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Ekoplex – Journey Of The Turtle

Free Music | Full-On, Morning, Progressive | August 12, 2008 | Released by Ektoplazm | Posted by Basilisk

Ekoplex – Journey Of The Turtle
01 :: Into The Unknown (142 BPM)
02 :: Fizzgig (137 BPM)
03 :: Graxon (142 BPM)
04 :: We've Been Watching You (142 BPM)
05 :: Druid Walker (142 BPM)
06 :: Modoc (145 BPM)
07 :: Quantillion X (142 BPM)
08 :: Journey Of The Turtle (142 BPM)
09 :: Mount At-Ak (142 BPM)
10 :: Beautiful Rainbow (110 BPM)

Journey Of The Turtle is the full-length debut from Ekoplex (Ray Vincent), one of Canada’s most well-respected psytrance producers. Infused with an original style and unmistakable energy, this album flows through dark and driving techtrance, quirky melodic full-on, and richly atmospheric progressive to arrive at an inspiring downtempo finale. Versatile and unconventional, Journey Of The Turtle is designed to flourish in a wide variety of settings, from the festival dance floor to your home stereo. To ensure the best possible sound quality, this album has been mastered by Tim Schuldt at 4CN Studios, Germany.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 57,765.

Journey Of The Turtle is released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. This is the third official release on the Ektoplazm new media label. Both the MP3 and lossless packages are available for free download–and for those who still make use of physical media there is a CD version for sale as well! If you like this, be sure to check out Ekoplex’s Enter The Dragon EP, also available from Ektoplazm. Donations direct to the artist are welcome:


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  • Psilocybeing says:

    Great album, excellent work! It’s refreshing to see an artist willing share their work online free of charge. Many thanks!

  • fabs says:

    yeah brilliant stuffs mate, well produced

  • CARLO PHY says:

    Musica que limpia y eleva el alma, excelente viaje a cargo de Ekoplex(Ray Vincent), hey muchos exitos muyy bakano su trabajo

  • Kasper says:

    Absolutely fantastic album which stands out primarely because of some really clever arrangements, a lot of restraint and for putting “the space in between” to really good use. A lot of the tracks have an ambient quality to them which I really like. Things aren’t overly melodic, but we’re often treated to some really nice bits and pieces. Favorites include the cinematic opener “Into The Unknown” (which for some reason reminds me of Tarsis’ classic “Into The Static” – I think it has something to do with the ambience of the track. Very cool!), “We’ve Been Watching You”, the title track and the absolutely fan-fucking-tastic Beautiful Rainbow. Excellent release!

  • PhaseTech says:

    Amazing Release! Very powerful festival oriented style. Congratulations to Ekoplex and Ektoplazm! Fav track: Fizzgig :)
    Full review coming soon!

  • Rodrigo (DrkRod) says:

    I’ve just downloaded this and wow men its powerfull, i don’t like Psy-Trance im more like into the darkpsy but this shit is good! Congrats!
    Cheers :)

  • '--_--' says:


    this one really kicks a##
    congrats + thanks for sharing it for free :)

  • Flux says:

    A trully masterpice I’am a witness to a Miricle of birth of a Master Ray Vincent
    means the world to me …. Thank you for guidance hope to kneel before you one day.

  • silva says:

    Really great professional trippy sound! Powerful music! Thanx! I emailed you once asking you if it was possible to listen to your music. Sorry, I wasn’t aware that you were such a high quality musician!

  • Wooohoo what a killer album this one is! The best stomp i’v had in along time!

    Keep up the phenominal work Ekoplex,

    Thanx alot and BIG RESPECT,

    lOVE N liGHT


  • subliminal outcast says:

    Humpty Dumpty Sat on The Wall, Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall…..
    How Sweet Is Graxon. I Think Ive Popped A Membrane Just Listening To The Silky Synths Of This. And That Whirlwind infectious
    Acid Style Synth. Basilisk & Co ThankS A Lot. Time After Time You Truly Prove, You Are Gods Among Mere Men.

  • hustan says:

    this is a fantastic album, well done. I use it during my job with headphones, really helps me to concentrate.

    Thanks for sharing

  • subliminal outcast says:

    P.S Plz You All Come to England So People Over Here Can See You Live, Leeds Is You Best Bet
    Over Here We Have An Underground Scene, Held In Indian Mosque Every Month, With Events Called Riff Raff And
    Cabbage. Now Cabbage Is THE MOST Respected Event In The UK For The Psy Scene. Next Month Im Going TO See
    System 7 And Colourbox. The Biggest Psy Scene In The Uk. So PLZ PLZ PLZ Come.

