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Super Galactic Expansive – Supersensible Science

Free Music | Experimental, Glitch | October 24, 2011 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Super Galactic Expansive – Supersensible Science
01 - Intro (105 BPM)
02 - Looking Glass (101 BPM)
03 - Broken Clocks (105 BPM)
04 - Pillars (115 BPM)
05 - Movement Of Sound (feat. Blame The Kid) (90 BPM)
06 - Decipher (104 BPM)
07 - King James (97 BPM)
08 - G-Gnome (98 BPM)
09 - Everpresent Future (97 BPM)
10 - Samsara (96 BPM)
11 - Dhamma (102 BPM)
12 - Blue Blood (108 BPM)

Super Galactic Expansive is the collaborative project of Anand (Amagine) Petigara and Jamie (KiloWatts) Watts, two talented artists whose destinies collided in the afterglow of the Philadelphia psychedelic music scene. Transcending their seemingly divergent sonic paths, Amagine and KiloWatts joined forces to release Supersensible Science, their debut album, on 1320 Records in 2010. Amagine is the silver-tongued Master of Ceremonies, verbosely dropping illuminating science on the unsuspecting auditory nerves of serious listeners everywhere while KiloWatts mans the psychedelic machinery upon which his lucid language takes flight into the cosmos. Amagine’s intricate rhymes, supercharged with KiloWatts’s customized digital wizardry, have presently mutated into hyper-intelligent soliloquies of relentless positivity, revealing shifting perspectives and possibilities amidst a rigid reality crumbling. Mastered by Audible Oddities with artwork by Black Sheep Hybrid and Meghan Cassidy.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 7,479.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage with the full support and authorization of the original artists. Keep your ears peeled for Super Galactic Expansive’s next release, “Constants and Variables”, coming soon! Physical CDs are available for purchase and donations are very welcome:


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  • Basilisk says:

    A few more words on this release (including my original blurb from last year):

    “Glossy futuristic beats and tomorrow-land synthetic hooks… sci-fi mysticism with sharp social commentary. Rational thought coexists with the trippiest kinds of spiritualist mumbo-jumbo. It’s the kind of thing that would only really work in an alternative universe. Fortunately, SGE has created one.”
    – Philadelphia Weekly

    “The marriage between hip hop and electronic beats has been inevitable since the respective rises of each genre a few decades ago. As it culminates, there’s a lot of abstract expression on the airwaves. Countless attempts have emerged, many with more focus on the gimmick than in musical substance. Elevating the style with more technical prowess than ever before seen, Super Galactic Expansive is what hip hop fanboys and glitch nerds alike have been waiting to hear. MC Amagine’s philosophical content is delivered in impeccably assembled multisyllable rhyme schemes. KiloWatts synthetic yet organic production style forms to complement the vocals, merging the long standing beat/rhyme dichotomy into a single resonating voice. Citing any number of influences can’t paint an accurate picture of this product. Supersensible Science is a story, as personal as it is cosmically conscious in its narrative. Headphone lessons aside, it’ll take no more than two bars of the first beat for your pulse to automatically synchronize with it.”
    – Abdullah Saeed

    “Psychedelic quasi-hip-hop … a serious mind-melter that will surely overwhelm your senses with its densely packed rhymes and intelligent beats.”
    – DJ Basilisk, Ektoplazm

  • luuli says:

    sooo glad to see this here these guys are amazing musicians and as far as i can tell exceptional people!!! yaaaaay ongrats and thanx guys

  • Plasmo says:

    very refreshing ….thank you for sharing this !!!

  • extinguish says:

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah this is wicked! Only up to the third song but loving it! Great stuff

  • MrJavel says:

    yeah! more peculiar releases like this!!!

  • CinderVOMIT says:

    sick artwork btw

  • deke says:

    amazing! really really REALLY digging !

  • Amagine says:

    Infinite Love and Gratitude to Basilisk for getting the album up on Ektoplazm with so many other incredible releases and to everyone else for downloading, listening and offering support! In case anyone is interested, we have a 24-page lyric booklet with artwork that accompanies this release:

    just click on the link:


    And thanks again for the feedback!!

  • Vaeya says:

    I’ve had this since early last year, its great that its on Ektoplazm now! i absolutely love this album ! its so unique and special!

  • Smoke Sign says:


  • amoe says:

    This record is mad! Individually the rhyming is rhythmic, tight and skilful, and the beats are lush and playful — but it really is the collaboration between the two that makes the album. It’s shocking how well suited the musical development is to the lyrics — almost like the MC is manipulating the beats themselves with his words.

  • yahrasta says:

    absolutely love this quality futuristic Free music Love kilowatts thanks to everyone involved thats all i can say MuchLove from schweden

  • Noname says:

    This is an amazing release. It’s so original. I haven’t heard anything like it before. I’d love to see more from this artist.

  • Cynos says:

    Intelligent beats and hip hop… good combination. Amazing track.

  • Sid says:

    Really nice stuff here! Lovin it!!

  • Marissa says:

    Thanks to my father who told me regarding this website, this blog is really remarkable.

  • Manifest says:

    This is so amazing! Really always i hear this i get in a fresh state

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