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Nibana – Earth From Above

Free Music | Bass Music, Downtempo | December 6, 2018 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Nibana – Earth From Above
01 - Mind In A Shell (80 BPM)
02 - Earth From Above (84 BPM)
03 - When Comes The Pain (85 BPM)
04 - Moonset (80 BPM)
05 - A Dive Into Ether (80 BPM)
06 - Gods From The Machine (80 BPM)
07 - Legacy (feat. Suduaya) (75 BPM)
08 - Thus We Leave (74 BPM)

Nibana’s hour-long voyage Earth From Above is a tender dub-dream of tear-jerking electronica and adventurous synth-scapes in homage to the recent passing of his father. Hidden betwixt an atmospheric world of colorful drum kits, charming saxophone, and deep pads lies a soulful story straight from the heart. Each chapter of this orchestral concourse flows together in a conceptual idea-ology, one that will satisfy old school audiophiles and auditory newcomers alike. Prepare yourself for an ethereal journey through the cosmos, for the sublime rhythms of this hypnotic release are strikingly beautiful, and one may find themselves drifting into another realm.

Written and produced by Nibana; saxophone on track 8 by Isabella Fabbri; mastered by Gibbanez Music; artwork by Tarian and Nibana.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 10,484.

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.


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  • Cardamohm says:

    Parfait pour chiller, bravo!

  • Oldem says:

    Yet another gem from Nibana and my favorite so far! Thanks!!

  • pfaftle says:

    Track 8 is SUBLIME!

  • Viserion says:

    OMG! Nibana…?! Awesome Album M8! :D
    I love them!

  • les says:

    Had this since it came out and its fantastic! Tx Nibana and Basilisk for flac.

  • Blackie says:

    Brilliantly constructed and “musical” album. Each new album is better than the last, please keep making musical music of this quality Nibana. Thanks for posting this Basilisk. More like this please :D

  • Blackie says:

    OOOPS oh yeah forgot; stunning cover I’d like to hang the original on my wall and it so suits the music

  • richario says:

    Amazing album, had to buy on Bandcamp. Really emotive music, such beautiful sounds, it always moves me!

  • NgtFlyer says:

    Truly amazing! VERY well arranged and produced. Very musical. “Feels” right. I listened from start to finish and kept thinking to myself.. This is GOOD. Each and every track has its own personality. And the sound! I listened to the FLACs through my Onkyo A-9310 to my ATH-M50x headphones. Fantastic, smooth, deep, satisfying sound. Wonderful job with everything from arrangement to production and mixing. My favorite yet!

  • NgtFlyer says:

    After reading the bandcamp page, I’d like to also extend my deepest condolences for the loss of your father. It goes without saying this album was made with love and emotion. I am happy that your father got to hear this masterpiece.

  • Dewed says:

    I agree about track 8 … Track 1 is Amazing too!

  • Amin says:

    track 8 is good for lullabies

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