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Amiranu – Painting The Sky

Free Music | Darkpsy, Full-On | September 5, 2013 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Amiranu – Painting The Sky
01 - The Rainbow God (143 BPM)
02 - We're All Shards Of A Fractal (142 BPM)
03 - Pickled Dolphins (feat. The Prodigal Steve) (145 BPM)
04 - Painting The Sky (142 BPM)
05 - Watching The Trees Move (85 BPM)
06 - Lecherous Moon (148 BPM)
07 - Electric Jesus (147 BPM)
08 - Boş Squirm (feat. The Jolly Jimbah) (150 BPM)

Karana Music proudly presents Painting The Sky, the debut album by American artist Amiranu. Evocative of the rainy forests of the Pacific Northwest he calls home, his music wanders through morning, full-on, forest, and chilled out sounds. Inspired by adventures he’s embarked on in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, and Turkey, Amiranu’s songs range from transcendent and spiritual to dark and twisted and occasionally strange and silly, always capturing the many faces of the psychedelic experience. With Amiranu as your guide, Painting The Sky will lead you on a journey through the weird and wonderful realms of the mind. And keep you dancing the whole way. Mastered done by Vaughan Phillips @ The Audio Matrix with artwork by Dave Anderson.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 7,539.

Release under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • Nymphomania says:


  • Ace says:

    hell yea, PNW represent ^^ i know “amiranu” in person. :P

  • Psygnosis says:

    GREAT album.. awesome production skills , lovely sounds and flow.
    Thank you !!

  • Amiranu says:

    Thank you all for your support! If you like my sounds, I’m available for remixes, collaborations, and DJ bookings worldwide!

    You can contact me through here, and check out a few DJ mixes, music videos, and more! :)

    And if you like the album, please leave a comment!




  • Nymphomania says:

    Lush, exotic melodic full on style with a great twist to darker more manic sound towards the end. Odd tempo changes and ambiences keep things fresh. Larger than life vibe. 5/5

  • psidre says:

    I notice this release has a rating hovering “above average”. I’m just curious to hear from critics what the determining factor(s) might have been to provoke such a mediocre response.

    I personally have not had the opportunity to listen to this album yet – but certainly I would find it helpful, as I’m sure would others, to hear some constructive feedback; in particular the kind soul who produced the sounds.

    Just a thought <3

  • Garflzan says:

    Yeah man it just sounds really generic, like it was made by someone whose only exposure to psytrance was this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIjFMQsb2S4
    Just some really commercial, mainstream sounds. More like someone trying to exploit it to be a cool guy than anything.

  • Ali Cat says:

    just saying…you all know him in person, but he camped on my living room floor like twice x) so neener neener :P

    Great work dude! I love love love it!

  • Amiranu says:

    I produced this album over the course of 2 years of playing at raves and psy festivals around the world – the songs themselves are all named for, and inspired by, psychedelic trips of various sorts friends and I have embarked on since 2010. Only starting 2 years ago did I develop the necessary technical ability to express these ideas musically.
    Some are named for specific things my friends and I said on trips, others named for philosophical ideas that occurred to us on our mental journeys, and some were inspired purely by visionary experiences. Some of the tunes have a more melodic, uplifting morning trance sound because the trips that inspired them were serene and mystical. Some are more full on, and crammed with silly samples and harsher sounds because some of our trips were stranger, and goofier; and the last few songs, Electric Jesus and Bos Squirm in particular, were inspired after playing at (or partying at) dark psytrance festivals in Turkey and Northern California.

    The dark psytrance contains more bizarre and ridiculous vocal samples because, of the dark psy parties I’ve been to, the people I met were really silly (like the Italians at Paradise Valley in Turkey), or more understatedly goofy, like the fellow I met while tripping at my first Goa Gil party, who wore a crown of white battery-powered Christmas lights around his head, and looked like one of those Renaissance-era paintings of Christ.

    I tried to put as much of the atmosphere, and mood of the experiences themselves into the track as I could – I wanted to share my interpretation of the psychedelic experience with the world :)

  • Gwarzilla says:

    Methinks Garflzan doth be trolling, because I don’t where sees the similarities between YouTube video he posted and the sounds on this album. I’m hardly a psy-head but I dig this album for the shifting organic aural textures both intra and inter-song; psychedelic enough to get you dreaming yet uptempo enough to keep you moving. Great album!!

