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Free Music |  | June 20, 2012 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

01 - Aero
02 - Entity
03 - Stellae
04 - Ever
05 - Novae
06 - Devoid
07 - Once
08 - Connect
09 - Talis
10 - IO
11 - Rain
12 - Run

Ascend, the second album from Cyan Music co-founder Jaja (Jana Rockstroh), merges ancient motifs and outer space soundscapes into a wonderful musical journey through lost times and places. This album includes a collection of twelve cinematic ambient stories that leads you from the infinite depths of space back to our beautiful home planet, Earth. Discover pure live compositions on 2 CDs with a full running length of 160 minutes. Jaja’s music defines space ambient. Explore these beautiful mysterious and dreamy ambiences.

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Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • zeltmacher says:

    great sounds!! thanks!! :-))

  • The devil itself says:

    This is most enjoyable from the very beginning.

  • Ehsansareminia says:

    so good,tanks.

  • Marco says:

    I love your music : )

  • jaja says:

    greetings to all outer space wanderers and many thanks to you : )

  • Blood says:

    Great ambient sounds – wonderful headphone music :)

  • Hallo liebe Jana!!!!!! Tolles Album….wirklich wunderschön. Räume Räume Räume :)
    LG Grüße aus MS auch an den Marco….hoffe wir sehen und sprechen uns bald mal wieder……Big Hugs paranorMarc

  • Masood says:

    greate… realy nice and appropriate sounds used…

  • adem says:

    Peace and love for you, Jaja!

  • jaja says:

    peace and love back to you : )

  • RainSpirit says:

    This is an amazing album, thank you a lot for it.

    Psychedelic Hugs from Brazil.

  • paha04 says:

    славяне больше коментируйте.

  • MADOXXX says:

    Nice sounds / Thanx! :)

  • jaja says:

    спасибо. thank you. danke. hugs back. love.

  • Roman says:

    Jaja, it is beautiful. Thank you very much.

  • Namo Buddhaya,

    This is top class ambient music. Seriously feels like you are in space free from time & all the stress we go through life. hypnotizingly beautiful…
    With metta loving kindness to JAJA

    From Sri Lanka/London

  • jaja says:

    so i wanna tell you my next plans: i have finished my third album that will be titled INIT with the main theme inner worlds, hollow worlds. it may come out in late autumn. also i have written a wonderful collaboration album with a wonderful musician and it is totally space ambient and comes out probably on x-mas (not free but on CD). and i started to write my fourth album TALIS. you can hear an excerpt of one song on our next CYAN compilation that comes out in autumn this year. thank you all so very much for your kindness. love back to the source : )

  • Teenik says:

    Endless Overflowtation…. . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .

  • OhSnApMp3 says:

    This Release is amazing. The ultimate in landscape setting music.

  • jaja says:

    new space album is out with great ambient composer Ran Kirlian, available on Altera Orbe: http://www.alteraorbe.com/aor/index.php?page=shop.product_details&product_id=422&category_id=3&flypage=ran_flypage.tpl&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=50

    Cosmos is the first collaborative work between prolific ambient wizard Ran Kirlian and german based electronic alchemist Jaja (Jana Rockstroh). When Ran Kirlian and Jaja met first time in 2012 they recognized the same deep bond about space and music. They immediately thought of doing a collaborative work to share their visions and to bring out the best of their both worlds. What followed was a fulminant adventure and a truly colorful journey into deep space territories, a powerful flow of pure space-ambient music based on improvisations on synthesizers. Now, the result is the first album on a series of electronic space-ambient dedicated to the magnificence of the Universe and the figure of one of its biggest explorers: Carl Sagan. Cosmos is pure space-ambient flow with four timeless ambient journeys into outer space full of stars.

  • شایان از سرزمین پارس says:

    Great Album and very amazing ,Thanks

  • kyudousha says:

    Не вообразить, как такое можно было написать. Ascend вводит в транс спервой секунды и не отпускает до последней. Невероятно!!!

  • yir says:

    This like Dilate, very nice sound

  • jaja says:

    thank you so very much !!! благодарю вас от всего сердца : )

  • Martin says:

    another wonderful album with soundscapes and spheres that let me float and fly.
    Thank you so much for this music !

    TOP !

  • Chucha says:

    Altered state of mind, certainly…

  • Mads Hårklau says:

    I kind of stumbled into this via Stellardrone /Carbon Based Lifeforms / Solar Fields ‘s Youtube-vid’s. Got awestruck by Proton Kinoun,but this is definately the my favorite! -I’m new here,allthough I’ve been enjoying Eno,Shulze,Vangelis & Jarre since childhood. I really love your music , JAJA ! Hope you will continue your voyage even further !

  • Shah says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for after listening to Steve Roach (Ambicon 2013 video on youtube). So awesome that my friend found this! Peace and love!

    I really wonder what synthesisers are used in creating these lush sounds!

  • BlakeWizrd says:


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