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Brujo’s Bowl – 900

Free Music | Progressive, Zenonesque | June 7, 2011 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Brujo’s Bowl – 900
01 - 900 (135 BPM)
02 - Sub Minimal Message (135 BPM)
03 - Reality Edit (128 BPM)
04 - Train Of Thought (135 BPM)

900 marks the debut of Brujo’s Bowl (Saxon Higgs), an electronic musician from Mid Wales in the United Kingdom. Blending minimal and progressive psytrance with the rhythmic edge of psystep and dub, this release delivers a freshly tuned bass-heavy sound loaded with squelches, creaks, and bleeps that sync comfortably to the beat. Dubby bass lines and organic grooves provide a foundation for the unfolding of sneaky melodic motifs and mystical atmospheres. The end result showcases Brujo’s wide range of musical interests while firmly integrating these disparate elements into an elegant wholeness worthy of repeat listening.

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Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • Pick says:

    really good stuf guys!! fuckin great music!! congrad!
    Cheerz George Pick

  • CarnivorousVuduist says:

    great ep!!!!

  • Raxen says:

    I love the style you used in this album, really trippy for the mind.

    Thank you for sharing us this very enjoyable piece of work.

    Bravo <3

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Zenonesque? Sounds like an intergalactic language. I’ll be looking out for a interpreter…

  • z01 says:

    Tchud Trance

    Maybe Zenonesque means that it sounds like Zenon Records stuff .

    Great release dude, I love it!! keep goin’

  • Val Vashar says:

    F****** great, music with style and hairy bollocks! Zenonesque means that tracks like “900” and “Sub Minimal Message” are ready to be released on Zenon… Btw. does Higgs means Hayes in U.K.? Anthony Hopkins of progg music!!!

  • blobz nutcracker says:

    I love the ZENONESQUE style!!!
    Zenon Records is a trendsetter, that’s for sure… and deserve a name for their unique style of music…
    nor techtrance, nor general progressive… just ZENON! kkk

  • n3s says:

    Why Artist name in traktor dj, is Shadow Fx not Brujos Bowl?

  • TriTonCarton says:

    oh yes! great vibes congrat to all workers
    i’ll share it of course :@)

  • Floaty says:

    Yes man !!! really great tunes, mindboggle and crunchy luv it !!
    And u deserve it, that your tunes are ready for ZENON !!!

    well done mate!!!


  • Zooch says:

    Such a great release. Nice tunes for my little birthday party!!!! :)


  • Amazing release, cant wait to play all these out for the tech heads out here in California. Got a huge outdoor coming up and these are perfect! thanks Saxon great work!!!!!

  • Disfunction says:

    Yeeah verygooood music !!tthanksto do this

  • Saxon Higgs says:

    Thanx for all the positive vibes guys. Glad you all like it. :) x

    Someone has pointed out that in some media players, the tracks are artist named, Shadow fx. Haha
    It’s a silly mistake. But here’s why it does that. I converted all the tracks from 24bit wav to 16bit wav in audacity. I had preveously converted th shadow fx album into mp3 to put on my mp3 player. And the program must have copied the names wrong on the 900 ep.

    Soz again everyone. silly mistake.

    And thanks again for all your encouraging comments. x

  • Abstructure says:

    I’m not a Minimal Techno/House fan, as I more tend to like high energy melodies and most of the Minimal music – well, lets face it, it sounds more like an unfinished sketch, like someones started working on a loop and stopped working on it in an early sage and never bother to continue developing it to a real tune…

    Basically. this release has the usual features of Minimal dance music, however this one prooves that it’s not about how many instruments or channels you have, or how many safisticated FX, plugins and automation games you make, your music can be still be interesting, funky, dubby and deep. This release may be considered as Minimal, but it WORKS. Once you click on the play botton, you just can stop it and this is something I can’t say about most of the tunes in this genre.


