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Blue Phoenix – Descent To Heaven

Free Music | Deep Trance, Downtempo | October 22, 2013 | Posted by Basilisk

Blue Phoenix – Descent To Heaven
01 - Naive Joy (92 BPM)
02 - Tranquil Sunrise (85 BPM)
03 - One Last Breath (105 BPM)
04 - Descent To Heaven (95 BPM)
05 - Convalescence (100 BPM)
06 - Transmute (Various BPM)
07 - Sluggish Clarity (100 BPM)
08 - Unbounded Hope (100 BPM)

Descent To Heaven is a chronicle of my journey through a near death experience and the positive changes it brought to my life. The music I’ve created will help convey the moods I felt during this journey with an emphasis on relaxing chord progressions and deep sub-bass. From the fires of tragedy, growth begins. I’ve also included the story in words which may explain in more detail what I went through and potentially help others in similar situations. This is my first full-length album. I’ve been producing faster music under the alias Erkenfresh for about three years but decided that personality did not fit the mood of this album. The name Blue Phoenix is much more fitting, as my own experiences are likened to a phoenix, burned to the point of death but risen again ever more glorious. Mastered by Adam Goodlet of Re:Creation Studio with words and artwork by Blue Phoenix.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 13,226.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • Claudio says:

    Impressive experience. Very nice album!

  • Dave Coburn says:

    Awesome music and your explanation and motivation to make this album makes it really meaningful and powerful. Many thanks for sharing your magical music and talent! Much apreciated from way down here in South Africa.

  • Dave Coburn says:

    Excuse the typing… Much appreciated from way down here in South Africa.

  • Rootsteppa says:

    Beautiful work ! All my respect

  • Eleftheria says:

    A near death experience that created this music for our lucky ears…Love the vortex into every track,wanna close my eyes and dance dance dance like a Dervish for reborn

  • Psygnosis says:

    Beautiful and spiritual music , You can feel the emotions coming off those warm sounds :))
    Thank you so much for making this happen !

  • G RaR says:

    Thanks alot for the album, really nice music for meditation.

  • Alienus Supremus says:

    Really enjoying this. Great work.

  • Blue Phoenix says:

    Thanks all for the kind comments, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! My experience was painful but sparked a lot of growth as well. Hopefully you can learn from my experience and feel comfort.

  • shayan says:

    awesome ! this is really GOOOD tnx nice work

  • erroch says:

    I think this is going to find a permanent position in my personal listening collection.

    The music is brilliantly done, and the stories the songs tie into are moving even without any words.

    I really hope to see/hear another album.

  • Blue Phoenix says:

    We shall see Erroch. Perhaps the next album will expand on the Unbounded Hope theme. ;)

  • Arcturus says:

    Great sounds to make love to.

  • Flo S says:

    Very freelaxing!
    Stay strong man!
    Love and light from germany!

  • KC says:

    Wow the story PDF that came with the album was incredibly awesome. As an Afterlife researcher, everything that was explained about the experience was very similar to most accounts of near death experiences, and it is VERY true that the light of love is what our main purpose in this life is.. not to hold on to hatred, but to embrace the beauty within and without. And an amazing album, bringing a perfect vibe to the story that is told. Good stuff.

  • pyc says:

    hyped. actually, i almost don’t find it suitable for distribution here because it’s not psychedelic at all. moar shroomz bud. moar.


    ABSOLUTLY NICE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 (Y) :D

  • Petya says:

    Заебательский альбом! Глубокой трип испытал я ))))

  • Nik Kalinin says:

    This was probably the best experience I’ve had while listening to an album.

    I cannot even come close to conveying the full extent of my gratitude for sharing this with the community.

    Your story has not only touched me but definitely put me in the right state of mind for this album. Great sounds, very well balanced and just simply beautiful.

    Thank you once again.

    Your new fan and follower – Nik

  • Ziro says:

    Dear Blue,

    Hiyall, i, Ziro, would like to start this off as a salute to all you slimey ghostdusters out there… been a while since i left a comment being when Ektoplazm 2.0 transformed & much respect to those who made it happen, esp Sir Basilisk whom must be up to his neck in upcoming releases. some of you may remeb me from my Paranoid Sounds days & i truely hope Jermz reads this as we were left at quite a crossroad then. i have been simply reluctant to speak or participate cuz i feel there are too many haters out there who apparently make a living out of Internet Trolling.. even after reading Blue’s story which i will try to digest below i feel The Bad (Ignorant) greatly outweigh The Good (Enlightened) in our world & theres no excuse.

    first off im sorry to hear of your life-changing expereince.. and am glad to be able to respond amist your plight. i am from Japan & otherwise known as the epicenter of nightmares called Fukushima.. i have my own share of coming very close to losing my health & mind which in retrospect is nothing like the pain you endured, Blue, but coming from a Nuclear War-scarred heritage needless to say more. ironically it was the Megaquake & Tsunami itself that literally kicked me awake.. i was in this extreme downward spiral & doomed to smash the bottom of the abyss we call a love life. from there it was only a constant reawakening.. its been only 3 years but i look behind & just gaze in horror at all my past experiences which was inevitably was all about being bound by “The System”.. as you speak much of in your story about Religions & a false sense of security that keeps the illusion in favor of demonic beings. even in love i wasnt myself.. i feel i was always crawling up this vertical wall called Hell in order to achieve right back where i started up again.. now freefalling.

