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Amygdala – Modus Operandi

Free Music | Bass Music, Goa, Progressive | December 31, 2012 | Released by Ektoplazm | Posted by Basilisk

Amygdala – Modus Operandi
01 - Yeheuan Filters (73 BPM)
02 - Ridden By The Loa (66 BPM)
03 - The Construct (Oxylerator III) (136 BPM)
04 - Modus Operandi (140 BPM)
05 - Mindsweeper (142 BPM)
06 - Wintermute (140 BPM)
07 - Business End (134 BPM)
08 - Made Up Mind (130 BPM)
09 - MetaMusic (Reified Mix) (132 BPM)
10 - Simstim (65 BPM)
11 - Enlightenment Cut (60 BPM)
12 - ConunDrum (110 BPM)

Ektoplazm is proud to present Modus Operandi, the long-awaited debut album by Danish producer Amygdala (Andreas Riemer Christensen). Returning to the futuristic sonic dystopia of The Sprawl (2009), Amygdala brings us further into his musical vision of the classic cyberpunk aesthetic defined in William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Blending old school Goa trance with contemporary electronic music influences, Amygdala conjures a unique cinematic style designed to mentally transport the listener to an imaginary high-tech cityscape populated by cyborg mercenaries, corporate spies, and artificial intelligences. Mastered by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, U.K., with photography and design by A. Synaptic.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 24,641.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. This album is lightly mixed for a seamless listening experience; DJs may elect to download an unmixed version in MP3, FLAC, or WAV format. [EKTLP16]


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  • etherdesign says:

    Holy shit, I’ve been waiting for a full album from you since your entrance in the first psynews track competition. You got my votes there so I’m sure this is going to be stellar. Thank you!

  • squid says:

    good stuff to bring in the new year. love.

  • msc says:

    Amazing. Even better than the first release.

  • deepgoa says:

    wow fantastic start into 2013!

  • Midnight says:


  • LeMozz says:

    Incredible work !

  • goaTree says:

    this guy knows how to catch attention! it starts with construct oxylerator and continues to end :)
    thanks for this groovy vibes

  • Penzoline says:

    Yes!!! I had no idea he was cooking something! Woo!

  • pyc says:

    wow, this is sooooo filled with exceptional tracks… :)

  • Dschawenga says:

    wow, this sound is very good for go in deep dynamic meditation……not litle and not to much :-) some traks are perfect for me! thanxxx a lot of spend your good musik with us for free…
    best wisches from berlin (germany)…

  • exotic says:

    Very original! Perfect sound! reminds me a little bit of M.E.E.O which is not a bad thing. thanks for this release :)

  • SabiFromMars says:

    Waah! This is totally kick ass! I’m on track 6 so far and even if the rest is total crap (extremely unlikely) it still makes it into the highlights of the year 2012 for me!
    Love the sounds, love the atmospheres, love the construct, real cool!
    Thank u so much for sharing this (and for free)!
    God bless u brother

  • Larry Sunshine says:

    Excellent stuff

  • Teenik says:

    Hammer Teil ! Mindsweeper geht voll durch !

  • Amygdala says:

    Thanks for the warm comments so far! It is nice to know that you enjoy it out there… Spread the word, and peace all around! Also, big up to Alexander and Colin – credit where credit is due.

  • Cynos says:

    Good stuff for begin this year. This is I was waiting for :)

  • Luffy says:

    Very good stuff me gusta !

  • Amazing, I’ve been waiting for this! :)

  • noreun says:

    Amazing. True real top notch insanely good psychedelic work. Beginning to end. Not a single filler. I can almost see the movie behind the soundtrack ;) Thanks dude!

  • yone says:

    Really nice album. I’d would to hear much more deep progressive like tracks with highly goa influences than psystep (it is not my piece of cake) but still rear layers are very deep and carefully arranged! That it’s reason why I gave chance dubstep like tracks without crappy mainstream influences. All the best!


