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DJ Psyentifica – Open Source

Mix |  | July 24, 2011 | Posted by Basilisk

DJ Psyentifica – Open Source
01 :: Global Sekt - Just Music
02 :: Psyentifica - Singularity
03 :: Har-El & Ime - Asylum
04 :: Artsense - New Style
05 :: Klacid - Big Surprise
06 :: SOM - Psychedelic Dream's
07 :: Sanga - Isis
08 :: XMen - Existence
09 :: Tehnaz - Koks
10 :: Electric Project - Total War
11 :: Hemendra - System Of A Snow
12 :: 40 Percent - Swift [Imix Remix]
13 :: Myrah - Listen to this [Remix]
14 :: Solar System - Solar System

Psyentifica has recently compiled a DJ mix featuring songs downloaded from the Ektoplazm free music catalogue. Open Source shimmers with full-on energy and uplifting trance melodies; this mix is designed to encourage the free expression of optimistic thinking and positive vibes. Check out the full track listing and download the mix here!

MP3 Download · Download count: 21,815.

I have to say, it is a very cool thing to hear a mix featuring music from the site! Psyentifica has been very active in providing detailed comments for many of the releases available through Ektoplazm, and I really appreciate this gesture to the worldwide community. He has drawn on material from several releases including Positive Reaction, Warriors Of The Sun (Part 3), 60 Full Moons, State Of Spirit, Golden Vibes 1, and Cosmo Circle’s album Never Land. The second track into the mix is actually one of Psyentifica’s own compositions. Entitled Singularity, it is scheduled for release on an upcoming compilation from Infinity Loop Music. Be sure to drop by his Myspace profile and leave a nice word if you appreciate the spirit in which this mix was made!

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  • hector says:

    ahi te va algo de psycho

  • John says:

    I love to here the hottest trance and techno house that you have and I want some free music ok.

  • Mardouk says:

    Woooooot !!! wooooot!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could have heard it in live !!!!

    so much thanks for this mix !!!!! ^^

  • rf says:

    So happy I heard this. This was one of those mixes that really did justice to all these new tracks that appeared here and encouraged future exploration.

  • Hamed (from iran) says:

    Perfect !
    I love it !!! thanx dude… ;) :-*

  • junk says:

    my favourite live set ever
    as soon as I heard this, I fell in love with Psyentifica and ektoplazm

    I love the cuts from the warriors… thats such a sick movie

    pretty much… mega kudos to you psyentifica for composing this live set
    and to see you play it live, I think I would have me melted all over the place !

  • From gods own country and devils own people says:

    Wow.. Its an awsome work.. I like it.. Thumbs up!

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