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Vox – Innerpolarity

Free Music |  | May 18, 2007 | Posted by Basilisk

Vox – Innerpolarity
01 :: Analog Heaven (7:29)
02 :: Atmosfear (8:02)
03 :: Behind The Wheel (8:04)
04 :: Over The Clouds (8:14)
05 :: Mayana (8:42)
06 :: Euphoria (8:46)
07 :: City of Black Lights (7:51)
08 :: Inner Polarity (7:21)

Vox (Tomislav Crncic), like many old school fans, was “unhappy with the direction trance music was going in 1999 and 2000.” Shortly thereafter, Tomislav “decided to start producing the music he loved and wanted to listen to.” In February of 2007, Metapsychic Records released the debut full-length album from Vox, which has just been remastered and re-released to the world. Innerpolarity features eight songs inspired by the classic Goa trance sound of groups like Cosmosis, Astral Projection, Shakta, and Prana. This is a release for all the fans of old school Goa trance; take a cosmic trip with Vox and Metapsychic Records!

MP3 Download | WAV Download · Download count: 14,563.

Note: Innerpolarity has been released as a single audio file accompanied by a “cue” sheet, as it was intended to be burned to CD. Look into an application called Cue Splitter if you wish to divide the album into individual tracks on your hard drive.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Be sure to activate Flash in your browser; it is usually disabled by default in Chrome and other modern browsers.

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  • kmet_jozo says:

    still dont know what track is what cuz this is a mix,but from 32min to 38 it is some crazy stuff,pure beautiful goa , great album just great

  • maniodepresive says:

    5/5 – I though, that there is made only stupid commercial music in Croatia (some disco crap or some slow romantic songs for drunken older women). This debut album shows me, that I was wrong. This release contains classical goa trance with variety of melodies and mastering (of re-released and remastered version) is solid too. It isn’t much spiritual album, but really powerful and when you play Innerpolarity loud in your car or on the party, you won’t be disappointed and people around you too.

  • Siko says:

    is that the latest remastered version or the original one ? album is great , pure goa oriented

  • Basilisk says:

    Yes, this is the remastered version.

  • Very nice album, starts off in a down tempo and slowly builds up to a very nice trance that only old school goa can purify and manifest. The baselines on Interpolarity are very good, very good melodic driving flight. Lightweight and uplifting.

  • My cue file seems to split the end of the previous track onto the following. Basicly it’s cutting the tracks too early, and the rest of it is in the begning of the next…

  • I corrected the cue file.

    If you delete the .cue and replace it with .txt you can edit it in a text editor

    All of the tracks need at least 30 seconds added to their start times. They are starting too early.

    Here is a corrected cue file you can use (just cut and paste)

    TITLE “Innerpolarity”
    FILE “Vox-Innerpolarity-2007-MPR.mp3” WAVE
    TITLE “Analogue heaven”
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    TITLE “Atmosfear”
    INDEX 01 07:30:39
    TITLE “Behind the wheel”
    INDEX 01 16:03:22
    TITLE “Over the clouds”
    INDEX 01 24:08:07
    TITLE “Mayana”
    INDEX 01 32:22:41
    TITLE “Euphoria”
    PERFORMER “Vox (with DJ Stiven)”
    INDEX 01 41:07:17
    TITLE “City of black lights”
    INDEX 01 49:54:10
    TITLE “Inner polarity”
    INDEX 01 57:46:04

  • Kasper says:

    This seems to epitomize old-school goatrance more than old-school goatrance itself. Superb!

  • Basilisk says:

    Regarding the cue sheet–the problem was with the track times I had listed above, which have now been corrected. Sorry for any confusion. There should be no need to use another cue sheet.

  • Amit says:

    Amazing release. A (X-mas) gift for all real goa trance lovers. Crazy that you just get the best sound here for free. May EXTOPLASM live long and prosper ! And may such brilliant artists as VOX get all reward for their mind blowing stuff as they deserve. Namaste !

  • Siraj says:

    Simply one of the best goa album i have heard. 10/10. this has changed my direction from dark style to old school.
    will appreciate if anyone at all could help me out to build a collection of music in the lines of this album
    and also the sublime – pyramidal trancendence album? all help much appreciated.
    Namaste from India.

  • Sunai says:

    awesome classic!

  • netKen says:

    Very Very Good.
    Highest rate.

  • SHIVA says:

    i heard “behind the wheel” today on the webradio and was put back in time to my beloved melodic goa 15 years ago. i searched it in the inet and fpound this great album. i am soooo happy. please guys from VOX – keep on going! keep making tracks like “behind the wheel”. ommmmmmm

  • Melkiah says:

    I still very much enjoy this compilation. I do hope this band is going in the right direction. Today’s goa and psy trance sound so crappy and has no production value, meant to be a method of quick monetary gain. This is offered for free, which is enough of a reason to know that this has a better chance of higher production value and quality. It’s true. I love this CD a lot. still to this day, I downloaded this probably about 2 years ago.

  • mchakra says:

    Just want to say that this is really really good music. It does not sound cheap like so much of the neo-old school stuff. It sounds like honestly some of the better quality pieces from the old days. I listen to (and create) Goa Trance since that style was slowly emerging and am familiar with the choice of this website’s essential selections (missing Shiva Shidapu). Vox did really well, compared to so much rubbish that comes from any year after 2000. It is clear and psychedelic and really goes round. It gives a trancy message.
    So that you judge my opinion and what i refer to as quality, here is a proof: Listen to two of the best songs ever made: Shakta – Lepton head (Deedrah Remix) and Blue Pill by Blue Planet Corproation. Then go out there and try find similar stuff. Hint: Try Dimension 5, Noma. The best ambient song is still HUVA Network – … (Put Put Mix). Namaste.

  • nimrod8 says:

    Excellent, “must-have” download.

    Thx for it, waiting for the next VOX album. :)

  • exxile says:

    1st class Goa-Trance! Fantastic!

  • andy says:

    Does anyone know any more albums similar to this. This one is a real mind melt!

  • adem says:

    nice Goa!

  • Marcus says:

    This album is most excellent! It’s better than much of the stuff they charge you for, better than your average suntrip release. Download NOW if you enjoy goa trance.

  • Kodoth says:

    This is by the Way the best underrate NewAge-Goatrance Album the ever was createt since the Genre exist! This wonderfull Upgrowing Background-Atmospheres eminently in the Track ,, City of black lights´´ is just perfect like it shoud sound:) ! All Respect i could creat so many with this awesome Sounds. Much more like a typical Masterpieces. The Album Titel Track in the End brings it to the optimal Soundclimax.

  • shane says:

    This is one of my favorite trance sets of all time! I love the energy and the space it takes me to! A near daily listen for me! Thanks so much for putting this out for free you guys!

  • Amazing album – congradulations Tomislav you did good… very good!!!

  • 555 says:

    че за нафиг блин постоянно сбрасывается не возможно скачивать может у меня апишник забанили даже не знаю сижу на билайне может они там чего мудруют?

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