  • uNITYoneNess says:

    Peace on Earth Throughout the Galaxy and Across this Universe and All Planes of Infinite Light
    May All Beings be Loved Healed Lifted & Enlightened ~ Bliss & Love

  • Carma says:

    This is definitely the best release of 2012. The best idea was to mix these great songs “for a seemless listening experience”. Thank you for this amazing work and keep it up.

    p.s.: i noticed “Oxylerator part 1” on “The Sprawl” and “part 3” on this album. Where is the second? :)

  • Amygdala says:

    Thanks again for the latest – I am thrilled!

    @Carma: You can find the second installment of the Oxylerator on this V/A:


    “Oxylerator” is the name of a synthesizer in my studio (Roland SH-1 if interested) – a crazy friend of mine dubbed it that. It is used in the three tracks, which are all slightly techy – part II the least, though. The vocals on part II is by the friend who made up the name “Oxylerator”. Enjoy :)

  • Carma says:

    Thanks Amygdala, downloading now!
    One more thing there: can you tell if “I’m insane and you’re my insanity” in “Wintermute” is from the movie “12 Monkeys”? I remember James Cole saying this, but the voice in your song is quite distorted not to recognize whether it’s from that movie or somewhere else.

  • feliciano92 says:

    Great album, especially ‘Yeheuan Filters’ and ‘Conun Drum’ are excellent tracks!
    Amazing start in the new year, thank you very much for sharing!

  • Amygdala says:

    @Carma: Well spotted, “12 Monkeys” is right. Excellent movie! I have been a bit worried that the distortion was too much – but if you made out the words, all is well!

    @Feliciano: Thanks – happy newyear!

  • MetaMusic (Reified Mix)… man i remember the original ;) i used to have so much fun with that one, great Re-edition, Def That Tack Deserve it!!!

  • Carma says:

    @ Amygdala: Indeed the movie is excellent. One of my all time favourites. The other’s Mr Nobody. Watch it if you like. Who knows, maybe you’ll sample that next time ;)

  • Yes says:

    Which tracks are “goa”? I’m on #5, and I don’t think I’ve really heard a goa track yet.

  • Mat says:

    This album is massive!! Thanks !!

  • Ozric says:

    This is the best release I’ve seen come out on Ektoplazm in a long time! Very eclectic and powerful, congrats to Amygdala and THANKS! All the best.

  • Eduardo says:

    Very powerful, it does take you to a cyber-punk environment. Loved the samples, and the psy-step experimentation. Greetings from Mexico.

  • Acid_Ghost says:

    Absolutely sick album !! Many thanks for the download !

  • Christos says:

    LS fucking D
    extremely pleasant and powerful
    all the best Andreas great vibes to you

  • Paul Eye says:

    Finally it’s here! Very very nice, groovy and in-your-face. If I start at track 3 and stop at track 9. Those dubstepwhateverwobbles are definitely not my thing.

  • Blacksaw says:

    Loving this release.

  • Ash Riot says:

    Yeah, this isn’t “Goa” at all. Music’s good, sure, but it’s not Goa. Stop mislabeling.

  • Basilisk says:

    “Goa trance” once meant “trance played in Goa”. It was an inclusive term—and it stayed that way for most of the 1990s. It was only with the Goa trance revival in the 2000s that the boundaries of the genre began to coalesce around the more cosmic style of acts like Dimension 5, Filteria, etc. By today’s standards old school Koxbox is not Goa trance—and that’s absurd. Amygdala’s musical inspiration comes, in part, from the more techno-oriented Goa trance acts of the mid-1990s. If you have any doubts just listen to “Wintermute”; this is unmistakably Goa trance (in my opinion, of course).

  • Rob says:

    This is an amazing album, every single track is superb. Definitely recommended to everyone!

  • Nymphomania says:

    The production is very good, well blended and it has a quite epic feel…

    However some of the tracks seem to blend in with the endless ocean of full on and progressive music. I wish for a bit more melodic substance, density or complexity, something to break up the formula?

    Still, not bad at all. This artist clearly tries hard. 4/5

  • WoL says:

    it’s definitely not “goa” :( and now i know what is “psystep” –> i dont like this shit

  • Evan says:

    Beautiful Goa spirit in some of those tracks. Breathtaking and powerful stuff. (Previous commenter must have stopped after track 2 :)

  • jayex says:

    I love this album so much..the psystep side is quite unique:D
    and 4×4 tracks with goa influencies ..simply great atmospheric..well done..thx a lot

  • Grant says:

    This is inspired work. Good job, mein.