  • Blindman says:

    Great release. Trippy, crazy and sweeeeeeeat. Give us more Ekoplex :-)

  • Floaty says:

    Man, where is the “warning” sticker ?? real psychedelica inside !!!
    so i am listening for more than 14 years for our music so called “goa or psychedelic trance” and i must say this is one of the best produced albums, i ve ever heard!!!
    man it was a pure pleasure to be the audience fo ur music. this is how psy has to be :)
    truly a masterpiece of art.
    ray, i hope that there comes the day, u play on voov or antaris or either in witch place u like here in germany……..

    so best wishes for future, and take goog care of ur gift…..its really rare nowadays.

    love & light


  • KIRILL says:


  • DJ Meghan says:

    Very awesome release! :)

  • Incredible album, loved every track in it.
    How every track was built is amazing, how every sound flow

    9\10 B)

  • Jeysun says:

    The beat in Fizzgig is so powerful, trees roots would dance to it.
    Great album

  • Jorgi says:

    Poli Kalo! Bravo

  • Subliminal Outcast says:

    For You All To Get The Best Out Of Basilisk & co Releases Burn With The Software: – Exact Audio Copy
    You Can Find It @ http://www.exactaudiocopy.de

  • Punk Tantrik says:

    killa killa kilaaaaaaaa stuffffffffffffff…..

    love frm INDIA

  • Tiko says:

    wow, this is *astonishing* !!; long time no hear such a great composition.. ..ohmygod.. :)


  • LazerBil says:

    Wonderful stuff!! What more can you say? Let’s have a think…..er…… When’s the next collection coming?
    Maybe some others should listen to this album because it does take you on a journey. Excellent flow to the tracks.
    Does it matter if you listen or dance to it? Why don’t you try both? My little girl did when I played it back last night.

  • Zybex says:

    Hello everybody!

    I’m a Hungarian boy, I very like psychedelic trance music. This music is the best of the world! Thank you this musics, and the other.
    I like this webpage, very good.
    But I have a question: anybody knows, that where can I donwload free Insomnia albums?
    I very like that artist too. Please someone help me. Thanks.

  • Ekoplex says:

    Sorry for the inconvenience. There are some problems with the sight right now. The administrator has been working hard to fix the problems, but things will be fixed soon.
    Check back in later.
    Thanks for all the support and the comments

  • Basilisk says:

    We’ve had a few troubles with the site in recent days and a few visitors have reported problems downloading the release. Everything should be clear by now, but if you wish to read a little about what has been going on, check out this post.

  • exi says:

    Greeeaaaaaat! Ekoplex rules :) Thanks so much.

  • Yveusss says:

    very nice !

  • parhitoz says:

    this compilation reminds me of the never ending story
    fantastic mix

  • shaquakeej says:

    very nice album! pure & energic music flow..cant wait to hear some of the tracks mixed; thx!

  • SiR says:




    and D A N C E !

  • B_s_O_d_ says:

    wow!!!! very good work guys keep it up!!!!!and give us more tracks!!!!:-)

  • anathema says:

    kicks ass, turtles in my head ;—-D

  • Catie says:

    Great album. Amazing sounds, and love the range of sensations as well as the tribal feel. Thank you for sharing for free!

  • Silent_crasher says:

    This is a dope album. i listen to it when im painting and it just puts me in another dimension. thankx a lot. i’ve just recently switched from hiphop to psytrance and GOA and im lovin it. where has this music been all my life …………….EKKKKKKKKKKOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEXXXXX ROCKS WOOH HOO.

  • Zippomania says:

    I appreciate your work! I used ‘Beautiful Rainbow’ as background music at a technical exhibition for future heterogenous communication systems. The exhibition took place near zurich, switzerland. many people asked what that kind of music was and I referred to your website.

  • HowlingWulf says:

    This album is class. Love it from start to finish. Takes me back to the wild evenings spent stomping away at Boom Festival earlier this year. A true blend of euphoric trance with psy messages and vibrant uplifts. Thank you for bringing this to us for free. A legend. I look forward to your next ventures! \m/

  • Costas-CRX says:

    Alex and crew
    Congratulations for this exceptional release
    well-produced and funky!
    keep up the good work
    Big ups

  • tritium says:

    wow, i downloaded this fast, was going at 1.23 MB/s the fastest i ever recorded so far.
    now to find out how it sounds

  • Dj Battan says:


  • Alienbeing says:

    Ive been listening to Track 6 modoc nonstop the past 3 days…. excellent track… genius

  • Kiszh_ says:

    Ekoplex_ awesome !!
    Have an Exellent T.R.A.N.C.E life.. !!

  • Tom Yam Kung says:

    Cannot stop lestening, please help!!!!! :)

  • Soul Kontakt says:

    Hey Ekoplex nice album man good luck with your future releases!

  • klimax says:

    I am listening to goa/psy since 95 and have almost lost my faith in psytrance.
    This is something truly unbelievable. So much diversity, vibration, beauty.
    It gives me chills everytime I listen to Beautiful Rainbow.