    “For all the complaints we make about others, we often fail to see those faults in ourselves.”

    this is pretty much the basis of Confucianism & The Tao/Dao i have been reaccquainting myself with.. of which i augment with Psy-Buddhism.. & well as ode to MJackson this is all about The Man In The Mirror. i have spent a good portion of my life dealing with psy-goa-heads or neo-hippies who spend their time dragging the words “Peace” & “Spirituality” through radioactive sludge.. but in doing so i obviously repent in my own flaws as well. one of my fav quotes from master Buddhy is “Peace, do not seek without it from within” but not all of us r born with divine wisdom, sadly, as i have been treated like a messiah or a genius in the past & often am confronted with questions such as “just where do you amass all that knowledge?” & am only dumbfounded to say it is purely what Nature has taught of me. we live in a society that preaches only of financial gain & thus of which u end up squabbling endlessly with your ‘other-half’ but if you take a step back, there is no such finance without Nature, & if u even go further youll find yourself in this void wondering why it is all humans ever care about is affording happiness & such.. & come up with terrifying revelations that That is Nature, herself, tormenting you as if it were your very own self being devoured in this realm. this is also why it is so easy to wind up alone & the age old curse of feeling nobody cares about you.. its a paradox of existence suddenly finding light.. in such a statement :

    “No, we are all meant to shine in our own way. We shouldn’t allow others to discourage us from being our true selves.
    Then why do we live in a society that continuously tries to categorize us and discourage those that are different?”

    its unfair to think one life one credit & game-over. if you see through ‘The Grid’ (otherwise known as The Matrix last millennia) we see how multidimentional even ‘reality’ is on this Earth. tbh i have had an experience of befriending Lord Krishna & learned of his unfortunate destiny to abolish Humanity in its purest form of Evil & Greed.. in this literal Hindu Tamil labyrinth of reincarnation that is simply a spiritual milk galaxy formed by an infinite domain consisting of interactive Heaven & Hells.. Yin & Yang. however, my theory is all under the A-bomb & ever since Hiroshima & Nagasaki we simply live in this world where Heaven & Hell have fused into one existence which is ultimately governed by this spiritual gravity called ‘Love’. to add to this recently i have discovered The Americans did some severe Nuclear Testing in a place we call Bikini Atoll.. i have always known about the place but only recently a new Japan-only public documentary was made & i went to go see it.. i sat there & watched 104 Atomic Nuclear Bombs dropped on that poor island & this somehow extends to the tragedy that reamins as The Daigo Fukumaru where a large group of Japanese fishermen were in the area to be consumed by “The Black Ashes Of Death”. Project Bravo.. Project Romeo.. i was horrified. i mean, i thought ‘ok maybe just a few nukes dropped there’ but 100+? ffs… and the funny thing is the radioactive plume from the area mostly ended up on the USA mainland.. whats even more hilarious as to a reminder Life Is A Joke is the actual swimwear that cradles your beloved coconuts was also named after Ground Zero Bikini. of course Fukushima is a bit different cuz its a Chernobyl that occurrs every day.. the reason most Ground-Zeros have life today is cuz they were aerial dispersals.. Fukushima is a whole new ballpark as they say. anyhow, we see all the child molesters, rapists, sex addicts all under the same curse.. all put away in a closet a mental prison made of flesh. then those irresponisble parents whom brought those monsters into our world just hope a little bit of rehab will turn them into saints.. then toss them back into society like an infected condom. we also know how helplessly ‘innocent’ children are as well, at least until they walk & talk on their own. i often wonder just when is the ‘porn star’ branded into material love.. can i visit a kindergarten & weed those freaks out? no, none of that makes sense, because Hell already exists on this planet.. so why fear it? theres enough of us to prove it.. 7 Billion & thus such remarks prevail :

