedly humorous conversation with himself about it.

    Again: criticism is always welcome but trolling is not. If you can’t share your opinion in a civilized fashion you will find your comment nuked. Save me the trouble, wouldja? I have better things to do.

  • Al Pakka says:

    Good work Basilisk.

    Back to the music!

  • Simon Techno says:

    Good work basilik. How is that good work. censorship is never a good thing. restricting peoples views. i will continue to post my views.

  • Basilisk says:

    Simon, this will be my final message on this topic. You are welcome to post your views as long as you aren’t being a dick. I encourage the free exchange of opinions here at Ektoplazm. What I do not allow is outright abuse, trolling, sock puppetry, and so on. Your IP is recorded with every comment so I know with certainty that you are behind many of the other names that have been posting here. Cut it out, alright?

    Now, back to the music!

  • Cosinus Alpha says:

    Acually, I like intro and outro :D To be honest, intro and outro are my favourites, alongside with track 10

  • Discerning Listener says:

    Shadowls track is outstanding, atmospheric and trippy with tight percussion. Azzmatazz and Atomental also very good

  • Freaky G says:

    Ppl talking rubbish about the intro/outro.. I dont think you really have understod what Visionary Shamanics stand for. If you hate it so much, press Next track in winamp, and voila music comeing out the speakers. I really like the way Daivd is workeing with this label, there is a meaning with all the things.. poety, great artwork and good solid tracks, with lots of different styles in it.. Open your mind, or come with some critisims that are usefull, or stop talking rubbish. And avoid two quite small intro/outro ;)

  • Discerning Listener says:

    Also have to agree with Freaky G about people talking rubbish, if poetry isn’t your bag, you don’t have listen to those tracks, simple. Personally I have no problem with it, just sounds to me like some guys having fun, being creative and (i think) not taking themselves to seriously, which is never a bad thing imo. Lighten up :)

  • praheya says:

    big congrats to this awweeesome compilation! high quality state of the art tracks!
    thanks to visionary shamanics and all the artists who share their creative work with the world.
    namasteee.. from austria

  • Basilisk says:

    I am closing the comments on this release—a first in Ektoplazm history. I am quite tired of having to clean this thread every day. To the bozo who keeps leaving fake comments: we get it, you really don’t like the poetry. Now can you just move on and let other people enjoy the music?

    I happen to like that the comments around here are anonymous but it does open the system up to abuse. Thankfully this hasn’t happened more than a handful of times in the seven years I have been running this site. I will re-open this whenever the dust settles.