  • MDIB says:

    So nice! I bought the CD as well. I love running and exercising with this music. Thanks!

  • CRX says:

    I had the chance to hear it the proper way and its a very solid release
    Big BOOM brothers

  • prism vision says:

    my body reacted to your music with chills going up and down my spine, channeling through my arms legs torso and head. a great feeling, definitely want to hear this at a gathering.

    the rolling style of beats and the dark electro quality is a great combination.

    keep it coming!

    cheers from South Korea!

  • Tesseract says:

    I listened to this one for probably 2-3 weeks before i went insane and threw it out the window!

    Ray’s work on this, is nothing short of spectacular. It was definitely a fresh change for my music listening habbits.
    Looking forward to the next album.

  • dr.k says:

    This is great music. Very rich and Psychedelic. Having this available onC.D. makes this great piece of work available to those who do not have mp3 players or are older and do not know of these things. Also, free downloads are critical to keeping the hand of mediocraty away from this beautiful art form called MUSIC!

  • a3k says:

    fantastic cd!
    great music in here..downloaded 1st in mp´3s but now to the wave :)
    thanks for the music alexander, and foc ourseto all involved on the making of this CD

  • Login says:

    Man this is awesome music, powerfull, it gets my body shaking.

    Just brilliant, intelligent trance music. We need more like this

  • dvilla says:

    Wow, this is some extremely impressive stuff. Great work!

  • artinbek says:


  • Leandro says:

    Great release!!
    Top tracks!
    Quality 100%!!
    Cogratulations!!! Fantastic Job!

  • Killers Only says:

    this shit is gud .. not gud as soul kontakt .. deliverence.. any one know more free sites for soul kontakt free download ?? do post me link on yahoo .. plz sabir_salim19862000@yahoo.co.in

  • krinklyfig says:

    This is the first release on Ektoplasm which convinced me this is for real. Earlier releases were a mixed bag, some pretty good, but this is outstanding. Excellent release. Very psychedelic. I had a bit of a heady experience listening to this on a recent car trip, driving through the mountains at night. Freaked me right out. Will be putting in an order for the CD next week. I’ll be more than happy to support this sort of music with my money.

  • psyght says:

    move me to tears with your feel and adoration for the warmth in music

    sincere blessings from my whole spirit

  • dj yod says:

    u so cool bro will done

  • dj yod says:

    any way where u from? i like the fizzgig bro. it nice

  • Ekoplex says:

    ” dj yod says:
    any way where u from?”

    Canada! Toronto to be exact.

    Also want to thank everyone for the feedback and support.

  • mdmariothc says:

    no psss la vdd esta pag esta zhida
    pero como que ase mas falta
    algo de dj mas conocidos
    al = estoi muy atrazado
    con mi materias
    espero esta pag me ayude
    a conseguir mejores rolas

    los vatos
    will never end

  • Nefig says:

    Great album! I once said that I liked the quality a lot but it was kinda sad for my taste; After I listened to it a few more times it kinda grew on me… It’s very “canadian” music – every time I listen to the “Journey…” track and close my eyes I think of camping on French River – or Upizden’, sun, hot stones, water splashing, smell of campfire.. And always imagine little turtle running through the bushes.. Flies buzzing, splashes of water.. Good times

  • Nestigator says:

    I’ve try’d downloading this 2 weeks in a row, sorry for the stupidity of My brain, but way is it that some downloads work and Others don’t? If you could get back to us on this?

    I’ve downloaded quite a few cd’s before and i MUST SAY, they are the best I’ve heard!! Thanks for all the good work guys, let it be said that Psy-Trance is way ahead of the rest!

    Love and Light in Time.

  • WindNet says:

    Hi=======Cool —————->Ekoplex – Journey Of The Turtle
    Grasias по Русски:0)

  • TSC says:

    Also from me GREAT album!!!!

    And congratulations for the release of “Beautiful Rainbow” on the Goa Beach Volume 10 Compilation from Yellow Sunshine Records!!



  • John says:

    Absolutely fantastic release, Ekoplex. I’m a new listener to Psytrance and I must say you’ve earned another fan. Your kind of music is what inspires me to do this myself someday. I will! And I’ll have you to thank for the motivation =)

  • Zeh_pro says:

    Ridiculously good music! Keep the good work up!

  • LELO says:

    Mongolia; tasarchihjee

  • **º«•ÐÅÑÏË£•»º** says:

    senssacional !!!
    psydellic emocionante!!!


  • Gaara says:

    Wow! Great work on this one. I got the FLAC and it was just brilliant although I would’ve preferred a single 1 hour track seeing as how all these would fit right in there. Looking forward to more from you.