  • Garflzan says:

    Not trolling, just my opinion based on the taste level and aesthetic being presented here. Dude just seems like one of those late twenty something guys who still live with their parents and is more versed in facebook promotions than actual underground music and events. Just seems like this guy just really really talks himself up to appear more experienced that he really is. A product of mainstream and commercial “rave” style parties popular with suburban or yuppie white kids that just don’t get proper psy.

  • Garflzan says:

    Actually, I hereby retract all that I’ve said against Amiranu. I was told I would be paid for such scathing comments but have since realized they never had any intention of acting paying me. I hereby apologize.

  • Garflzan says:

    Funny! Pretty much anybody could tell that’s not my style, but anyway all the cool psytrance parties I’ve been to have never been facebook events or hour long sets and anybody who thinks that’s how psytrance is really just doesn’t understand underground music and culture. Just my experience of the whole “underground” thing over the last 12 years or so.

  • Jake Williams says:


  • Daniela says:

    GREAT RELEASE., Why doesn’t this have the 5 star rating it clearly deserves? Someone must have been jealous :-)

  • Basilisk says:

    Garfizan, your feedback is welcome but there’s no need to be a jerk about it. Let’s get back to the music…

  • Shauk says:

    Garflzan is sad. *gives Garflzan a cookie*
    Amiranu is epic *gives Amiranu a 5 star rating*

  • Garflzan says:

    I apologize Alexander, I wasn’t trying to be a jerk. I just really do not appreciate this new generation of facebook edm dj/producer types that have the whole fake it till you make it aesthetic down. Just really disappointing when this is the taste level being presented and having hordes of generic facebook fans backing it up. Its a shame really, when someone counts what they have done on facebook as real experience against others that have actually gone out and done something with their time. Just makes for a cheap copy of a bad imitation of music. I realize now I should have just ignored the bs and just be happy that I don’t live with my parents or have done pretty much nothing with myself in terms of a career to fall back on when music doesn’t pay my bills.

  • Shauk says:

    I’m hardly generic, I’m SPECIAL, my mother told me so. You sir, need to find more creative and constructive outlets. Not caring for a track or album is one thing, your attempt to “take the high road” while simultaneously trying to backhand the shit out of Amiranu’s character with your social status insults is quite another.

  • Shini says:

    This CD is bad ass! Amiranu rocks for letting us get a taste of his work for free. Garflzan, sounds like someone is pissy about his own music career not working out. Maybe you should try being more positive in life, I hear it helps with making friends and networking (aka finding people to support your creative efforts).

  • Nymphomania says:

    You know, this CD is very upbeat, uplifting, and accessible (at least in its first half), but that doesn’t make it generic. It may not be ‘real psy’, it does sound a bit inspired by other forms of trance. However, this has nothing to do with the quality of the music. I think it’s clear this is heartfelt music, and that the compositions are lush and melodic. I find it to be deep, diverse and psychedelic.

  • Avri says:

    Excellent release!

  • Nymphomania says:

    I do think the production is a bit rough / lo-fi. I hope Amiranu gets some better gear in the future

  • Amiranu says:

    I learned quite a lot about sound design, and a lot of new production techniques since this originally came out at the end of May on Karana’s site. So, rest assured, future tracks will sound much better. ;)

  • PLAZMADO says:


  • traveller says:


  • Projekt23 says:

    This is the cure for my soul!!! thx 5/5.

  • pyc says:

    Garflzan, don’t be that hard on Amiranu… As far as I’m concerned, this album is not that bad, I’ve heard much worse trips. It’s interesting actually that it has its own unique style. Kind of fresh sounds I may say… I would give it 3.5/5..

  • Zink says:

    Very nice psychedelic trip this açbum. Thanks for sharing it. ;)

  • Paul V says:

    Great Work Dave, Stunning Production
    Your Success is well deserved and can only continue to grow !

  • Sean says:

    Takes me on a journey! Great work!

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