  • Amygdala says:

    Hi There,
    I think we have the same artist name :) http://www.bfwrecordings.com/artists/
    I listen your tracks and they are excellent!
    Greetins from Hungary, Cheers: Laszlo (amygdala)

  • elektronen says:

    I really liked “The Sprawl”, and “Modus Operandi” is stylistically and creatively intriguing. I’ve found very little of ‘dubstep’ to my liking, with most of it aping mainstream trance techno’s obsession with the breakdown-release structure, but now re-naming it a ‘drop’ and accentuating every ounce of timbral and poly-rhythmic insanity the artist can dream up. It’s like big-hair guitar-wanking, but this time with the big sound synth leads made popular in trance techno. It may be energetic, but it’s got no soul.

    “Modus Operandi”, however, uses the ‘drop’ more as a spice, at most an equal citizen among other musical citizens. This makes it a broadening of the musical palette instead of just a teenaged middle-finger to the previous musical generations. I can live with that, and I think Amygdala’s realization of ‘psystep’ has a lot of promise.

  • Psyamb says:

    Great release ! Some fantastic psystep basslines that will make you tripngroove. Used a track for this in my last psystep mix


  • JayBee says:

    What a great album. Diverse, dynamic, and another D word that I can’t think of. But really, really good stuff. my favorite Ektoplasm release of 2013 so far.

  • Walter says:

    Muy buen album, man! me recabiĆ³.

  • Sin Laedra says:

    I always tell to an artist if I like what he creates, in your case I am particularly thinking you made a fantastic release with Modus Operandi, that I listen at least one time a day. Canon Drums finishes the release with a perfect poetic body, nothing else to say except this : Modus Operandi, the full album, is coherent, heart touching and unique. Great great work, I wait the next one patiently. :)

  • Roshni says:

    It’s fucking crazy;) love tis album<3

  • rkas says:

    This is definitely what I would call goa! Just listen to the old Destination Goa albums and you will hear it! It’s not the new boring cheesy neo goa stuff. I really really like this, thanks alot!

  • hmm says:

    Evan, wow, is that you? Could have sworn that I know the into of the first track!! WOW

  • G(jiraffe) says:

    I’ve already commented on this album, but I’m listening to it right now – and it is still one of my favorites on all of Ektoplazm. Great job, great work. Hope you are making a new album.

  • code25 says:

    This is one of my most loved ektoplazm release ever.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful music!

  • MercSinLaedra says:

    Two years after my first commentary (itself one year and a half after the first listening), I’ve to say that it’s my very favorite album on Ektoplazm. Thaaaaaaank youuuuuu!

  • Manuser says:

    I agree with some of the comments above. For me this is the best album available for download here. The most mature for sure, it sounds really professional and personal. Well done Amygdala.

  • soma_junkie says:

    I love this album. I know it came out in 2012, but I’ve been listening to it a lot this year.

  • elektronen says:

    This album just BLOWS MY MIND. So many layers, so much energy, and so cinematic. Seriously one of the best things ever released on Ektoplazm, and I’ve probably amassed about 150 releases via this site over the last 10 years. Stupendous.

  • UNISSON says:

    I agree with all of the previews comments.
    This is incredible. I’ve digged so deeply in this plateforme and youtube, Soundcloud bandcamp, etc.. but this is the 1st album that i’ve liked that much!
    Amygdala is now a trance reference for me.
    Full of respect for your piece of perfectness you’ve bring to us!
    Peace, love, unity <3.

  • Robert Solemn says:

    Track 10 – SimStim is one of the best tracks I’ve heard in years. I would do anything to hear more stuff like this – it’s amazing.

  • Sin Laedra says:

    Happy anniversary! Ten years after, this is still one of the best Albums I’ve ever heard. I can’t say how many times I’ve recommended it and I hope you are doing well. Thank you for releasing this beast of an album!

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