    “hyped. actually, i almost don’t find it suitable for distribution here because it’s not psychedelic at all”

    im lost for words.. this is exactly why i stopped commenting on the Internet to begin with. i have had fallout after fallout after meltdown & thus i dont even have a Facebook page.. im like the “Faceless One” in Miyazaki Hayaos “Sento Chihiro aka Spirited Away”. as stated in Blue’s story Death is the ultimate equalizer, & you have finally become a Rainbow Warrior shedding that poison skin like grey matter. tbh i wrote this up while listening to this Phoenix album for the first time cuz felt it would have more impact that way, ‘impact’ being an obvious poor choice of wording.. but this is what self-realization is. & as the simple comment i should have just stuck to, i find this release particularly psychdelic in the way it somehow does take us to that gate where them damned angels sing. i sadly agree a sober christian is perhaps the last person to understand what this is all about.. but i have never ever thought its about ‘legalizing it’ either. every nanoscopic gesture has consequence.. even with something so blindingly great about Maryjane theres a ton of Evil that overshadows this single pothead plant. i found out just recently even Chammomile can get u purrty ripped if done right (plz dont go ripping up ur teabags, u do need good quality) as even as a tea if u infuse it with nuff itll make u feel quite spacey.. & theres about a million other amazing herbs & flavors out there being a ancient cook myself i wonder bout the time wasted being so stoned.. & seriously without a clue of anything else fantastic.

    kinda unreleated topic but i recently found bout this guy who calls himself Alan Cross whose somewhat of a Heavy Metal poser whos going around interviewing those old Metal Greats that are sadly in dire need of sobering up. we all know its become the trademark of 80’s Heavy Metal these days Metallica & even the vicious Guns & Roses.. that have all done so many speedballz as many women.. and whom now cant even handle a cup of beer. these interviews are ironically like “nailing em to a cross” being this guys name.. but Alan Cross reminds me of that first actor whom apperars in the classic movie Amadeus & somehow to me he looks like the Devil himself (kinda Cow & Chicken like..).. i think if u watch the interview u might get what i mean, since i was a serious Metalhead back in my youth as well.. currently i own like 500+ Goatrance based CDs & vinyl (original 90’s copies!) & i used to have just as many thrash/glam-metal albums in the past. u realize what kind of life the Rockstar has to live & thus u have to come to terms of their purpose, or everything being a certain stage of awakening. heres the link to you old Megadeath & GnR fans :

    Dave Mustane interview


    Steven Adler (drummer for original GnR)


    you may have no sympathy for these otherwise wizzard maestros but as we enbrace as much as we can through The Net even i had some space in my heart to go back & listen to some old Heavymetal Hamster junk.. and even found Adlers new glam-rock band to be about as LA as it gets.. as i had my share of LA & stole my heart.. like yourself im awaiting for someone to own up to.

    just remember, forgiveness is power as well.. may you find what you wish at the end of the nuclearainbow.

    Cheerz to all whom pay respect to ancestors, and your very mysterious ??? year old mind & soul,

    Ziro Japan

  • RedShadow says:

    Thank you a lot for sharing your experience and your music.
    What I really like about this album is that you can feel the personal involvment in it!

    I don’t wish you to have another death experience, but I sincerly hope to listen to a new release soon or later!

  • Blue Phoenix says:

    Thanks again for all of the comments! I’m happy that my album has meant as much to you as it did to me. Some of the tracks seemed to write themselves, a story that would not go untold.

    Arcturus, Flo S, Gabbya, Petya, Nik, and Redshadow, I’m glad you enjoyed.

    KC, use this email if you’d like to ask me more questions about my experience. (Well, anybody for that matter)

    Pyc, sorry it wasn’t for you. Not every album can be universally loved. Travelling (or at least believing I had) to another dimension must not be the same flavor of tripping you’re used to. ;)

    Ziro, man of wisdom, I am grateful you took the time to share your words with us. I wish you peace and keep up the message!

  • Papa Volcán says:

    Really a wonderful piece! One of my favorite albums on Ektoplazm!

    The music takes me to a travel around the space!! I thought your sound cosmic, hypnotic, relaxing, pure, with a rich melody and beautiful atmosphere. My sincere congratulations! I’ll follow your work!

    My favorite track: One Last Breath.

  • sound1 says:

    Wow… This album touches the deepest parts of your soul, every track has a story to tell. This is the first time I listened to an entire album in the first sitting. Just beautiful music. And the story makes it very special. Thank you for sharing!!

  • Ma feu de foe says:

    Thanks Blue Phoenix for this (IMO) post psychedelic clarity, your musical purity and intention has a clear resonance with me.

    To Ziro from Japan- if you ever read this, i hope you do.
    I read your story of pain and vision and of awe to the precipice of our hells, and i felt close to tears in so reading it. your spirit in the text was one of searching, and the personality which came through – to me, was one of absolute beauty.
    I dont mean that in a cheesey “hey, wanna hook up” kind of way but genuinely. your out pouring must have felt somewhat cathartic and it was for me to realise i also see such awful repetitions of atrocities in the false name of freedom, that hell is on earth, but so is heaven, if you know where it resides- inside.