  • dj kamaal says:

    wow man this is taantrik stuff. i loved every minute of it,
    best things in life are FOR FREE

  • bluedevil says:

    Brilliant work

  • Jeff says:

    The only bit I didn’t like was the “Humpty Dumpty” sample. Just my taste. Apart from that, absolutely beautiful music. Thank you Ekoplex and thank you Basilisk. It’s hard to believe this amazing stuff is here for free – that’s what it’s all about! I will be buying this on cd, as I did with Anakoluth’s music

    Thank you so very much!

  • d2kx says:

    Just listened through the whole album. Seriously, this is one outstanding piece of music! One of the best albums I have ever heard, after a short listen with through the mp3s (I use them for previewing a bit more) it was clear that I would keep this album and grabbed the lossless version which sounds amazing :)

    The music of this whole site is fantastic, but the Ekoplazm netlabel itself has only the finest of them it seems and fully understands how music should be distributed in 2009! I’ll definitly have to check out who is behind “Ekoplex”. I am still relatively new to the GOA/Psy-Trance scene after having heard some stuff here and there for years but now discovered that I really really love this music.


  • d2kx says:

    I know I have only commented hours ago, but… ;) I’ve just listened to the album again while bicycling and it was a wonderful ride, didn’t even notice I was bicycling and where I went, it was really very nice :)

  • Yveusss says:

    I love the track “Journey of the turtle”, it’s not normal psy, it’s just …beautiful! Thanks!!!

  • Haikili says:

    This album is one ov the best psy albums i have gotten so far, so much thought and emotion involved in this work, good stuff keep it up, nice voyage!

  • Pavelito says:

    great music from gereat peope!!!

  • luis says:

    gracias por dejar que las personas puedan bajar musica gratis de esta pagina.


  • manaem says:

    muy, muy bueno… yeahhh

  • PSYHAI says:

    Perpule stars this is very good music!!!!!!!!!

  • Freeflow says:

    Really Great Album with great flow! Thanks you very much for this!
    Cheers to Ektoplazm and Ekoplex :D

  • andy says:

    The last 3 seconds of each track in .wav format are missing.

  • tmx says:

    same problem, if you download using a software manager that split the file into many pieces (like IDM),
    everything is fine using IE FTPsys…
    Just waiting for your next one, meanwhile its all over me, i’ve got 5 copies of your masterpiece, where i need to chill out
    Thanks to ekoplex and ektoplazm for sharing such great and amazing work

  • SpaCDream says:

    excellent material, a psytrance very delicious
    the song “Journey Of The Turtle”, with a perfect climax , excellent for an acid trip,
    and finalize with “Beautiful Rainbow”, more relax, low-trip, “–_–”
    Your music is the hidden language of the soul sound!!

  • trumz says:

    I only recently found out about you and I’m loving it! Deffinetly going to purchase the CD.

    love from ottawa.

  • Ekoplex says:

    Sorry I don’t write on here much, but I do read all the really nice and inspiring comments on here, thank you so much, it makes giving the music away for free that much more worth it :)
    Im pretty much all done my next album going to start mastering it soon. Jay (Rastaliens) and I will be doing that together. The theme of my next album is the forest and its creatures.
    Thanks again for all the support and comments.

  • AtlantixZeus says:


  • Amédée says:

    I LOVED!!!!! ConGratuLatIonS !! *
    KISS ! :*

  • djzharls says:

    la vdd esta pagina me ah ayudado a conocer nuevo grupos esta mas que al 100
    saludos a toda la bandaa y que siga la fiestaa hermanoosss!!!! animo

  • dreamex says:

    juuuuuujjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj into the unknow :D thx

  • nitin anand says:

    i have heard about EKTOPLAZM recently and i have downloaded many albums… :) its really great and power. ……thanks ektoplazm.com………………….great job

  • Slickbone says:

    Ektoplazm: This is a fantastic album! I have great enjoyment listening to this and appreciate all the efforts involved in making this! Free to share your work too much appreciated. Look forward to hearing more of your stuff!



  • Rough says:

    This is a fantastic album. Creme Brule of Ektoplazm freemusik.

  • katpit says:

    wonderful ! magnifique ! J’adore ! Merci

  • soni druid says:

    Inner Focus ….I LOVE this track!!!Thank u!

  • Pushpi says:

    Hi Ray,

    its reallyyyyyyyy a killeeeeeer…. thanks a ton for this muzic ..i really – really like this album …please let me know if you have any plan for GOA (india) …

    thanks to EKOPLAZM for FREE downloading this kind of superb stuff …

    All the best for next album …. waiting for next KILLEERrrrrr ….

  • Psyentist says:

    One of my all time favorite albums…… EVER!!! Soooooo gooooood. “Into the Unknown” and “Journey of the Turtle” are outstanding! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hear and feel something I didn’t know was possible. EKOPLEX IS AMAZING!!!

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