  • Well, i’m happy to hear a comment like that from someone who not really a “fan” of minimal dance music…

    I’ll see what i can do getting these Shadow FX informations out the files and then sending it to Ektoplazm again….it might take a little while.
    Thanx for all of your votings, downloads and support…
    Good job Saxon =)

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Okay. I’m back from the distant galaxy that this album sent me to. It took a while to get back here, let me tell ya! Well, this is Brujo’s Bowl of Psychedelic Soup for sure… and boy, is it good! Zenonesque, huh? Looking for more!!

  • IvanZ says:


  • Mar Schiavon says:

    Very inspiring to me! I like your style mate, keep psy! Killer stuff!

  • Prettyyyy music!!! Ni stuff m8s!!! all tracks are awesome!!! Good work!!

  • Great work Saxon, this EP is a proper journey.. Look forward to more!

  • GaiaSun says:

    When i looked for this kind of stuff, i looked for “Psygressive”, never techtrance. some of the tracks named as techtrance some times dosnt fit like the repititive style of techno. Psygressive, in my logic, stands for Psychedelic Progressive PsyTrance………this yes -> Progressive Transcendental Psychedelic Music = Progressive Psytrance…but it “already exist” Progressive Psytrance (that for me almost all project with this name have more to do with Trance Music that Psytrance)…so call it Psygressive???some thimes is not agressive…..Zenonesque???? it is realy hard to adopt something new…but i like it, and yes Zenon is the record that has maked most force for this kinda of style…. lets see if it glues ;)

    Brujo’s Bowl – it is a good work. minimal, groovie, dub(istic) = Organic….this kind of style that i always named as psygressive always sounded to me like something organic…
    other name?? “Zenanorg”…hehehe it sounds like cyborg = noooo
    “Tranzen”???”Tranzenic Psytrance”??? xD to much “wonna be” loool
    perhaps “Organesque” or “Organon” or even Prorgressive, Prorganic or Orgessive

    …i like “Prorganic Psytrance” …man dont know………….

    it is a gooood work..gonna see your “Healing With Sound”
    keep the good work, dont be lost, make from your heart, and give it whit and from your heart


  • Jaramogi says:

    love the first track, great & very inovative work :)

  • freaknetic says:

    Brother, I was impressed with the quality of your project. Congratulations on the release.

  • Q-State says:

    This is exactly what I need !
    Thanks A Lot Brujo’s …

  • AVM says:

    awesome !!!! great sounds…..

  • Modifly says:

    what straight trippy tracks they are !!! cheers to saxon for this dubby release !!
    also big cheers out to glitchy.tonic. for coming out with one bigger than the other sick release !!!

  • Smoke Sign says:

    mate these tracks are CRAZY good, such a precise sound. Big love and keep pumpin em out!

  • turbodiesel says:

    …. very, very lovely sounds. well done – I’d say that you have ‘arrived’ for sure. thanks for making this available to the world. keep it coming.

  • Cynos says:

    This is a very trippy release, and this strange (?) style -zenonesque- is very nice.

  • Cuets says:

    Very soulful music, cool cool 8)))

  • psypunk66 says:

    abgefahren – awesome! *thumbs up*

  • Nice productions man, thanks for this! keep with good work, always! Peace for all

  • razbery says:

    brilliant textured deep sounds, sooo looking forward to being there when you perform at boom.

  • ASTARTICA says:

    really love your sounds – play it up and down (when i´m not producing ;) ) all the best

  • steph says:

    it’s very very nice^^

  • Sephiroth_X says:

    True organic minimal progpsy, with hints of the stuff chiva chandra was making back then…

    There is really few stuff that can be called progpsy and this is one of them.

    What most call progpsy is a blend of techtrance and proghouse. No psychedelia there.

  • Rollercoaster says:

    cool music ;)

  • Nymphomania says:

    something very beautiful and subtle about this. magnetic beats. 5/5

  • Ethosphere says:

    Nice work! love it.

  • gclaudiop says:


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