    There is old Hindu proverb which says that when the heart is full, it is time for tears. Happiness is as the butterfly, if you can catch it in your hand you must either let it fly away or keep it and watch it die.

    yours truly, Ma feu de foe. XXXXXX LOVE PEACE AND TROLL ABSOLUTION> pity be on those cannot see their own pain shining through, and mercy for those who have taken so much too.

  • Blue Phoenix says:

    Thanks Ma and others for your comments!

    I’m looking forward to a new year coming up real soon. This one seemed to fly by and yet I accomplished so much with this album. With over 5000 downloads now, I am happy to know that is has been enjoyed by so many.

    Looking into 2014, I hope to release another album, this one centered upon the theme of hope. Hope seems to be in short supply these days and I’m a firm believer that if we can all look towards a positive future, that future will become a reality. If you had a difficult 2013, take comfort in the fact that lessons can be learned from the pain and that 2014 brings a new chance for better days.

    If you’d like to keep up with me while I develop my next album, look me up on Facebook (just click my name). Happy new year!

  • The EX-S Project says:

    This collection of works held my sanity together tonight in the quite literal sense. I will forever be great full that you chose to share your works with the world & me, outstanding.

  • Blue Phoenix says:

    EX-S, I hope your sanity continues to improve. ;)

    I have just finished another single which you can find at my Soundcloud page here:


    There’s more to come in the near future and possibly another album this year on Ektoplazm if Alex will host it. ;)

  • Evgeniy says:

    Большое спасибо за этот альбом,у меня нет слов,насколько здоровским он получился.Я могу только сказать,что 20 лет ищу НАСТОЯЩУЮ МУЗЫКУ ,и благодаря Вам,наконец-то нашёл…+10

  • Evgeniy says:

    P.S. Забыл добавить,одна композиция всё же была перед вами:The Muses Rapt – Spiritual Healing

  • Awesome trance music, dude! From the first track I knew I had to download it…will review it more in detail after hearing the whole thing. I can definitely tell you put your whole heart into this. Great work!

  • RoDMINUS- says:

    wow very nice music. very deep melodies and good structure of the story. keep up the good work :)

  • Alexander says:

    Very good album such positive vibes are very rare to hear nowadays!
    Seems like this experience had a great influence on your life. Good luck and continue your great job writing positive inspiring music!

  • Nymphomania says:

    this music makes me cry! powerful, gets right to the core of emotion & life! 5/5

  • Melomania says:

    Most excellent album! This album is now one of my favorites because if the melodies. Too many artists spend way to much time on elaborate synth automation and forget what music is all about – melody. This work has it all. It is well thought out well executed and beautifully mastered. None of the dynamics has been lost. It was only after listening to the music did I read the attached story behind it. It was quite an ordeal for you! I wish you the best in your life and awaiting your next creation. Hopefully it will be published here. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes.

  • adam says:

    one of my favorite for sure!!!!!!

  • Jon says:

    Thank you Blue Phoenix for sharing this with the world.
    Your story is inspiring and your music is from a pure source.
    I stumbled upon this album tonight, during a rough patch, and it’s made all the difference.
    Keep shining my friend.

  • Blue Phoenix says:

    Thanks Jon, I’m glad my music was able to help out. You’re in luck too, because the sequel was just released!


  • Jon says:

    I am in luck, the Source of Hope takes your sound to a new level. Thanks for sharing the link.
    I’m looking forward to number three~

  • 2bias says:

    Awesome Album! 5/5

  • Arian Adler says:

    Except Zero in this page :))

  • nano says:

    Well, you left me speechless. Great Experience. Thanks for sharing such as an inspirational piece of art.
    Keep going and thx againg for telling those amazing words. Regards my friend!!!

  • les says:

    Excellent music, I enjoy this album, and your others too. Thanks, and to Basilisk!

  • Eric says:

    After listening to this album again and again and again as it never failed to draw me to it in certain moods, I finally wanted to know if there is some kind of background to it. It just felt like it wasn’t the product of some guy mindlessly mixing shit on a table, but rather that it wanted to convey something deeper.

    Damn right, there is a background. I don’t know how I missed that as I downloaded it first, but it doesn’t matter actually. This newfound perspective on an album I already love draws me even more to it. I am usually not the type of guy to write comments, but this one earned my deep desire to leave one.

    You really managed to convey your experience masterfully and you have sent me into acoustic bliss repeatedly, as this is one of the most incredible pieces of sound I can imagine to fit my taste of music and desire for certain sound patterns.

    Thank you for this, dear namesake.

  • Shrikant Sahu says:

    This is one of the best deeptrance musical feat of my life ! Thankyou for the gem

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