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Jaja – HERE

Free Music |  | November 28, 2013 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Jaja – HERE
01 - Astrae
02 - Here
03 - Ionize
04 - Gravity
05 - Polaris
06 - Relativity
07 - Acadia
08 - Transcend
09 - Tale

Jaja presents her new album, HERE, as the second of two parts of the “My Galaxy” cycle that began with TALIS. On this part, Jaja is focused on travelling into the deep dark realms of the cosmos. The album contains a space soundtrack (side one) and a star tale (side two), pure live space music, composed in the eternal moments, guided by the Roland JD-800 synthesizer and Jaja’s voice. Let yourself be surprised by how beautiful the deeper shades of space can be.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 10,400.

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.


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  • intmain() says:

    Love it!

  • Claudio says:

    Profoundly deep..Nice

  • MADOXXX says:

    true ambient!

  • Gabriel Morales says:

    Veeery deep, great ambients. Really takes you into the space.

  • Lawrie Zanoni says:

    Absolutely exquisite journey music. More, more, more

  • Sn9 says:

    wow ,thumb up, very very deep

  • KC says:

    Wow, nice. I love the sonic atmospheric soundscapes, it really does make you think of outer space. Close your eyes, lean back, breathe in, breathe out… puts you in a trance. Good work.

  • jaja says:

    thank you all so much, it is a pleasure to write this music and the space travel will continue…

  • Deu sex says:

    Darker than I expected, but great !

  • foxoid says:

    awesome sounds roll down the hill float through space n disappear down the k hole groove on

  • foxoid says:

    i like the way the music feels like large objects are floating around in endless time track 6 seems to punch through another side

  • Mat says:

    Congratulation for another wonderful album, it does inspire me a lot for my own work/art. You have a very unique style.

  • jaja says:

    thank you so much : )

  • Kartoonz says:

    My God this is pure eargasm… Very unique… Very engrossing and I felt I was travelling in space and the journey never seemed to end… Best part is, I have just listened to 3 tracks… Wow…

  • Martin says:

    Fantastic work, wonderful spheres and soundscapes, a real journey into the sound.
    Excellent ambient music !
    You are inspiring me and im really thinking about buying a JD-800 or JD-990 additional to my plugins and vst(i)´s.
    I am a little bit annoyed because i once owned a JD-990 which i inherited from my dead brother and sold it because i needed the money….grrrrr

  • Nymphomania says:

    Your music doesn’t quite have the fluid interconnected chords of my favorite musicians in this niche, like Steve Roach or Aglaia…

    this stuff is a little too aimless, meandering and texturally ‘thin’ for me, every note dissipates before another is allowed to relate to it

    still good stuff, but I feel it’s a bit overrated around here


  • Fabi PiVT says:

    Nice sounds, I feel like I am travelling through cosmos, surrounded by nebulae and stellar radiations!
    BTW, about the previous comment, I think each musis transmits something specific, and the “dissipation” of notes, as stated, really evokes this feeling of being floating in outer space, “thin” is exactly the sensation that reminds me of outer space… i think this music fits perfectly and delicately to the proposed theme

  • Orionis says:

    Touché, merci 1000x

  • Mads Hårklau says:

    “Gravity” is a classic. I get both science fiction movie and the deep space feeling.

  • paranorMarc says:

    Toll Jana….who the fuck is Pete Namlock ;) Liebste Grüße Marc

  • D427ZI says:

    Inert matter, no wonder God gets bored of the darkness and said: “Let there be light”

  • Dribbly Hills says:

    I listened (with my outer ears) to these arranged noises, I noticed a tingle in my Johnson, alerting me to impending auditory opium…
    As I lay listening the walls began to breathe and bend, I could see outside at 4:32 in…
    Now well into Gravity, my Johnson only just returning to base, I started to feel atmospheric electricity charging around the Earth…

    So…. I invented a way to capture it, and am selling in the next year…

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